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Written by Raymond Merriman   

fc2011MMA's annual Forecast Book for 2011. As always, a limited number are printed, order now and make sure you get the 2011 book before they sell out!!! Because this year, they will sell out.

 MMA's annual Forecast Book, written by Raymond A. Merriman since 1976, is one of the most unique, affordable, and accurate glimpses into the coming year. Utilizing the study of cycles and geocosmic factors, this annual Forecasts book outlines forthcoming trends pertaining to political, economic, and financial markets throughout the world. Although 2010 is not yet completed, several forecasts made in the 2010 book have been highly accurate. We will list a couple of them below as of early August, but for a more inclusive list, please go to the “Scorecard” of 2010 Forecasts” listed further down on our web site at 

• Swiss Franc and Euro Currency: “… both the Euro and Swiss Franc could fall rather hard against the U.S. Dollar in the first half of 2010, perhaps down to 1.1200-1.2500 in the Euro currency. The critical turning point could occur May-August 2010, when Jupiter and Uranus enter Aries and form a Grand Square to the FRB chart… As long as the Fed leaves its Fed funds rate untouched at 0-.25% there is nothing to hold this (Swiss Franc) market down. It should soar to a new all-time high...” Both currencies bottomed in early June as Jupiter and Uranus formed their conjunction in early Aries, with the Euro down to 1.1875. As this is being written in early October 2010, the Swiss Franc is making a new all-time high, above 1.0500.

• Dollar-Yen: “The Dollar-Yen is in the time band for a long-term 5.5- and 16.5-year cycle low, ideally due in 2010 and down closer to the 80.00 level.” As of early October, the Dollar-Yen is at its low of the year, having fallen from a high of about 95.00 in early May to under 81.00, very close to the target of 80.00 given in the book.

• Grains: “Geocosmic signatures point to the possibility of extremely dry and hot weather this summer, especially in July-August, with possible drought… If September 2009 completed the 9- and 6-year cycle phases, then a rally is underway that could lift Wheat prices to either 784 +/- 42, or 880 +/- 108.” July and August have coincided with hot and dry weather and a severe drought in Russia’s Wheat growing region. Wheat prices have exploded from a low of 4.25 on June 9 to over 7.00/bu as this is being written in the first week of August. I personally regard this as my best forecast for 2010, perhaps along with the currency outlook.

• The Stock Market: “The trend for stock prices in 2010 is mostly up. However, it is apt to be a bumpy ride. A 50-week cycle trough is due in the first half of the year, ideally between February and April. A multi-month rally is then expected to unfold that could be a huge bubble, possibly taking stocks to a new all-time high in the second half of 2010 through 2011.” The 50-week cycle appeared to bottom February 5, the 48th week of the cycle. Prices then rose sharply into April 26 to its highest level since 2008. But then it fell to a slightly lower level into July 2. Since that time, however, stocks have rallied sharply again – and are now making new 2-year highs as of early November 

• Gold and Silver: “The 8.5-year cycle in Gold bottomed in October 2008. It is therefore pointed higher into 2011-2013 as long as prices do not fall below 800…. The first price targets for a crest are 1189 +/- 70. Above that, the price targets for the crest of the 4.25- and 8.5-year cycles are 1460 +/- 142, with a possibility of 1940 +/- 200.” Gold soared to a new time high of 1266 on June 21, before falling back to 1159 on July 28. It then took off again, testing 1400 as this is being written in early October. A decline of quite some significance is due within 19 weeks of December 17, as Silver’s 111-week cycle trough comes into play. Let’s see if that happens, as stated in the Forecast 2010 Book.

And of course: the all-important Critical Reversal Dates. Many of the 2010 critical reversal dates given for various markets have been impressive.* As of August 3,  five of seven major reversal dates given for T-Note and T-Bond futures were accurate, including the exact date of the yearly low so far on April 5. The 8th one may be forming now into the August 20 critical reversal zone in effect as this is being written, as T-notes are now making yearly highs and their second highest level since the Great Panic highs of December 2008. Five of the seven critical reversal dates given for stock indices unfolded within only two trading days, including the exact date of the high of the year on April 25 (as of this writing in early August). Gold prices also turned nearby to its critical reversal dates in 6 of the 7 dates listed in this year’s book. All six (100%) of the currency dates hit with strong reversals within 2 trading days or less, including the low of the year on June 7 for the Euro currency. All nine critical reversals given for grains also coincided with powerful reversals within 4 trading days, and 6 of those were within two trading days, including the yearly low in Wheat on June 9. The high of the year was August 6, just 4 days past the August 2 critical reversal date (which was listed as possible as the entire period of July 23-August 9). Likewise all 6 of the critical reversal dates given for Crude Oil were right on the mark (within 5 trading days, and five within 2 trading days), including the low of the year directly on the May 20 reversal date that was listed.

Do you think this kind of accuracy would be valuable to traders? You betcha!

* It is considered a “hit” if the reversal date coincides with a major, half-primary, or primary cycle, or a trading cycle from which prices reverse at least 4% in equity indices and commodities, and 2.5% in Treasuries or currencies.

We are pleased to announce that the cost of this year's book will remain the same as last year at $55.00. We are also pleased to announce that the 2011 Forecast book will be available through Apple IPhone 4, IPad, and Kindle for the reduced price of $45.00. However the electronic book version will have to be ordered through Apple or, and will only be available once they are created, which is expected to be around mid-December. The electronic book version will not include the ephemeris or calendar pages of geocosmic and lunar phases that comprise the last 30 pages of the printed editions.

Please note that you may order this year's edition by express (“expedited”) mail for faster and more reliable delivery if you wish. Just check the second box on the order form if you wish faster mail delivery. We cannot guarantee timely delivery for any orders that are sent standard or priority mail. For our foreign readers, please know that we are trying to make this book available in electronic form for those of you who wish to save postage monies. Unfortunately the U.S. Postal Service does not offer insurance or tracking possibilities with Global Priority. Approximately 10% of books sent overseas this way is lost through the efficiency of the U.S. Postage Service. We highly recommend the “Expedited” express option.


A limited edition is printed each year, and when they are out, they are out! No additional printings.