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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell indicated Friday that the central bank is likely to begin withdrawing some of its easy-money policies before the end of the year, though he still sees interest rate hikes off in the distance. – Jeff Cox, “Powell Sees Taper by the End of the Year,”, August 27, 2021. 

“South Korea became the first developed economy in Asia to raise interest rates since the beginning of the pandemic, a signal that policy makers see rising household debt and inflation as bigger threats to the economy than the resurgence of COVID-19 driven by the Delta variant…. The record household borrowing came amid a rapid surge in housing prices during the pandemic like many other parts of the world.– Stella Yifan Xie, and Dasal Yoon, “South Korea Raises Rates Amid Rising Inflation, Debt,” Wall Street Journal, August 27, 2021.

Many world stock indices continued their rallies last week following lows of August 19-20. However, the rallies were not even across the globe, and they were not without concerns given the dangerous situation revolving around the miscalculated Afghanistan withdrawal process, increased cases of the Delta variant of COVID-19 prompting communities and countries to enter into lockdown again, and the onslaught of hurricanes and floods causing death and great property damage. Still, liquidity is extremely high and much of the monies continue to find their way into the stock markets of the world.

In Europe, the Netherlands AEX made yet another new all-time high on Friday, August 27. But the all-time highs in the DAX and SMI, plus the post-pandemic-crash highs in the FTSE, remain intact as of August 13, two weeks earlier. This is still a developing case of bearish intermarket divergence.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, India’s Nifty Index rallied to another new all-time high too on Friday, August 27. China’s Shanghai Composite rallied to 3540 on Wednesday, August 25, for a double top to its cycle high of 3544 made on August 13. But the Australian ASX, Japan Nikkei, and Hang Seng of Hong Kong have not recovered all that well from their lows of August 19-20. Intermarket bearish divergence is already alive and well in this region.

Bearish divergence is also still present in the United Stated where both the S&P and NASDAQ made new all-time highs on Friday, August 27, but the DJIA is still below its all-time high of August 16. In all, last week was a case of climbing another wall of worry (actually, several walls), but its lumbering ahead erratically as the Saturn/Uranus square continues to coincide with one disrupted and unexpected event after another. Breaks from serious concerns never seem to last long. But that’s how Uranus likes it. Planning is not part of the allowance. You make a plan and you better also make a “Plan B.”

Gold had a good week, soaring to 1821.90 on Friday, up sharply to its highest level since that huge sell= off to 1677.90 on August 9. Silver made a dive to 22.83 last week on our three-star critical reversal date (CRD) of August 20. That was a retest to its low of 22.29 made on August 9. But on Friday, it rallied back above 24.00 for the first time since the crash of August 9.

Bitcoin also made a new post-crash high on our three-star CRD which was still in force on Monday August 23. It rallied above 50,000 for the first time since early May, when it started its collapse to under 30,000 by June 22. It couldn’t hold the 50,000 mark and began a pullback of nearly 10%.

Crude was a star again. After completing its important low of 61.74 on Monday, August 23 (that 3-star CRD again), it was back above 69.00 by Friday, a gain of over 11% just four days.


“A Democratic foreign policy would empower experts to plan post-conflict reconstruction ahead of time, not on the fly.” – Joe Biden, “A Democratic Foreign Policy,” Wall Street Journal, September 9, 2004. 

Perspective. It is something that is often missing during a hard aspect between Mars and Neptune. And that is what is looming ahead on Thursday, September 2, followed by Venus square Pluto on September 6. These two geocosmic signatures not only have a strong correspondence to market reversals (especially in energy, currency, and interest-rate related markets), but they also provide insight into what is happening in the world today, and what we might continue to see this week.

First, Mars in Virgo in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect deserves special attention because it sets off the USA’s own Mars/Neptune square in 19-22 degrees of Gemini and Virgo. Those who study astrology will recognize this as a “mutable T-square” configuration, with transiting Mars on the USA’s Neptune, and transiting Neptune in opposition to the USA’s Neptune. There is a whole lot of Mars and Neptune going on, and the peace-seeking and introverted qualities of Neptune are being agitated by the fiery demands of Mars. The god of war and in-your-face confrontation wants action. You would think being in Virgo, Mars would have a well-drawn up strategy for action, for Virgo rules details. But Neptune in Pisces would rather deal in abstracts and “faith.” It is not designed to work out details. After all, if the intentions are good, everything should work out well in the end, right? That’s what faith is about. But both Neptune and mutable signs can also seem very confused and unclear as multiple crises erupt at once, and there is no easy resolution to the several uncertainties that hover over the moment.

For an example of current events, the intention was to withdraw peacefully from Afghanistan and have faith that others you depend upon would do the job to make sure that happened. But what if they didn’t and don’t? Then catastrophes happen and the finger-pointing begins. Neptune has to find a scapegoat or risk being the scapegoat. The vision of what should have happened blows up in smoke (perfect symbol for Mars/Neptune) and other people get hurt and angry. They demand your resignation for lack of strategy and foresight.

This can be a dangerous mixture of planetary energies, as the world is witnessing. Mars is the principle of aggression and even defiance (“No one should dictate to us. We are the USA”). Neptune contains the principles of withdrawal, passivity, and even denial (“I am absolutely convinced that I did the right thing and other people let me down”). Together, they provide conflicting narratives as to what is really true and what the right course of action should be now.

Not only is this combination potentially dangerous, but it hasn’t even reached its full comic potential yet. The opposition isn’t exact until Thursday, meaning it is still an “applying” aspect. It’s only growing stronger, which is to say the main actors are losing control, and the demands for a burning at the stake aren’t likely to subside over the weekend. In other words, this combination can be highly irrational (Neptune), and a balanced perspective of what happened and what must be done (Mars) is lacking. In the meantime, the threat to human lives could escalate this week as we approach both the August 31 deadline for withdrawal and the September 2 peak of the Mars/Neptune opposition activating the USA natal Mars/Neptune square. Any disappointments (Neptune and squares) could be reflected in world stock indices going into this period, or shortly thereafter.

The second major aspect looming ahead is Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is strong in Libra, its ruling sign. It wants an agreement as long as it is fair and balanced for all parties. Venus rules both love (relationships, partnering, allies) and money. Pluto rules the 4 D’s: deficits, debt, default, and downgrade. It also rules taxes and rejections. The U.S. government is overdue for the passage of its debt ceiling limit to be increased and is living on borrowed time before its coffers run dry. A showdown between the party that wants to borrow trillions of more dollars versus the party that believes this direction is fiscally careless and will lead to major financial burdens for future generations is due to get more contentious as Venus approaches its square to Pluto. It doesn’t help that this is the period of the USA’s Pluto return occurring every 248 years +/- 3 years. The 4 D’s are inching closer and closer with every hard aspect made to transiting Pluto now through 2024 and are likely to affect the status of the U.S. Dollar.

It is also a concern that transiting Pluto is in opposition to President Biden’s natal Jupiter in his 8th house of OPM (other people’s money). With Jupiter also Biden’s ruling planet (he has Sagittarius rising), this is an extremely critical time for his legacy. As stated many times in past columns, no one escapes unscathed under a transiting Pluto in hard aspect to an important natal position. In this author’s opinion, nothing is as astrologically important as one’s ruling planet in deciphering the path of one’s life.

Yes, it all sounds a bit dreadful. All the outer planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in hard aspects usually coincide with a sense of foreboding and anxiety amidst intense conflicts. But the cosmic conditions only describe the conditions and challenges we are confronted with, and not necessarily the results. The outcome of even the most challenging geocosmic signatures can also coincide with the most important decisions one makes in life. The decision-making process can be stressful. It usually is stressful for most. I am sure this is a very trying period for President Biden. But the results can be surprising. Matters can turn out favorably if one seriously considers all the consequences of actions that could be taken. When these options are well-thought out, the “right” decision is usually apparent. And when taken, the turn in one’s path is often looked back upon as one of the “best decisions” made in life.


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