The monthly ICR report will also undergo a modest change in July…

Starting on July 2nd, we are going to expand our International Cycles Report (ICR) into two reports…

ICR Financials and ICR Commodities. Each report will be covering 7 markets as follows:

ICR Financials:

Cost: $325/ Year

Markets Covered: ASX (Australian Stock Index), RUT (Russell 2000), SSE (Chinese Shanghai Stock Composite), HSI (Hang Seng Index), AUD (Australian Dollar), DXY (US Dollar), and GBP (British Pound)

Release Date: Tuesday July 2, 2019


ICR Commodities:

Cost: $325/ Year

Markets Covered: LC (Live Cattle), MJ (Cannabis), XAU (Gold and Silver), KT (Coffee), KA (Sugar), C (Corn), and W (Wheat)

Release Date: Wednesday July 3, 2019


If you sign up for the International Cycles Report: Financials by June 30th, you will also receive – at no additional cost – the May 21, 2019 issue of our current ICR Report, which contains our initial analysis of Coffee, Corn, Wheat, and Sugar. As a final BONUS, we will send you both the ICR Financials Report and the ICR Commodities Report in July so that you can see and experience both of our new reports.

That’s TWO reports- at no additional cost- just for trying our new report.

SAVE 20% NOW: If you wish to sign up for both the ICR Financials Report and ICR Commodities Report, we are offerring 20% off the yearly rate for both reports. Instead of $650 for both reports, your cost will be $520- a savings of $130! Use code ICR at check out to receive the discount.