NOTE: There will be no weekly column this week. In its place, we are sending a section from Forecast 2022 on “JUPITER IN ARIES,” a geocosmic signature that will begin May 10, 2022 and is relevant to today’s events. This was written in October 2021 for Forecast 2022. 


 Whereas Pisces is moist, Aries is fiery. Jupiter in Pisces may correspond with rains and floods, but Jupiter in Aries is more apt to coincide with fires and droughts.

Jupiter will ingress (enter) Aries in two stages. Its first foray into the sign of assertion, aggression, competition, and combat will take place May 20-October 27, 2022, and then a second time December 21, 2022, through May 16, 2023. Aries is the pioneer, exhibiting principles of exploration, venturing into new areas that are just waiting to be discovered, like outer space, or some new business endeavor. With Jupiter, it can be very athletic and competitive, setting about to achieve new records in various aspects of human activity, like sports, debate, and political contests.

With Aries, it is a “win at any cost” mission. We are referring to a “warrior mentality,” a toughness that is completely the opposite of Pisces, the sign it is leaving. One fights for peace, the other fights to win and conquer. The mid-term elections of 2022 are likely to be very combative, with ample displays of bravado and machoism as if to prove who is the strongest, most rugged, most equipped to handle the rigors of being a strong leader or convincing the public that they are strong and brave leaders. The only problem is that the world is just coming out of the Pisces period where it wants empathy to be exhibited. The Aries principle is not concerned with empathy, although with Jupiter there, it can be a good actor if acting will lead to victory, which is really all that matters,

It is therefore not surprising to see conflicts and displays of military aggression flare up in the 12-year period when Jupiter moves from the sign of Pisces to Aries. In the last instance, 2010-2011, the Arab Spring erupted. In 1999, it was the Kargil War between India and Pakistan. In 1987, it was the Iran-Iraq war. In 1975, it was the fall of Saigon and the end to the Viet Nam War, which began during the previous Jupiter-in-Aries trek in 1963. Before that it was the Korean War (1951) and the start of WWII (September 1, 1939). The list goes on.

The transition of Jupiter from Pisces to Aries is usually accompanied by these types of aggressive, military conflicts. Thus, the world may witness yet another serious conflict in 2022-2023 when Jupiter transits from Pisces into Aries. On a positive note, the world may also witness tremendous feats of strength and shows of power, which can result in records being set in a variety of human activities, including sports and further space exploration and missions. It is an exciting time, but also a time that poses a danger due to the application of these principles into war-like behavior in nations that are ruled by machismo and egotistical personalities.

How do we as a collective best deal with this? By rewarding acts of bravery and courage but discouraging acts of aggression that lead to unnecessary and dangerous situations putting human lives at risk only to satisfy some egoistic urge of a deranged world leader or would-be world leader. If we can avoid conflicts being acted out on the world stage by such individuals, the remarkable achievements of pioneers in society and well-trained, gifted athletes can be appreciated. It is a favorable time to be a gifted athlete or competitor. It is not a good time if you are subject to the ego-driven needs of a ruthless personality whose only objective is winning and conquering others at any cost.

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