NOTE: There will be no report next week as we take a holiday break and wish everyone a happy holiday season and a prosperous and successful New Year! We had considered posting the Star of Bethlehem story again, but we did that last year under the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, which was probably the real Star of Bethlehem that appeared, then disappeared, then reappeared in 7 BC, consistent with the retrograde patterns of Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces that year, especially during the sun signs of Leo, Virgo, and Libra when the “star” in Pisces would be its brightest in the night sky. We will reprint this story every five years.

The Labor Department said Tuesday that its producer price index rose 9.6% in November from the month earlier, the most since records began in 2010. – Gwenn Guilford, “Producer Prices Surged in November,” Wall Street Journal, December 15, 2021.

“Changes in the general level of prices have always excited great interest. Obscure in origin, they exert a profound and far-reaching influence on the whole economic and social life of a country.” – Economist Knot Wicksell in 1898, as quoted by Kevin Warsh, former member of the Federal Reserve Board, “The Fed is the Main Inflation Culprit,” Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2021.

The Senate passed a measure raising the government’s borrowing limit to $2.5 trillion.–  Andrew Duehren, “Senate Approves Measure to Raise Borrowing,” Wall Street Journal, December 15, 2021.

This is the weekend that the important 19-month Venus retrograde cycle unfolds. With an orb of up to 12 days, this is one of the strongest geocosmic correlates to the culmination of primary cycles in U.S. stock indices that we have uncovered in our research of daily DJIA prices going back to 1928.

Last week was not a very good week for stock indices. It is true that the nearby S&P 500 futures index made a new all-time high of 4752.50 early Thursday, December 16 (4743.25 in March). So did the Zurich SMI. The other markets did not. By the end of the week – the next trading day – the S&P was over 100 points lower. Other markets were making secondary highs by the middle of last week, only to collapse into Friday. China’s Shanghai Composite, for instance, was nearing its highest mark in six years on Monday, December 13, but then fell the rest of the week.

However, the scenario was almost exactly the opposite in Gold and Silver, which completed important cycle and multi-week lows on Wednesday, December 15, then rallied sharply into Friday. Gold bottomed at 1753, probably its primary cycle low and just three trading days before Venus turns retrograde. Then, on Friday, two days later, it reached 1815, its highest price since November 26. Silver futures fell to 21.41 on the same day, December 15, which is the same price at which the primary cycle began on September 29 and the lowest level since July 2020. By Friday, only two days later, it was as high as 22.69. With this surge of inflation, precious metals may be returning to their historic “safe haven” status against rising consumer and producer prices.


Wallace’s work angered both conservatives and liberals. The Trump interview bruised the fragile feelings of the former president and his supporters who accused Wallace of being against Trump. And Trump’s detractors thought Wallace was a hero. Wallace was neither. “It’s silly,” Wallace, who came to Fox News from ABC in 2003, said of the reaction. “I’m not advocating a point of view. I’m simply trying to act as an umpire and call balls and strikes and, particularly if it’s a factual matter, to say, well that’s just not true. I don’t see that, frankly, as expressing an opinion or commenting.” – Bill Goodykoontz, “Chris Wallace is Leaving Fox News for CNN+. That’s Huge,” Arizona Republic, December 15, 2021.

This Venus retrograde cycle may be more important than usual because it also happens so close to the longest planetary cycle in effect in 2021: the powerful 11.25-year quarter cycle of Saturn and Uranus, known as a waning square, that also takes place next week, on December 24. Adding to the intensity of this cosmic set up, Venus will be in conjunction with Pluto, exact on December 11 and 25.

With this cosmic arrangement, financial markets are not only primed to reverse as did the S&P and precious metals last week, but strategic alliances may also be tested on the geopolitical front, for Venus rules both money and partnerships. On the money side, both economic and governmental policies may be seriously challenged, even endangered, in the coming weeks, if not days. Will world leaders be up for this challenge?

On the human and partnership side of Venus, will each of us, as individuals, be up to the challenge of realizing our shared common sense identity and purpose as part of the greater and more inclusive human race, or will we continue to be segregated by extremist thoughts that divide and exploit us based on our physical, anatomical, racial, nationalistic, and other differences? This is the challenge and opportunity presented not only by Venus retrograde, but also by Saturn (form) square (challenge) to Uranus (uniqueness versus sameness, diversity within oneness). We are all different, yet we all share a common purpose as part of the same race – the human race – that has guardianship over the well-being of this planet which sustains our existence, as long as we take that responsibility to one another and this planet seriously. But then, everyone with an ounce of common sense knows this. The only problem is that if you express such common sense thoughts, you will probably get the same reaction Chris Wallace received throughout his career for exhibiting his common sense approach towards interviews.

Now, let’s return to the more basic purpose of this column, which is to analyze the correlation of financial markets to movements and patterns that are unfolding in the cosmos. For after all, our work is based on the principle that cycles in the cosmos correlate with cycles in human activity. And Venus retrograde, December 19-January 29, is one of the most important of these correlations in regard to reversals, not only in financial markets, but as well in economic and banking activities.

In the current case, I think this Venus retrograde, which conjoins Pluto, combined with the final exact passage of Saturn square Uranus, will be the dawn of the realization by the masses that the monetary and fiscal miscalculations (or intentional neglect) by both leaders in banking and government are going to result in a serious economic slowdown, even a recession, possibly in 2022. We are not only entering a period of inflation, but this will likely soon turn into an environment of stagflation where growth slows as price increases remain relatively too high. In time, combined with the Fed’s new policy to shrink liquidity (i.e., stop their monthly purchases of treasuries known as “tapering”), this will not bode well for either the world economy or world stock indices, which have soared to new all-time highs under Saturn square Uranus, February 17-December 24, 2021. That cosmic cycle is about to end, and with it, possibly the easy-money support (i.e., abundance of liquidity) that has led to this huge asset inflation that is now expanding into rising costs of producer and consumer goods.

We are on the verge of moving out of the heavy Cardinal Climax period of Pluto in Capricorn, when all this monetary and fiscal stimulus activity began in 2008. We are also on the verge of Jupiter ingressing into Pisces (December 29, 2021-May 10, 2022) and headed toward the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12, 2022. This cosmic shift actually started in May 2021 upon Jupiter’s first foray into Pisces for about 10 weeks. Inflation started to rise then, but no one paid it much attention, least of all the Fed and the White House, which still purports the belief (rather, hope) that it is transitory, but can no longer project an end date as to what “transitory” actually means. This meaningless undefined designation is very Neptunian and Piscean in its own right because one could very well say that everything is really “transitory.” Life itself, for that matter, is “transitory.” And so is every bull market in every financial category.

You may want to believe the bull market since 2009 will never end, but do not be surprised if that belief is shattered during this Venus retrograde time as it conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. Why? Because with Venus turning retrograde, conjunct Pluto, December 11-25, people will change their minds and world leaders in both banking and government will also change their narrative concerning the importance of inflation and its threat to economic stability. People may very well start to become frightened as they realize the mistakes these leaders have made in their incorrect assumptions about the consequences of their policies, which of course they will not openly admit. They will blame others for the turn of the tide that apparently no one other than Senator Joe Manchin had the chops to forecast honestly and accurately, for which he was roundly condemned by his own party as a traitor or obstructionist, and unbelievably, still is. Joe Manchin and Chris Wallace share something in common, and it is common sense, a quality that has sorely been lacking in the past several years, but which may start to regain its importance and value in society as Jupiter and Saturn are in the early stages of their waxing relationship, a 10-year period that favors the position of moderation and diminishes the tolerance for extremism, the latter of which is the nature of Saturn square Uranus, and especially Uranus.

But let’s get back to Jupiter about to ingress into Pisces, during the same period that Venus is retrograde conjunct Pluto, and Saturn makes its final waning square to Uranus. This is big cosmic stuff. It is all taking place in the next 12 days. Jupiter, which briefly entered Pisces May 13-July 28, 2021, returns again December 29, 2021 through May 10, 2022. This is a switch from prices struggling to get to 2% inflation prior to May 2021, to the possibility that inflation will now be in double digits by spring 2022. It doesn’t take rocket science to look back in history and see what effect a trend of sharply higher prices has had on commodities like Gold and Silver. It could possibly do the same in cryptocurrencies too.

Everything goes up in price, except stocks and treasuries. Until they don’t any longer. And when the rise stops, prices come down just as hard as they rose. This is the nature of Jupiter (expansion, inflation), in Pisces headed towards Neptune (lack of controls and belief that the sky is the limit). In reality and the study of geocosmics, Earth and Saturn are the limits. We will see those limits to Jupiter and Neptune when Saturn enters Pisces in 2023.

Until then, you may want to consider adjusting your long-term portfolio composition now. On a personal note, it may also be time to re-evaluate your own personal relationships and make necessary adjustments if they are starting to turn against your goals and wishes. Maybe it is time to get back to the qualities that attracted you to one another in the first place, if either party has drifted away from those values you once shared so passionately. The passion is still there if you both want to make it work. 


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