“Market narrative may thus turn more cautious, as concerns about peaking growth rates, delta variant and policy mistakes may prove headwinds, at a time when seasonality and technicals are unfavorable.” – Barclays equity strategists, “Dow Rebounds 200 Points But Closes out a Losing Week,”, August 20, 2021.

A magnitude 7.2 earthquake violently shook Haiti on Saturday morning, a devastating blow to an impoverished country reeling from a presidential assassination last month and still recovering from a disastrous quake more than 11 years ago. “Strong Earthquake Rocks Haiti, Killing Hundreds,” New York Times, August 18, 2021.

August 110 finds the Sun in Leo forming a T-square now to the Saturn/Uranus square, forming yet another fixed T-square. This implies more disturbances, unexpected events and disruptions, and possible difficulties caused by inclement weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, high winds, earthquakes, electrical failures, disruptions in the internet, and terrorist activities). Yet another round of unexpected events and disruptions follow when Uranus turns retrograde on August 19 (ET), followed by the Sun/Jupiter opposition the next day, August 20. Within a week of this period, Mother Nature may hemorrhage, as these are very powerful reversal signatures for global stock markets. – Raymond Merriman, Forecast 2021, page 160.

It was a typical Uranus atypical week for financial markets and global geopolitical miscues.

We are right in the midst of the most spectacular celestial display of the year as the visible full moon commences Saturday-Sunday evening conjunct Jupiter. This is just two days after the powerful Uranus retrograde and Sun/Jupiter opposition of August 19-20. And what happened on August 19 as these two cosmic powerhouses converged? The U.S. and other world stock indices abruptly ended a sharp decline following their new all-time highs on Monday, August 16. And they commenced this reversal at a time when financial and political leaders were extremely disappointed (and bearish) following the Taliban’s rapid takeover of Afghanistan and the lack of preparation in adequately handling this event on the past of the U.S.

It didn’t help that another wave of COVID-19 is accelerating throughout the world, which has central banks and government leaders worried about the possibility of another economic downturn. The week was further depressed with the devastating earthquake followed by yet another humanitarian crisis in Haiti last Saturday, August 14. Still, most global equity markets found a bottom by Thursday and began a sharp rally. However, that was not the case in Brazil, Hong Kong, and Japan where stock markets fell all week and closed at their lowest levels in several months.

It was also a difficult week for Crude Oil and Silver. In the case of the former, prices dropped to 61.82 on Friday, their lowest level since April. One month ago, Crude Oil was trading as high as 76.98. Today it is 25% lower. One has to wonder if the Sun/Jupiter opposition might coincide with a low here too, for Jupiter is the co-ruler of Crude Oil.

The week held a much better fortune for holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is now testing the $50,000 mark, well off its recent low of 28,800 recorded on June 22 when Mercury turned direct. Jupiter and Neptune also changed directions that week. This past week, Uranus changed directions. When planets change directions, so do many financial markets.


“The likelihood there is going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country (of Afghanistan) is highly unlikely. There’s going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy.” Joe Biden, last month, “Biden Broke Our Taliban Deal,” by Mike Pence, Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2021.

Joe Biden became Jimmy Carter on Sunday. On Monday he confirmed it in a speech doubling down on the decision that has given us the debacle unfolding in Afghanistan. –William McGurn, “All the President’s Weaknesses,” Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2021.

The purpose of this column is to provide education on the correlation of geocosmic signatures to mundane events and financial markets. Last week was classical Mundane Astrology in action – again.

I say “again,” because this column has often cited the similarity of 2021 to 1976, and of Jimmy Carter to Joe Biden, based on the 45-year Saturn/Uranus cycle. It was 45 years ago when the last waning square between these two important outer planets unfolded. It was in 1976 that Carter won the presidential election, following the resignation (in disgrace) of Republican president Richard Nixon shortly before.

As his term began, Carter was popular, and the economy enjoyed a surge of prosperity (just like Biden’s first months in office). But at the same time, inflation began to raise its ugly head and no one wanted to believe it (just like Biden). A couple of years into his term, Iran’s rulership was overturned and American civilians were taken hostage. Carter tried to rescue them – withdraw them from Iran – but failed miserably (sound familiar?). American global leadership, both militarily and economically, started to falter and along with that, so did the faith of Americans in their leadership – again. By the end of his term in 1980, inflation and interest rates were near 20% and the nation was in the midst of rolling recessions, its global reputation severely damaged.

Now, 45 years later, with Saturn and Uranus in their first waning square aspect since that time, it seems like 1976-77 all over again.

There is more to this story in 2021. There are more powerful correlations I addition to Saturn in a waning square to Uranus. For example, Pluto is transiting to the Moon in the founding chart of the United States (July 2, 1776) at 25° Capricorn.

Pluto represents transformation and upheaval. The Moon represents the mood of the population and this in turn affects the popularity of the nation’s leadership. The Moon rules Cancer, which is where the U.S. Sun is located. Thus, the Moon is the depositor of the Sun, which means those who are ruled by the Sun, such as the President, are also affected by the transit of Pluto to the Moon. Biden’s popularity just went south as a result of his (mis)handling of the withdrawal enacted in Afghanistan without anticipating what the lack of a well-thought-out plan would have on the matter. In other words, he revealed that his f competence and understanding of consequences is not on the level of Franklin Roosevelt, as his admirers (and himself) think. It is more along the lines of Jimmy Carter, and arguably much short of that. At least no one doubted Carter’s intelligence.

The astrological lessons related to the U.S. don’t end here. Mars at 19° Gemini squares Neptune at 22° Virgo in the July 2, 1776 chart. Transiting Neptune is currently retrograde at 22° Pisces, making a T-square to the natal Mars/Neptune square. Mars rules a nation’s military might. Neptune pertains to weakness and loss of power (amongst other things that are positive too, like caring and empathy). It also concerns mixed messages such as saying you are responsible – “the buck stops with me” – but then casting blame upon others, like the victims of the tragedy. On top of that, the military lost possession of its equipment and weapons to the Taliban, another example of Neptune’s penchant for lack of discipline and a clear strategy. With Neptune, one often forgets the things that are important. Critical matters become lost in a fog and good judgement is lacking due to missing clear signs that are right in front of you and obvious to everyone else. Yes, everyone wanted this war to end. But no one wanted it to end like this.

Finally, we can look at President Biden’s chart and see how this series of questionable decisions could end his popularity. Transiting Pluto is not only conjunct the U.S. Moon in the July 2, 1776 chart, but it is also in opposition to Biden’s natal Jupiter at 25° Cancer. Jupiter is the ruler of his chart, for it rules Sagittarius, his ascendant. We have often stated in this column that no one escapes unscathed when Pluto makes a hard aspect to a critical natal placement. There is nothing more critical in astrology than one’s ruling planet.

This is not going to go away quickly as Mr. Biden and his advisors might wish. With Pluto, the wound doesn’t heal fast. It is not like a one-off where the pain quickly ends and we get right back to “business as usual.” A Pluto transit is more like the beginning of an incubation period. The only way it heals is with surrender, not defiance and insistence that “I am right and I believe this with all my heart.” Pluto doesn’t care about being right. The only way past Pluto is through redemption. Transformation  and healing take place only when one surrenders his/her ego and starts over as a reborn person who has truly learned from his/her mistakes. And lest anyone think I am being politically biased or partisan, Donald Trump is also going through a Pluto transit, and has been since just before the election. He has natal Saturn and Venus at 23° and 25° Cancer, right with Biden’s Jupiter. Both men will bear criticism for what happened in Afghanistan. It isn’t surprising that each is blaming the other, and until that behavior reverses, both will bear the brunt of Pluto’s disdain for lack of humility in favor of defending their fatal miscalculations.

How this will affect financial markets remains to be seen. But with Saturn square Uranus, momentum can reverse suddenly. We’ve already experienced abrupt reversals in financial markets several times this year, in short order. Last week was just another example. That’s likely to continue all year, as long as the Saturn/Uranus square remains in its central time band.

For this week, we find Mars trine Uranus and Venus trine Saturn on August 22 and 23 respectively. This may help the recovery process in many stock indices and financial markets into the next weekend’s holiday (Labor Day in the U.S.). But it is all part of the Uranus retrograde and Sun/Jupiter opposition period, which are even stronger geocosmic correlations to market reversals. With trine aspects, there is may be a window of some good news and a reduction of the tensions associated with Uranus turning retrograde. With the Sun leaving the party sign of Leo for the working sign of Virgo, it is time to start focusing on career goals, work assignments, and developing well-thought out strategies for trading as well as helping those in need. It is time to be a humanitarian and exhibit care for others who suffer or are in harm’s way, not due to any cause of their own.


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