Forecast 2020 Webinar: Recording Now Available

Forecast 2020 Webinar Recording

Forecast 2020 Webinar: Recording

The MMA Forecast 2020 Webinar took place on Sunday February 9, 2020.  This once-a-year broadcast addressed subjects covered in the Forecast 2020 Book, with updates on financial markets since the book was written in November 2019. Outlooks included the U.S. stock market, Gold and Silver, crude oil, and currencies. With all the concerns involving a potential stock market crash in 2020-2023, this webinar discussed how one may protect their capital and even take advantage of such a bearish possibility (and when to look for it). Sign up for the Forecast 2020 Webinar Recording  HERE.

Following purchase of the Webinar,  you will be granted access to view the recording of the Webinar event as well as the slides used during the presentation.

Come see for yourself why this once-a-year webinar is a favorite among our followers!