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To show what type of content is covered in our annual Forecast Book, we have reprinted a full chapter from the Forecast 2019 Book below. This chapter was written in November 2018, about one year ago. See the chapter, where I have added in my current thoughts in red, which show how my forecasts have unfolded for the President. If you wish to view and download a PDF of the chapter, with additional highlights and graphics, please click HERE. This chapter will give you an idea of what to expect in next year’s Forecast 2020 Book, coming out on December 16, 2019. It’s going to be quite a year for the United States and President Trump and Forecast 2020 will give you a glimpse of what to anticipate in the 2020 Presidential Election. The book will also cover financial markets, the importance of the 2020 Capricorn Stellium, and the geocosmic critical reversal dates for 2020. Enjoy this chapter from Forecast 2019 along with my commentary!


It is wonderful to be loved, but if you must choose, it is better to be feared than loved. The desire for love puts you at the mercy of those who can withhold it. Creating fear puts you on the offense. You cannot control love, but you can control fear. And this is the ultimate question of politics, indeed, of all human life: Who’s in control? William A. Galston, “Trump’s Grim Handbook for Governance,” Wall Street Journal, October 17, 2018.

As a former CEO, I can say from experience that if the leader doesn’t set the tone, no one else will…. All the ink about how both sides are to blame (for the divisiveness and negative tone in the USA) is true, but irrelevant without leadership from the top. – Stephen Brown, retired CEO of John Hancock Financial Services, Wall Street Journal, November 2, 2018.

Whether you love him or hate him — and most people do one or the other — there is no denying that President Donald Trump is having a huge impact on not only the United States of America, but the entire world, due to both his personal conduct as well as his policies and agenda. It would probably not be too far off the mark to claim that most Americans approve of his policies and executive acts that have resulted in a growing economy, reduction of onerous regulations on businesses, and a greater sense of safety and national security. But at the same time, the majority of Americans do not seem to approve of the way he behaves. They like what he has done, the changes he has brought forth in the American economy and the fact that he has “shook things up” in government, but they don’t necessarily like who he is or how he acts. They like the accomplishments, but not the means used to attain those results. This creates an inner conflict in the American psyche: how can we be prosperous and safe with such a brazen, bold, and even offensive leader? Perhaps this is the only way to act, bring about the changes in government that the American population longed for, via the election process.

Donald Trump is a very fortunate man. His birth chart has an abundance of geocosmic indicators suggesting good fortune — some might call it luck — and success. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good fortune sits in his second house of finances. It is stationary at birth, which means it is very strong. It also trines his Sun, the ruler of the chart (Leo rising), which is one of the most favorable aspects in astrology denoting good fortune and success. Jupiter also trines Uranus, one of the signatures of potential financial success. He is born under “lucky stars.” This is a chart of someone who has a “Midas touch,” which means anything he becomes involved with has a very good chance of succeeding. With such a strong Jupiter and Leo rising (with Mars), it also means he sees things (including himself) in terms of “great,” “large,” and “bigger than life.”

Everything is exaggerated, which is crucial to both his successes in life as well as his personal shortcomings, which include his general unpopularity with so many people in the USA and much of the rest of the world. As William Galston writes in the same article quoted above, “Mr. Trump has a consistent way of judging people. Strong is good, weak is bad. Big is impressive, small is defective. Winners are admirable, losers are contemptible. A corollary is that there is neither dishonorable victory not honorable defeat. The core of human existence is competition, not cooperation. The world is zero-sum: If I win, someone else must lose.” It is this approach that has brought him much success. It is also the reason why so many people disdain him, because most people strive for negotiations that result in win-win outcomes. Apparently, Mr. Trump does not accept that type of outcome as success. There is no such thing as a win-win. There is only the situation where if someone wins, it means someone else has to lose, and often lose badly.


Donald Trump, June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM, Queens, New York

According to his birth certificate, which he posted online, Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM, in Queens, New York. His parents were Fred Trump and Mary Anne MacLeod. His father, Fred, died in 1999 of pneumonia after suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for the last six years of his life (

The competitive spirit fueling the drive to succeed and win at whatever he undertakes is clearly shown by the presence of Mars rising in Leo. This denotes someone who is likely to be brash, aggressive, and a fighter. It also denotes a very confident persona. Combined with his strong Jupiter placement referred to earlier, this can expand to overconfidence, leading to impulsive decisions and behaviors that upset others. However, if this leads him to success and victory, then the means justifies the end. In the end, Mars rising in Leo is most often about “me first,” or “I want to be the first, the best, or the greatest, at whatever I do.” When this dynamic is integrated with the good fortune and luck of a strong Jupiter placement, you get…. Donald Trump. He is who is he is. And he is not going to back down, nor is he going to change this core nature (Mars rising in Leo, Sun conjunct Uranus – “I am right” “I am confident,” “I am a winner”), although he may often change his mind as to what he believes is the best course of action to take (Sun/Uranus conjunct in Gemini).

He was also born under a lunar eclipse (Sun/Node opposite Moon), which means he is forceful and likely to have a life of conflicts with others. It also suggests a life of dramatic ups and downs, peaks and valleys, but he usually ends up on top. His Venus conjunct Saturn in Cancer indicates patriotism to his family (children), his home country, his belief in a strong national security (the strongest in the world), but it also indicates a very great need for approval and love from…. everybody, especially women. This is an area where he is not always successful. With Saturn conjunct Venus, there is a sense of not enough love, especially from women. Perhaps it has to do with the reason why women are attracted to him, for Venus rules both love and money. Sometimes it is confusing to tell the difference.


Great leaders are capable of arguing for the things they believe in. They can make the case. They can make you think along with them, logically, from point A to point B and beyond. Their words aren’t emotional… Good leaders live in the real world. They don’t insist on ideologies they can squish down on your heads. A leader is aware he is the object of many eyes. This puts a responsibility on him to act in a certain way — with respect for his own dignity and yours. Children are watching and taking cues. That means the future is watching A serious leader bothers to have command of the facts… When people have real leaders, there’s a feeling of security. Somebody reliable is in charge. – Peggy Noonan, “How to Find a Good Leader,” Wall Street Journal, November 3-4, 2018.

In a rare self-critique, President Trump says he regrets the harsh tone he struck during his first two years in office. “I would like to have a much softer tone. I feel to a certain extent I have no choice, but maybe I do,” the president said in an interview with Sinclair Broadcast Group.” – S.A. Miller, “‘I Would Love to Get Along.’ Trump Express Regret for his Harsh Tone,” The Washington Times, November 5, 2018.

In 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the USA when transiting Saturn crossed his natal Moon, in opposition to his natal Sun. At the time, the annual Forecast Book had indicated that transiting Saturn in opposition to one’s natal Sun was a time of reaching a peak in one’s life work. It was a time when Mr. Trump would attain something that he had worked very hard for, only to find it was much more demanding and exhausting than he ever expected. At the same time, Saturn on one’s natal Moon is not a time of popularity. As it turned out, he won the election to the highest office in the land (maybe the world), but he did not win the popular vote. In his first year in office he accomplished many of the issues he campaigned for, but his approval ratings were amongst the lowest of any president in his first year of office. In 2019, Jupiter will make the same transit over his natal Moon, in opposition to his natal Sun, that Saturn had made in late 2016 through much of 2017. It implies a reversal of these dynamics between popularity and accomplishments.

His support is greater than it was in 2016-17 when he began, but since 2019 began, he has not been able to accomplish nearly as much as he accomplished in 2017-2018.

Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct Mr. Trump’s natal Moon, and in opposition to his natal Sun from February 23-October 29, 2019. Unlike in 2016-2017, when Saturn conjoined his Moon and opposed his Sun and represented a time of unpopularity but with accomplishments, this switch to Jupiter probably indicates a time of greater popularity but missed opportunities to secure accomplishments. Jupiter’s dynamic of optimistic thinking and confidence-projection is behind his increase in popularity. However, Jupiter’s tendency towards exaggeration, bluff, inattention to important details, and poor timing and/or judgement may prevent him from gaining ample support for realizing many (if any) of his goals for the year. In addition, his demands for loyalty (Moon in Sagittarius) from members of his administration may result in the loss of support from some of those he most needs. In 2017-2018, there were many defections from his camp that ended up authoring several “tell-tale” accounts of dysfunction in his White House. Expect more of this — maybe much more of this “disloyalty” and tell-all books and articles — that cause the president to over-react and create huge drama, where the result is to undermine his credibility and believability. Ultimately, the greatest challenge for Jupiter lies with the concept of “truth.” This is not a favorable aspect for one who avoids or misleads where “truth” is concerned, for it often results in embarrassment or humiliation, reactions that Mr. Trump has had difficulty with all through life, for Jupiter holds such an extremely powerful position in his chart.

On a purely physical level, transiting Jupiter in such a critical part of one’s chart, may also indicate a tendency towards weight gain. With Jupiter, there is little discipline, and little effort to follow “rules,” even when the rules are good for one to apply. Jupiter doesn’t like rules, boundaries, or limitations of any kind. It tends to see itself as “above” such details, involved in much more important matters than others who would attempt to apply such limitations on its actions. To not pay attention to advice from members of his inner circle could easily create the sense that he is not validating their importance, but only his own, and that could result in lost support, not to mention poor decision-making that creates unnecessary blow ups and drama.

There have been numerous cases reported in 2019 where Mr. Trump did not adhere to the advice given to him by his advisors, such as the wirthdrawal of U.S. troops in northern Syria which left the Kurds exposed to danger. The Kurds were instrumental in the war against ISIS in that region, in support of the U.S. campaign.

The prominence of transiting Jupiter also suggests much travel to foreign countries, and many meetings with leaders from abroad. As a result, we may see many new initiatives involving foreign countries. By itself, this suggests several new deals that will increase world trade with the USA. Yet one wonders if the master of “The Art of the Deal” is paying close attention to what he is agreeing to. No doubt he will tout these deals as something extraordinary for the USA. But the devil may be in the details, and that is where his weakness is most likely to be revealed in 2019-2020. For the most part, people respond very well when he announces new agreements and deals. This is one reason why his popularity may increase. But later on (by 2020), when the effects begin to be known, people may realize that these deals were not as great as they were advertised.

He was able to procure deals with Japan as well as Canada and Mexico, although the latter have yet to be approved by Congress.

Transiting Saturn will continue playing an important role in President Trump’s chart in 2019. As 2018 ends, transiting Saturn in early Capricorn completes its T-square to his natal Mercury/Neptune square. In last year’s book, this was referred to as a witch hunt, where he is victimized, or victimizes others, unfairly and unwisely (perhaps this pertains to his stinging criticism of the Federal Reserve Board’s interest rate policy, as well as his own challenges with the Robert Mueller investigation into the 2016 election that has resulted in the arrests of Mr. Trump’s personal lawyer and many of his closest associates at the time). This aspect also coincides with ethical challenges brought forth against him, as well as a tendency to misstate facts that could lead to problems regarding his credibility. His words and deeds from the past might be brought up and used against him. These themes will come up again in 2019 through 2023 as transiting Neptune will assume great importance to his natal chart, which will be discussed shortly.

Transits on May 20, 2019 (outer wheel), to Donald Trump’s natal chart (inner wheel). Highlighted are the transits of Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune making aspects to Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus-Moon opposition.

As 2019 gets underway, Saturn moves forward into a difficult square to his natal Jupiter. Due to Saturn’s retrograde motion in 2019, it will form a waxing square to Mr. Trump’s natal Jupiter three times, from February 25 through November 25. This is a classical signature of a broken promise or agreement. Either Mr. Trump violates an agreement, or he believes someone else has failed to live up to their end of an agreement. Typically, this results in a complaint, and the parties involved either agree to modify the agreement, or they pursue a legal route to resolve the dispute. As Trump is the one under the square, this does not bode as well for him, and he would be advised to try to renegotiate and modify the terms or the deadlines involved, otherwise he stands to experience a legal setback. This could pertain to the several legal matters he is already involved in, or trade pacts he has agreed to with other nations that he still wants to rewrite, or that other nations aren’t living up to. Someone is not adhering to the terms agreed to, and this becomes a source of frustration for the president. It may also result in a large financial loss unless he is able to account for all the issues brought up in the complaint(s). One other area that this might pertain to is with his selection(s) for supreme court jurists. If such an opening occurs, Mr. Trump is not likely to get his candidate approved during this period. In fact, there are a number of legal agreements and decisions he would like to enact, and most are delayed and frustrated. It is another reason why his popularity may be higher in 2019, but his actual accomplishments might be meager. He wants to grow and expand (Jupiter) in directions of his own choosing, but he is meeting great obstacles in his path. He may not be accustomed to this level of obstruction, and the frustration may cause him to say or do things that are not advisable, and only make matters worse. But then again, what else is new?

In 2019, he has been involved in one investigation after another, obstructing his ability to accomplish anything. He also stopped negotiations on a trade deal with China in April 2019 because he belived they were reneging on terms that had already agreed to He wasn’t willing to accept this backing off of what was agreed to, in his mind.

The next transiting planet in the solar system is Uranus, which starts the year off continuing in favorable trine aspect to President Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant through early March 2019. This has been in force through much of 2018, and is another geocosmic factor behind his rising popularity. It is almost as if his popularity increased as he became more aggressive and bolder (Mars and Ascendant). People liked that in 2018. However, that quality may not be so popular in later 2019, and certainly not in 2020 when Uranus begins to form a square aspect to his natal Pluto. That foretells of a very intense power play, even greater than was witnessed in 2016.

The power play is beginning in late 2019 as the House has begun an investigation to impeach the President

This brings us to Pluto and Neptune. We will save Neptune for last, because that may be the most important planetary correlation of all in understanding Mr. Trump’s potential challenges (and opportunities) over the next several years.

The transit of Pluto will be making a quincunx to Mr. Trump’s natal Sun in 2019-2020. In fact, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020 will be in an exact quincunx (150°) to Mr. Trump’s Sun. This too speaks of defections from his inner circle and a need to replace key people and make major adjustments in 2019-2020. At first, this may be a great disturbance. However, once he makes the adjustments, it may actually be an improvement, working much better than expected in the beginning. More serious will be the opposition from transiting Pluto to Mr. Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn conjunction that will start up in 2020, especially given that transiting Uranus will be in a square aspect to his natal Pluto at the same time, a signature already described as a major power play. The election of 2020 will make the election of 2016 appear very tame in comparison. Although I am suggesting this figuratively, it could also literally be a “fight to the death,” for Pluto rules death (and rebirth), the end of an era and the start of a major rebuilding process. start of a major rebuilding process.

Several defections including John Kelly, Sean Spicer, and John Bolton

In the prior chapters I presented the image of a population happily moving upwards in 2019, but approaching a cliff that drops off steeply in 2020-2023. In 2019, there is likely to be a sense of optimism, but also complacency regarding any danger signals that may start to emerge. This scenario of not paying attention to signs that are arising right before one’s eyes may be related to the principle of Neptune, which will be squared by Jupiter throughout most of 2019. These planets will also be playing a very prominent role in the chart of President Trump, beginning in 2019. It illustrates how and why President Trump may be the central character in this drama outlined for 2019 through 2023 — a drama that starts out every well, but may end very badly if not understood and addressed as the signals begin to arise (if they begin to arise at all, for in the study of astrology, there is always the matter of free will and choice to consider in attempting to describe a possible outcome).

Like Jupiter, hard aspects from transiting Neptune often indicate challenges where attention to details is concerned. One’s mind often wonders, or has difficulty concentrating or remembering things of importance. One is often easily distracted by small matters that take on much more attention and importance than logic would otherwise suggest. Inflating or misrepresenting facts may elicit more concern from others than before, although such concerns may be more whispers than outwardly spoken, for Neptune also rules silence and the act of concealment. These are signs to watch for.

In 2019, Neptune will begin its transit in a hard T-square configuration to President Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus, which is in opposition to his natal Moon. This is a long Neptune transit, lasting from April 2019 through January 2023. This transiting period, like all periods involving an outer planet transit to a series of natal points over a few years, can manifest several different ways and to varying degrees, depending on the individual’s health, mental capacity, psychological integrity, and a host of many other issues. Thus, we will present a “worst case” scenario, and follow it with a “best case” scenario, with an understanding that the actual outcome will probably be somewhere in between.

Let’s begin by considering the state of Neptune in President Trump’s natal chart. It is in Libra, 2nd house. It makes only one major aspect to another planet, and that is a square from Mercury. Mercury rules communications, thought processes, the mind, the mental condition of the native. In aspect to Neptune, the mind is imaginative, creative, good at marketing, sales, deals, and advertising. Mercury, on the other hand, represents knowledge and news, as well as the processing of data and information. But Neptune is the only planet aspecting Mercury, so this processing of data and information involves a lot of imagination, perhaps even fantasy, wishful thinking, idealism, but not necessarily accuracy or logic. When Mercury speaks, it is filtered through Neptune, which is more inspirational than informational. Neptune charms, but doesn’t necessarily abide by the dissemination of truth or fact, at least not as much as impression, or characterization of someone according to a narrative the native has created in his own mind, real or imagined (and usually imagined).

In Mr. Trump’s case, his supporters see him as brilliant, intelligent, and innovative. This is also shown by the placement of the Sun and Uranus together in Gemini. Uranus is the planet of brilliance, geniuses, and Gemini is the ruling sign of Mercury. So, he does have that capacity for innovative, original, thought. But, it is Mercury that actually processes information and data, and thus represents the logical ordering and communication of ideas. With its only aspect being a square to Neptune, this cannot be considered, by itself, a signature of common sense, logic, or even depth of thought. The attention span, or interest in a subject, may not be very grounded or sustained. The mind and attention can drift, and restlessness or boredom can set in very quickly. It easy to be distracted (as well as easy to distract others), due to this setup. Thus, whenever Neptune is strong by transit, we always have to go back and see the state of Neptune in the natal chart. As mentioned, it only makes one major aspect in the natal chart, and that is the square to Mercury, the mind. The mind and all mental functions and processes of organizing information are filtered through the dynamic of Neptune, ruler of imagination, and not usually grounded in logical thought or sustained attention to detail.

In 2019, Neptune begins this series of squares to the Sun/North Node/Uranus in Gemini, and Moon in Sagittarius. First, it squares Uranus, which is often a feeling of disassociation, perhaps even confusion. It is like one’s world becomes surreal. Things happen that seem unreal, strange. It might be something as simple as forgetting where one is or what one is supposed to be doing. Yes, it can mean other things, like psychic and even prophetic experiences where intuitive thoughts or hunches turn out to be correct. But as with all things Neptunian, this may be more of a delusion, or it may elicit a type of importance that is somewhat delusional (“I have this gift, this miracle-making ability”). In short, transiting Neptune in a hard aspect to Uranus can be surreal, other-worldly. Since Neptune and Uranus move so slowly, this aspect will affect millions of people born in the same year. In other words, it is not just President Trump that is undergoing this transit in 2019. It is everyone born June 1945-April 1947.

Finding oneself the subject of an impeachment inquiry process must seem stranger and unreal, and something not anticipated when the year started.

August 21, 2018: Donald Trump has admitted his life would be easier if he had not mounted a trade war with China but declared he is “the chosen one” to take on Beijing. “Somebody had to do it,” he told reporters outside the White House. Looking up at to sky, he added: “I am the chosen one.”

However, this transit of Neptune is more important to President Trump than most others born in this period, because his natal Uranus is close enough to pull in his natal Sun/Moon opposition (lunar eclipse at birth) in Gemini and Sagittarius. It goes from the generational (1945-1947 births) square to Uranus, to the personal square of his lunar eclipse Sun and Moon. In other words, it is the start of a sequence of events, or internal changes, that will be underway for the next four years that may pertain to his grasp of reality and logic. The question will be: how strong will this dynamic actually be in the President’s normal daily behavior? It could be mild, or it could be very strong. We don’t really know the strength of a transiting aspect based on astrology alone. In this case, it could be as mild as just a prolonged period of harmless forgetfulness. Or….

In the worst-case scenario, this transit could mean he starts to disconnect, disintegrate, mentally. He could become more than just mildly forgetful and spacey, which in turn can influence both his decision-making and actions. This could have very harsh consequences for the United States if his mind is not stable and if he is not locked into and able to process data and information regarding the important challenges of the times. What happens to the United States if he starts to lose this ability, this functionality? Who will tend the campfire?

Several people, mostly Democrats including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have questioned Mr. Trump’s mental state, suggesting that his family or advisers need to “make an intervention” to make sure he is mentally well.

The best-case scenario might be that this series of Neptune transits, first to his natal Uranus, and then to his natal Sun/Moon opposition, is that he exhibits a level of compassion and self-sacrifice for the good of the greater whole (the world) than anyone ever imagined possible. Neptune is saintliness, virtue, self-sacrifice, the wish for peace and harmony. It is difficult imagining someone with such a strong natal Mars placement on the ascendant in Leo, to suddenly exhibit dominant Neptune-in-Libra characteristics, but it is possible, especially since at the same time transiting Pluto (self-revelation and transformation) will be making an opposition to his natal Venus/Saturn. It seems more likely that this aspect will be more about power plays, as discussed before. Perhaps the best-case scenario is that President Trump finally succeeds in getting North Korea, Iran, and all the rogue nations that he (and others) view as threats to world peace, to agree to stop fighting and work with him to achieve world peace. In fact, that would probably be the very best-case scenario and a more realistic possibility (even if a long-shot) under such a strong Neptune transit, for at its best, Neptune is the desire for peace: inner peace as well as outer peace.

How will we know which scenario (if either of these) is unfolding? Probably by observing the sequence of changes described herein. Are they unfolding in one of the manners described? The first step would be a change in his appearance in which he begins to put on weight. Next would be an increasing number of cases where he changes his mind, forgets appointments, or makes inappropriate (inexplicable) comments or statements regarding matters of great importance to American interests. Or, instead, will we witness actions dedicated to bringing rogue nations to the peace table taking precedence and with success, wherein he is exhibiting an increasingly greater degree of compassion and willingness to compromise and help others nations in need of American assistance? If it is the former behavior (forgetfulness, loss of train of thought) that becomes more and more noticeable, then it will be important for his closest advisors to remove him from stressful situations as much as possible, for stress is the opposite of what a Neptune transit needs to thrive. Stress will only speed up the mental disintegration process.

The year 2020 is critical in the unfolding of the global drama and Mr. Trump’s role in it. In the past, when USA presidential elections took place close to Jupiter/Saturn conjunct, and especially if Saturn/Pluto were also nearby in conjunction, great leaders ascended onto the world stage. Both are happening in 2020. Whoever is elected as the USA president in the 2020 election is a candidate to become that great figure in world history. Donald Trump has a strong chance of being elected again in 2020 (we will cover that next year). And of course, this figure could be someone who is not from the United States. But if Donald Trump is the victor in the 2020 election, what could cause him to go down in history as one of the greatest presidents in history? Martyrdom, where he voluntarily has to leave office due to his physical/mental situation? Or the achievement of major peace treaties and a new sense of world peace and safety?

There is a lot at stake for the United States of America and its president in 2019, and more in 2020. Both the country and its president are intertwined in their mutual destiny these next two-four years. The symbol suggested throughout Forecast 2019 is that the nation and the world are moving upwards economically, but a very steep cliff is looming on the horizon. Will we see the danger signs of this cliff before we come to the edge? Will our leaders recognize this ledge as it gets closer, and make decisions that will protect us from plunging over? Or will they blindly trip over, thinking it is something it is not? As always, we probably will not know until we get there. But for now, astrology — the oldest study known to humanity — points to the possibility, and to be forewarned is to be made aware of both the dangers and the opportunities that lie ahead.