We had an incredible shock, but look how fast we’re bouncing back,” said Alan Sinai. “We’re in the early stages of recovery and we’ve got three to five years to go. I think we’re going to end up in a boom.” That boom might have a potentially troubling side effect. Inflation, as measured by the consumer-price index, is expected to jump sharply from 1.7% in February when March data is released Tuesday. “It makes it hard for a forecaster because I’ve never seen anything like this ever,” Mr. Sinai said. – Gwynn Guilford and Anthony DeBarros. “Forecasters Brace for Uncharted Liftoff,” Wall Street Journal, April 12, 2021.

Congratulations to those who want higher inflation. You’ve got it. The U.S. has never before pursued government-spending and monetary expansion of this magnitude with a hot economy and the Fed says it will wait for durable inflation to appear before changing. Good luck. “Inflation Arrives. Is it ‘Transitory’?”, Wall Street Journal Opinion page. April 12, 2021.

They came of age just as the twisted pathway to a new, warped version of the American Dream first came into focus, one built not on morality but on money, not on personal freedom but on personal indulgence, not on the promise of a future but on the mouthwatering appetite for the present. – Glenn Stout, “Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid,” as book-reviewed by Edward Kosner in the Wall Street Journal, April 15, 2021.

Another record week for U.S. and other world stock markets as this bullet train keeps humming along at full throttle. The party inside just keeps getting more and more wild amidst the never-ending stream of cash and talk of more stimulus that keeps fueling this record run. You would think the Sun is in Aries. Oops! It is! And along with Mars (ruler of Aries) in Gemini, both of these fiery planets have been in a strong harmonious aspect with Jupiter and each other the last two trading days.

But that changes on Monday when the positive influence of Jove starts to wane, and the Sun (along with Mercury) advances into the steadier and more deliberate sign of Taurus. It is like the rabbit and the turtle. Aries is the hare and Taurus is the tortoise, sometimes also affectionately referred to as a “couch potato” when its mind isn’t focused on working hard or going through a fit of anger. Then the tortoise becomes the bull, and you better get out of its way. It’s not that equity prices will come down hard with the Sun in Taurus. But they may move up in slower steps.

However, this time, those “steps up” might get disrupted as Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, comes into a conjunction with Uranus, a noted disruptor that can cause any organic movement to stumble or break into a heated rush. With Uranus you never know if it is going to be a breakout (it’s already breaking out) or a reversal. But seldom does the market resemble a couch potato under this influence. It will be interesting to see who wins out this week: the earthquake-nature of Uranus or the “pleasurable walk-through the garden” stroll of Venus in Taurus? I think the tortoise may be in for a bit of jolt these next two weeks. Uranus won’t resist the temptation to mess with the fixity of the Taurus mind and create some havoc.


As much as $1 trillion a year in federal taxes may be going unpaid because of errors, fraud, and lack of resources to enforce collections adequately, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told lawmakers Tuesday. The IRS collected more than $3.5 trillion in taxes in the 2019 fiscal year. (The IRS) suggested it could bring in an additional $5 to $7 in revenue for each added dollar spent on enforcement. – John McCormick. “IRS Chief Says Up to $1T a Year in Taxes Could be Unpaid,” Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2021.

Ah, yes. Whenever lawmakers want to divert attention from their wishes to raise taxes, it is not uncommon to see articles like this about the “real problem” being the tax cheaters. It is never about the lawmakers and their acts to spend incredible amounts of the people’s money, and the gigantic increase this will have upon the national debt. It is as if they truly believe that just because interest rates are kept artificially low, there really is no increase in debt. Though interest rates are historically low, current spending is more than “relatively” huge, and the principle still has to be paid back eventually.

Not only is the diversion to “tax cheats” a distraction from the real problem of lawmakers’ unbounded spending spree and the IRS coveting a larger budget, but these kinds of stories always seem to make national headlines when Pluto is activated in the heavens by other planets. Last week was such a week, as both the Sun and Venus formed a waxing square aspect to Pluto (taxes) in Capricorn (government). The subject is likely to continue to be hot news as cold Pluto will turn retrograde, with the Moon in Scorpio, on April 27. Pluto and Scorpio (its ruling sign) have an association with all the fun things in life that get you into real trouble: death, deficits, debt,  taxes, and (thank goodness) sex.

But let’s talk about other subjects that are more pleasurable than taxes and the increase of debt: financial markets, such as currencies, and most notably in the news now, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For this subject, we switch to Uranus, planet of space, technology, and the future. It is now in its 7-year trek through Taurus (2018-2025), and Taurus rules currencies. Uranus rules tech and digital matters, but by sign it also pertains to sectors of the economy and financial markets that exhibit “boom/bust” cycles.

No one can argue against the fact that Bitcoin has been in a “boom” cycle. As recently as March 13, 2020, Bitcoin was trading below $4000. Now it is more than 15 times higher, making new all-time highs above $60,000, with many “experts” calling for $100,000 and even higher, while various central banks (as in China and the U.S.) are looking into creating national digital currencies. And of course, Coinbase, the largest retail seller of crypto currencies, had a very large IPO start last week. This all fits with Venus (ruler of Taurus and hence another ‘currency” related planet) conjunct Uranus (digital) in Taurus (sign of money), which is approaching April 22. Following that, the Sun in Taurus will also conjoin Uranus on April 30. That is why the tortoise may be in for a bit of a jolt.

Some financial astrologers are attributing the vertical rise in Bitcoin (and other cryptos) to the transit of Uranus making a trine aspect to the Sun in the first trade chart of Bitcoin, which took place back on January 3, 2009. I think it has more to do with Uranus simply transiting through Taurus, where examples of boom/bust patterns related to the sign of the Uranus transit are in abundance. Unfortunately, we have no prior history of transiting Uranus making a trine to the Sun in the Bitcoin chart. This is a first.

As to the question of whether Bitcoin will soon have a “bust” to its “boom,” both methods of analysis suggest the possibility. A “bust” signature is a hard aspect involving the transit of Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto to a natal or founding chart’s Venus or Jupiter, and possibly Saturn. Transiting Pluto, the taker of life force and ferryman of the underworld, will conjoin Jupiter in Bitcoin’s founding chart in 2023-2024. Uranus will square Venus in 2025-2026. Can Bitcoin keep soaring that long?  Maybe not.

Bitcoin was “born” in 2009, at the height of the world stock market crash and Great Recession, when Saturn was in opposition to Uranus. Saturn in a hard aspect to Uranus can also be considered a “crash” signature. And right now, the next quarter cycle of Saturn/Uranus is unfolding. This is the waning square, taking place three times between February 17-December 24, 2021. Interestingly enough, Neptune is transiting over this opposition It is conjunct to BTC’s Uranus and in opposition to its Saturn. Neptune is euphoria, and certainly this is a time of euphoria for Bitcoin. But aspects involving Saturn/Uranus can also highlight a time of an abrupt trend change. It can happen in a flash, crash, hack, or computer malfunction. So, right now, Bitcoin is in a year that could portend both euphoria and a sudden disturbance. It may be in a “boom” that is  readying for a “bust” even before Uranus finishes its trine to Bitcoin’s natal Sun next year.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts. But never forget the law of gravity: whatever goes up must come down, and the higher it goes, the harder it falls. It’s kind of like the concept of “pride” and the “cycle of life.” This is a time when those who are overconfident in their judgments or boastful about their successes may experience the jolt of Uranus. From rabbit stew and turtle soup we get served humble pie.

And the best teacher of humility is the markets. Expect the unexpected – in a flash, these next two weeks.


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