The U.S. economy grew at a record pace in the third quarter – increasing at a 33.1% annual rate – recovering about 2/3 of the ground it lost earlier in the coronavirus pandemic. – Harriet Torry, “U.S. Growth Eases Much of Slide,” Wall Street Journal, October 30, 2020.

In spite of the better-than-expected GDP number, world stock indices continued their sell-off last week, mostly due to the record number of new daily cases of COVID-19 being reported in the U.S and across the globe. Along with this alarming increase in new cases, many communities are starting to impose new lockdown measures. This will hurt business activity, which is why the markets are falling. Hopefully, however, it will save lives and lead to another strong economic rebound once this second (or is it the third?) wave ends.

The Mercury retrograde cycle will also end next week, November 3, and thankfully, so will the U.S. 2020 election campaign, although we may not know the victor for days or weeks afterward. We will discuss the correlation of this year’s election to past geocosmic cycles that are in effect now, at the end of this week’s column. But in terms of market activity, last week witnessed equity markets breaking out of their narrow trading range that was in effect through the first half of the Mercury retrograde cycle.

The decline in some world equity markets has been rather dramatic. It also fits with our interpretation of the geocosmic environment. In early September, we began alerting readers (and subscribers) to the idea that the steepest and most prolonged decline since the pandemic market panic low of late March was due to start. In late March, Mars formed a conjunction with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn on March 20-31. It was arguably the most powerful geocosmic set up of the year. The low for the year for most of the world’s major stock indices was between March 16-26, with the U.S. markets bottoming on March 23, within the orb of MMA’s three-star CRD (critical reversal date). Another MMA three-star CRD was present on September 4, which coincided with the post-crash highs in many global indices. The DJIA, for example, topped out on September 3. The S&P and NASDAQ made new all-time highs on September 2.

The second steepest decline of the year for many markets began then. But there was a secondary high on October 9-12, MMA’s next three-star CRD, which we highlighted as probably the second most important geocosmic time band for the year. Some indices, like Japan’s Nikkei, Australia’s ASX, and India’s NIFTY, made their post-crash highs then. Others, such as in the U.S., made double tops then. The sell-off that began in the first week of September, just before Mars turned retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries, resumed with even greater intensity after equities posted their secondary high (double top) October 9-12. This was when Mars retrograde formed its first quarter cycle (waxing square) to the same planets in Capricorn that it had conjoined in late March, which was the reason we forecasted this period to be the sharpest and most prolonged decline since last March. Many indices have now fallen to their lowest levels in at least three months, including the DJIA and all the major European markets. Fear for the economy and the world stock markets has returned, along with the record new cases of COVID-19. There is a relationship here, and both relate very well to the geocosmic cycles now in force.

Gold and Silver also took a hit last week, as they did in mid-March. The biggest loser last week was Crude Oil, which fell to its lowest price since June 15. The big winner last week was Bitcoin, which soared to 13,863, virtually a  double top to its 2019 high of 13,895 on June 26.

Mercury, the Trickster, ends its retrograde cycle on Tuesday, November 3. But Mars will continue its retrograde through November 13-14. It will be interesting to see if one of these periods coincides with the end of this current market decline. Mars turning direct on November 13-14 is interesting, because it occurs just 1-2 days after the third and final passage of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, and in the middle of Venus making a cardinal T-square to Mars and the Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn between November 9 and 19. It is not surprising (although it is depressing) that record new cases of COVID-19 are being reported as we head to the last passage of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. When we look back on the history of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, we find many instances when large segments of the world’s population lost their lives. Jupiter rules “many” (abundance, exaggeration), and Pluto is one of the planetary rulers of death or threat to life. The good news is that this aspect, which started its first passage in late March, early April, is coming to an end. Also, with it, we anticipate that the threat to lives associated with this virus will come to an end soon too, between December-March. Perhaps this is due to the announcement finally of a vaccine or the more widespread release of medical treatments.



More bad news for Mr. Trump. The trade deficit – the president’s favored if controversial measure of success- is higher than ever. Manufacturing jobs haven’t been brought back to the U.S. The trade deficit with China is as high as it was when the President took office. – William Galston, “Without a Platform, Trump Falls,” Wall Street Journal, October 28, 2020.

If he (Trump) wins, an enormous factor would be that Trump is the only way for his voters to say to the cultural Left, “No, sorry, you’ve gone too far.” To put in blunt terms, to many people, he’s the only middle finger available – to brandish against the people who’ve assumed they have the whip hand in American culture. – Rich Lowry, “Voting for Trump, for Many, is the Only Rude Gesture.” Arizona Republic, October 28, 2020. 

The latest polls from Real Clear Politics show Biden still leading Trump by 7.8%, down from 7.9% last week. However, the Rasmussen poll that I watch most closely is vacillating greatly. It shows Trump’s poll number actually went ahead of Biden by 2% last Wednesday after Biden had led by 2-3% the prior two weeks. But between October 27-29, Biden’s lead jumped back up to 3% over Trump. This fits with the themes of the Full Moon conjunct Uranus this weekend, and Mercury changing directions on Election Day, with the Moon in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) also on Election Day.

The election is apt to be very volatile between now and Tuesday. With Mercury stationary all week and in square aspect to Saturn, October 31-November 6, and Saturn representing delays, we may not know the results this week. It is possible that the results projected on Tuesday-Wednesday are even reversed by next Saturday, November 6. Furthermore, it is even possible the final results are not settled until after Mars turns direct on November 14. There is one signature that indicates the results may not be accepted until February 2021, which would create enormous problems as the inauguration is scheduled to take place at noon on January 20, 2021. With Mars conjunct Uranus on January 20, this could indicate massive protests, even riots, as citizens express their disdain for the results. The election is not likely to go smoothly during the voting and afterward. However, by spring, the seasonal ingresses for Washington D.C. indicate a change for the better. The U.S. and the world get on with the task of living with a better attitude throughout the summer. We discuss this at length in the Forecast 2021 Book (see announcements below, as the pre-publication sale for this book, ends this weekend, Saturday evening).

The following represent some factors – data – that apply to this year’s election cycle.

First, we review the cycle’s correlation to the p[residential election. There are a 16-year Republican and 16-year Democrat election cycle. Since 1904, the Republicans have won all but one election every 16 years. The last was in 2016. Likewise, the Democrats have won all but one election every 16 years starting in 1912. The last was Barack Obama in 2008. That has been the case in 13 of 15 instances, or 85.7%. According to this cycle, the Democrats’ turn will be in 2024.

But what happens in the election that follows the 16-year cycle of each party? Does the incumbent win if he runs again? Does his party win if he doesn’t run? The results are the same. In 13 of 15 cases, the incumbent party won. The only time the incumbent did not win was in 1932 when Herbert Hoover (Republican) was defeated by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and in 1980 when the incumbent Jimmy Carter was defeated by his Republican opponent, Ronald Regan. In both cases, the incumbent lost because the economy was performing poorly. Based on this study, Donald Trump is favored to win (85.7% rate of frequency), especially if voters feel the economy is performing well under his leadership.

Now let’s look at geocosmic correlation to U.S. presidential election results. Jupiter and Saturn conjoin every 20 years and usually close to an election. It happens again on December 21, 2020, which is right between the election and the inauguration. How has it performed as an election indicator for the U.S. since its first correlation in the Election of 1800? There have been 11 elections during the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction cycle since 1800. In 8 of those 11 cases, the incumbent or his party was not re-elected (72.7%). In the other three cases, something strange happened. In 1820, there was no opposition party (only one candidate ran). In another, FDR was allowed to run a third time (1940), which had never happened before or since. In seven of the last 9 cases, the president-elect did not live through his final term. The Jupiter/Saturn election cycle portends something unusual happens with the victor this time too, which is why the Vice-Presidential candidates are so important in 2020.

This Jupiter/Saturn cycle will also represent a change of elements. That is, Jupiter and Saturn will change their conjunction element from earth to air in 2020. They changed elements in 2000 and 1980 too, and before that in 1800, 1820, and 1840. In only one of these elections did the incumbent or his party get re-elected. But that was in 1820 when there was no opposition party running or the office. Thus, the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, especially as it changes elements, favors Joe Biden winning, and the incumbent, Donald Trump, being voted out of office.

There is also a Saturn/Uranus correlation. Saturn and Uranus conjoin every 45 years. Approximately every 11 years (10-12 years, actually) they form a hard aspect to one another. In 13 cases, the hard aspect between Saturn and Uranus was in an “orb of influence” nearby to an election, as it will be this time (Saturn and Uranus form a waning square starting in February 2021). In 11 of those 13 cases (84.6%), the incumbent party lost the election. In all three cases of waning squares (as this one will be), the incumbent lost. This signature favors victory by the Democrats.

In my view, these are the most relevant quantitative studies or correlations regarding this election to past geocosmic and rhythmic cycles. Unfortunately, they are not in agreement with one another. The cycles’ study favors a Republican (incumbent) victory, whereas geocosmic factors favor victory by the opposition party and loss for the incumbent party.

So, which will be correct this time? The study of cycles or geocosmics? It is too bad we do not have a crystal ball because it is not crystal clear if we are basing a forecast on quantitative, objective, studies instead of subjective opinions or interpretation of signs and symbols. Approximately half the people will be happy, and the other half will be disappointed, maybe even angry, with the result. But in either case, eventually (by spring), I think the majority of people will be happy – that the election is over. Until then, this the end of the year 2020, the year of the Grand Conjunctions, an extraordinary and remarkable year, unlike anything we have ever experienced before. It should be no surprise that the election that ends 2020 and begins 2021 will also be extraordinary and remarkable.



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