Special Raymond Merriman Interview on December 21, 2020

Enclosed is link to an interview Raymond Merriman gave on the John Arc Show last month, December 21, 2020.

It is on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9mqvVcC0so

He asked some interesting questions Raymond has thought further on some of the questions which we will enclose here.

INTERVIEW Dec 21, 2020

Will President Donald Trump remain in office for the next four years or will Joe Biden be successfully sworn in as the new president?

The latter. I don’t see Trump winning this fight and the Supreme Court of any states overturning the election results. With Neptune square his Sun and Moon, I think we are seeing Trump withdraw more and more, even disintegrate before our eyes. This is one manner in which transiting Neptune to a setup like Trump has can manifest, and it is the path I am observing as being operative via his actions since the election. It will take about two years for him to get past this, if ever. I don’t see him recovering and returning to the White House.

Think of what is going on in his mind and psychological makeup as the equivalent of a computer worm. The more he holds on to his alternate reality, the deeper it burrows into his psyche and the more paralyzed he becomes in terms of his ability to act with confidence and strength. For many, this is very sad. But again, this is the course that transiting Neptune seems to be taking with the choices in the life President Trump is taking at this time.

With the only aspect of Mercury in his natal chart being a square to Neptune, he seems incapable of processing facts and Information in a way that reflects reality. His natal Mercury (mental functioning) makes only one aspect: a square to Neptune, planet of fantasy, imagination, a world that may be parallel with reality, but not of reality. He may be very intuitive at times, but also in many cases (like now) very disconnected from logic, practicality, and normal processing of information that reflects what is happening.

If Biden does in fact become the new President do you see Trump or one of his children running for the presidency in 2024?

I don’t see Trump running again as the head of a major political party. I am not sure about his children, but I tend to doubt it. That view might change if I viewed their charts and saw something extraordinary for 2024.

But as far as Trump himself is concerned, I think he is a mess right now, suffering such a bad reaction to the transit of Neptune T-squaring his Sun/Moon. I don’t think he will be in any mental shape to run for anything again for the next 4 years. Neptune is just too strong in his chart and he is not handling it well at all. Total disconnect and disintegration.

It’s like Peggy Noonan, Ronald Reagan’s White House correspondent, wrote in WSJ two years ago: “The thing about ‘crazy’ is that you know it will not end up well.” It is not ending well for President Trump and his supporters, despite (and more, because of) his relentless tenacity to fight a battle where the odds are so much against him.

His only hope as I see it is to let it go, forgive, and move on, and rejuvenate, which he seems incapable of doing, and the longer he holds on, the deeper the damage. I wrote about this in detail in the Forecasts 2018 Book two years ago, that starting in 2020, he would likely begin to lose his mind. And it appears that is what is happening since the election.

Will Joe Biden remain as president if he’s inaugurated or will he eventually have to leave office early because of some issues?

There are astrological signatures that allow for Biden to leave office early, or at least need some kind of ”home care.” His mental, cognitive abilities may also deteriorate, and he may not be able to complete his term. That’s once possibility with an astrological basis. Neptune crossing into his 4th house suggests the possibility he may need home care, or some kind of specialized care, in the next couple of years. Or he is spending a lot of his time in a warmer climate, near water. Maybe he has a winter White House like Trump did in Florida.

Do you see the lockdowns continuing indefinitely or will they come to an end soon in the next year?

I see them ending between Feb and May. My call remains that this passes as a primary focus of our attention in February 2021 +/- 3 months. The vaccinations and greater social awareness of the Corona Virus starts to force a retreat in the danger, and society opens up by late Spring, summer, and travel also picks up strongly.

States like New York and California appear to be imploding with vast numbers of residents moving out of them for tax reasons and other issues. Do you think the problems in those states are going to continue or will they stabilize and start improving?

I see them continuing. They haven’t hit the bottom yet and they may continue to struggle until they reach bottom, sometime between 2026-2029.

What do you see happening to the price of gold, silver, and bitcoin over the next year?

Bitcoin is our boom/bust story for Uranus in Taurus. They rally to unimaginable highs in 2021-2022, and then they lose 73-93% of their value by 2025.

Gold is due for a top by middle 2022. It may have already happened, but until it falls below 1500, I think it will have another run by mid-2022 to new highs, and then lose 50-90% of its value 2-5 years later.

Silver… my target is 35.00 +/- 3, and if it gets above there, the sky is the limit.

I see both metals making another low by May 2021, and then the next rally starts, but ends by mid-2022. For Gold, the bottom may be 1600 +/- 100; for Silver 19.50 +/- 1.50. And then another rally, probably the last before the big decline.

Do you see China continuing to escalate its political and economic aggressiveness towards the U.S. over the next few years?

I see China continuing to grow in economic influence over the next 140 years. It is Asia’s time to lead 2020-2160, and China will lead that shift of world power to the Far East .

But the greater risk to the U.S. is from within, not China or Russia. And the challenges are even great now through 2024 as we go through our Pluto return, on the U.S. Moon. Protests turning violent and racism are the major challenges leading to social unrest that could harm the U.S. these next four years. Not China.

On the positive side, I see the U.S. coming out of it by the end of 2023 or 2024, and the nation will remain one of the strongest in the world because its natal chart is built to last.

Do you believe that the U.S. is headed into a major and long lasting economic depression?

Not necessarily, but it is a possibility related to potential 90-year cycle involving Saturn and Uranus. This combination was present in 1930-31 and 1840-42, which were during the two worst depressions and stock market declines in the U.S. History.

But maybe the activist Federal Reserve Board and its extremely accommodative monetary policies can help avoid a prolonged Depression.

I do see two recessions, but I don’t know that they become Depressions any worse than 2007-2009. I see 2022 +/- 1 year and then another sometime between 2026-2029. But the U.S. isn’t going to fold. It was “born” with a strong chart and I believe it will weather the storms as it has in the past.

As a company Amazon has had an incredible rise to power over the years. Do you see it continuing to grow or has it peaked already?

I don’t know. I don’t follow individual stocks or companies. It seems to have a sold work model, so I see no reason why it should decline, except via government regulations that break it up as a monopoly in the eyes of gov’t leaders. A lot of large tech companies and maybe even banks could be hurt by new government intervention, regulations, and “shake downs” that take their cash and influence away. This new administration is not going to be a friend to big or small businesses and that is why I see economic problems on the horizon.

What percentage of your clients would you estimate use your astrological consultations to guide their business decision making and have any of them ever told you any stories about the success they’ve had because of your advice?

Yes. Lots! But I have no idea how many, except via the letters I get from clients thanking me for big gains. Like a tuxedo business owner in Illinois who attributes his increase in his IRA acc’t from $60K to 725K, or a trader in Wisconsin who just traded my daily Gold recommendations for one month and sent me his statement where he started with $11,000 and ended the month at $65K. I get lots of emails like this.

What do you see happening with real estate over the next year or two. Do you see prices increasing or decreasing?

I see real estate prices in many areas already falling. It is not an even fall across the country. Where taxes are high, real estate will continue or start to struggle. It is already happening in New York City and soon to hit in New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, and parts of California if not the whole state. I think those states could really suffer from loss of property values in the next 1-3 years.

Elon Musk seems to be taking America into the future with his companies like Tesla, Space X and Starlink. Now we hear he may be getting involved with electric powered yachts. Do you see Elon and his companies continuing their successful growth in the future?

Like Amazon, I see him running into trouble with government authorities and regulators. They may make it very hard on him with his enterprises, especially Space X.