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Larry Summers, who can credibly claim to have been right from the start (regarding inflation), writes that the Fed’s current policy “is likely to lead to stagflation with … unemployment and inflation both averaging over 5% over the next few years – and ultimately to a major recession.” ­ William A. Galston, “How Will Inflation End?” Wall Street Journal, April 6, 2022. 

Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) is an economic theory that suggests that the government could simply create more money without consequence as it’s the issuer of the currency. – Melanie Lockert, “What is Modern Monetary Theory?”, October 6, 2021. 

It was fun while it lasted. But the party is over, and the punch bowl that had been filled and refilled by proponents of the now discredited Modern Monetary Theory has been emptied.

The passage of the triple conjunction between Venus, Mars, and Saturn, March 29-April 5, had a sobering effect on world stock markets last week. Reality (Saturn) began to sink in that inflation is not going to be subdued without aggressive monetary contraction (higher interest rates, reducing the Fed’s balance sheet).

Furthermore, the Russian war on Ukraine is not going to make the world’s supply chain of needed goods, like energy and food, flow any easier, which in turn exacerbates inflation worldwide. Forecasts of economic growth are fading rapidly, and the possibility of a recession is increasing. Against this backdrop, many world equity prices ended their impressive one-month rally on March 29, as Venus conjoined Saturn, and other indices continued to rally into early last week and then began retreating as Mars conjoined Saturn on April 5. At the same time, transiting Mars touched off the Mercury/Pluto square in the chart of the New York Stock Exchange (founded May 17, 1792) through April 7. In typical Mars/Saturn fashion, financial markets struggled to gain upside momentum the entire week, as the world itself struggled to resolve inflation and war conflicts.

Two markets that did somewhat well last week were Gold and grains. Gold was up a little over $20, and Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat were all higher. But these were not new highs, and may only corrective rallies that reflect both inflation and war worries. Crude Oil, Bitcoin, and Ethereum were also down in a mostly unremarkable week. Actually, last week was notable for Treasuries as the 10-Year U.S. Notes fell below 120 for the first time since December 2018. This is just another sign that liquidity is going to dry up as bank lending is apt to become more restrictive. Cash may soon become king once again as the days of zero interest rates have passed, consistent with the 32-37-year Saturn/Pluto cycle as described in the last two annual Forecast books.


The United Nations General Assembly voted Thursday to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council. The U.N. vote was 93-24, more than the two-thirds majority needed… Evidence is building that Russia’s brutality is deliberate. The atrocities are increasing Western support for more sanctions on Russia and more weapons for Ukraine. – “When Russia Loses the U.N…” Wall Street Journal “Review and Outlook,” April 8, 2022.

“How we respond to Russia’s invasion will define the international order for years to come,” he (British Prime Minister Boris Johnson) said. “We cannot let Putin’s crimes go unpunished.” – Brie Stimson, “Boris Johnson Says German Chancellor is Determined to End Dependence on Russian Energy,” April 8, 2022. 

Last week witnessed the tense Mars/Saturn synodic cycle (conjunction) at 22° Aquarius, and in a square aspect to the Lunar Nodal axis in 24° Taurus/Scorpio. The combination formed a grand square to Pluto in Vladimir Putin’s natal chart at 22° Leo. With Pluto having dominion over such atrocities as coercion, brutality, torture, and murder, it was little wonder that calls for labeling Putin a “war criminal” gained widespread momentum following the images of mass murders of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine. The Kremlin denied these images as “staged” disinformation efforts by the West.

In classical astrology, Mars rules force, and Saturn rules resistance. Together they can indicate a time of immense energy spent trying to force a situation to change that refuses to budge. It can point to a difficult situation that coincides with frustration on both sides. It is offense (Mars) against defense (Saturn), resulting in a standoff.

The pendulum may begin to swing back to confidence this week as the cosmos transitions from the heavy emphasis on Saturn (worry and contraction) to Jupiter (optimism and expansion). This week finds the 14-year synodic (conjunction) cycle of Jupiter and Neptune taking place, in Pisces no less, which is the sign co-ruling both planets. The saying that “hope springs eternal” comes to mind, which means people always hope for the best even in the face of adversity. Without a doubt, there is plenty of adversity facing the world today. With Jupiter, there is always hope. With Neptune, there is also hope, but it works out favorably only if there is also trust, for Neptune (and Pisces) has a tendency to be naïve and vulnerable to deception. Nevertheless, world stock indices tend to perform well when there is the scent of hope.

As often stated in this column, Jupiter in aspect with Neptune can highlight periods of irrational exuberance and euphoria, or hysteria and panic. If the stock markets of the world continue to fall much lower, the hope that was generated in global equity markets for much of March may evaporate into panic in April. But let’s not plan on that, for just as Venus and Mars conjoined Saturn in the last 10 days, we will soon find Venus conjoining Jupiter and Neptune at the end of April. The difference between Saturn and Jupiter is like night and day. Hence, the difference in the psychology of the collective between March 29-April 7 and April 12-30 may be like a meager meal of potatoes versus a fine French cuisine dining adventure. One should make an effort to enjoy life to its fullest these next three weeks if possible.

Of course, with so much Jupiter (abundance) and Neptune in Pisces (water), the days may be filled with rainstorms and floods too, so make sure you have an umbrella (or small boat) on hand. Or for romantics, have a handkerchief in the event that you are moved to an outpouring of tears of compassion over random acts of kindness. Humanity is capable of miraculous expressions of care for one another this month.


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