The Dow ended up more than 700 points as stocks rose sharply Friday, with investors weighing the possibility of a slower pace of rate increases. All three major indexes gained during the week, with the Dow notching its third straight week of, October 21, 2022. 

Yesterday’s US jobless claims decline kept bond yields elevated. US Federal Reserve Chair Powell’s poor communication does not help—markets are not sure whether the Fed wants to squeeze workers or profits to reduce inflation (the latter would be more appropriate), creating unnecessary sensitivity to data releases. – Dr. Paul Donovan, “Moving On,” UBD Morning Audio Comment, October 21, 2022. 

The week started off with a grand air trine between Sun/Venus in Libra to Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius, October 12-19. The most recent lows in several global stock indices were at the beginning of the period, on October 13, which also sported the Mars/Neptune square on the same day. The stock market plunged immediately after the CPI report was announced that day, then started a sharp rally that has continued through last week. The DJIA ended up over 700 points on Friday for its best weekly gain since June.

However, the gains and new multi-month highs were not even across the board. In Europe, the SMI and DAX made new 5-week highs on October 18 during the grand trine, on Tuesday, October 18. The FTSE and AEX did not make new 5-week highs.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, only India’s Nifty index made a new multi-week high on Friday. The SSE (Shanghai Stock Composite Index) had a modest rally to a weekly high on October 19 and both the Japan Nikkei and Australian ASX made secondary highs on October 19 (but lower than the highs of October 6). The Hang Seng in Hong Kong, on the other hand, fell to its lowest level since May 2009 on Thursday, October 20.

In the Americas, Brazil’s Bovespa index soared to its highest mark since April, while the DJIA’s high on Friday was its best level since September 15. The S&P and NASDAQ, on the other hand, were well below their recent highs of October 6. The bottom line is that there is still plenty of intermarket bearish divergence throughout the various regions of the world, which is not a convincing sign that the bear market has ended, even if the Fed does announce it will slow down the pace of interest rate increases.

Bullish divergence was also observable in the precious metals markets. On Friday, October 21, Gold fell to its lowest level since April 2020. But Silver remained well above its recent low of $18.01 the prior week. By Friday’s close Gold was up nearly $40 off that low and Silver was back above $19.00.

What caused these rallies? First, earnings reports were still fairly strong. Second, there is a rumor (did we say Mars will square Neptune for the next several weeks?) that the Fed will start pulling back from its rate increases. Third, the Bank of Japan intervened in the support of the Yen again on Friday, bringing the Dollar sharply lower against the Yen. Metals and stocks like the idea of a weaker Dollar. So do multi-national American corporations who find it difficult to sell their goods abroad at such unfavorable exchange rates. A lower dollar will help their exports.


The standard explanation for Truss’s bad few weeks doesn’t hold up. The real reason is far scarier. If the accepted General Theory of Trussonomics doesn’t hold up, try this: The markets’ beef with Trussonomics was that it might have worked. – Joseph C. Sternberg, “The U.K. Market Meltdown Could be Headed Your Way,” Wall Street Journal, October 21, 2022.  

The United Kingdom would like to make clear that the last two weeks were an elaborate publicity stunt to advertise an upcoming Mr. Bean movie. No notice should be taken. Financial markets have reduced the competence risk premium and can now ignore UK politics—unless former UK PM Johnson re-emerges, in which case the market may reconsider the risk premia. Dr. Paul Donovan, “Moving On,” UBD Morning Audio Comment, October 21, 2022. 

The cosmic fireworks are not over. This weekend finds Saturn ending its retrograde motion, and stations involving Saturn usually have a dour message. Saturn rules loss, among other things, and often a failure or delay to accomplish one’s goals, especially in government. The short reign of U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss, brought about by her effort to enact a modest tax cut package over five years to stimulate the economy, is a prime example of both Saturn turning direct (loss) as well as Mars square Neptune (rumors and scapegoating). In the article by Joseph Steinberg quoted above, he goes on to note, “Then there’s the question of how one gets from a bond selloff to a central-bank bailout for pension funds, of all things. Britain’s defined-benefit pension managers certainly have gotten caught out by the near-catastrophic failure of a hedging strategy designed to sustain them through long periods of ultralow interest rates.” How convenient to deflect the blame for that lack of fiduciary responsibility onto Truss. That lack of oversight by the pension fund managers likely had more to do with the collapse of the U.K.’s financial stability than the policies of the new Prime Minister. Truss was the classical Neptune victim of macho Mars taking full and aggressive control of the narrative. We may be seeing more of that David and Goliath mismatch when Mars turns retrograde next weekend, October 30, a cosmic setup where the aggressor ends up losing. In other words, the truth may start to come out as to why Britain’s financial system nearly collapsed, and the fingers may not be pointing so much at Truss, the scapegoat (or Mr. Bean).

Saturn turning direct is a powerful Level 2 geocosmic signature when given an orb of 9 trading days. It has a high correlation to primary cycles in stock indices and may have correlated with a primary cycle trough in many stock indices on October 13, which was six trading days before this station. That too might explain why the stock market was strong last week, for the early stages of all primary cycles are more bullish than bearish. Even in bear markets they can exhibit strong rallies for 2-5 weeks.

In other geocosmic news, the Sun and Venus will leave Libra for Scorpio this weekend too. Venus in Libra is one of the planet-sign combinations we have identified as corresponding to important lows in metals and rallies in stocks. It appears to have worked again. Now advancing into Scorpio on October 23, the attention will likely shift to debt and taxes, and off of Mr. Bean’s wild ride in the U.K.

Later in the week, Jupiter will retrograde back into Pisces, October 28-December 20. You may remember it was Jupiter in Pisces early this year that brought us the hit show, “The Return of Inflation,” which made box office records that producers were completely unprepared for. Inflation’s not over, and neither is the tendency to misjudge when it will be. But that won’t stop banking leaders and others from making statements (even predictions) as if they know this time. It’s going to one of those periods where you may want to sell the rumor and buy the fact, except facts are in short supply compared to rumors with Mars retrograde square Neptune (rumors), and Jupiter on its way back to almost joining Neptune in Pisces (big rumors, even whoppers) through the end of this year. Crude Oil and metals may like that. Those with a sense of humor might too.

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