PLEASE NOTE: There will be no weekly column next week. On behalf of everyone at MMA, we wish you a happy holiday season and a healthy and prosperous New Year!


The stock market appears set on rising into 2021 — a year expected to see some return to normalcy, above trend economic growth, and a higher stock market, according to Wall Street strategists. Those in CNBC’s survey expect an average 2021 year-end target of 4,056, or about a 9.5% gain from current levels… Vaccines are expected to liberate individuals from pandemic restrictions and in turn, free the economy as 2021 progresses. Work from home should shift back to work at the office – Patti Domm, “Wall Street Strategists See Stocks Gaining 9% in 2021”,, December 18, 2020.

The one problem with the above quote is that Jupiter and Saturn are conjoining one another, and both will square Uranus in the next two months. Nothing goes quite as expected when Uranus is in the house. And with Jupiter involved, it tends to go way off the expected course.

However, last week was a prime example of how powerful heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius can be (December 9-20). Oh, the Trickster Mercury was later than usual in his ploy to goose certain markets to exaggerated heights, but he showed up after all last week in Bitcoin, which soared to a new all-time high. Crude Oil, Soybeans, and currencies soared to new post-crash highs. Gold and Silver reversed and scored new multi-week highs. All had stellar performances last week. Now let’s see what happens this week as the roadrunner crosses over the boundary to Capricorn, which tends to be a little less exaggerative than Sagittarius. Further brakes may be applied given that Saturn (the brakes) will conjoin Jupiter (the gas pedal) on Monday.

Stock markets were positive for much of last week, with new all-time intraday highs being recorded in all the indices we track (DJIA, NASDAQ, and S&P). It was the same elsewhere. In Europe, the German DAX index is testing its all-time high and the AEX is making a new post-crash high. Its lagging in the London FTSE and Zurich SMI indices. In the Far East, India’s NIFTY is making new all-time highs and the Australian ASX is at a new post-crash high. Japan’s Nikkei made a new 29-year high the prior week and is still close to it. But China and Hong Kong are lagging. Brazil’s Bovespa is knocking on the door too, very close to a new all-time high.

Everything looks great as we leave the Sagittarius zone next week. And then a cosmic shift begins to take place as the season of Capricorn begins and Jupiter advances to the other side of Saturn, with both on their way to square Uranus over the next two months. Nothing goes quite as expected.




Even though we are entering the crux of the holiday season and market volume is apt to be light, there are several geocosmic signatures of importance that will be occurring. In fact, this begins a two-month period of long-term (outer) planetary cycles that are the most significant since March 16-April 4, 2020, which was the peak of the market panic surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. It does not escape our attention as we enter this critical December 17-February 17 geocosmic period that the second wave of COVID-19 is coinciding with another period of hysteria regarding both the health and economic threat to the nation, to the world. So far, it hasn’t adversely affected world equity markets, which continue to perform well following their panic low of March 16-23, 2020 when several lost 30-40% of their value in just one month. We cannot rule out the possibility of something similar occurring again between now and March, based solely on these cosmic cycles.

Let’s make the list of these stellar dates ahead (and which have already started last week).

December 17: Saturn leaves Capricorn after three years and enters Aquarius for the next three

December 19: Jupiter leaves Capricorn after one year and enters Aquarius for the next year

December 21: Winter solstice and the 20-year conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (0° Aquarius)

January 17, 2021: Jupiter square Uranus (quarter cycle of its 14-year synodic cycle)

February 17, 2021: First passages of Saturn square Uranus, the quarter cycle of its 45-year synodic cycle

It is interesting that the midpoint is January 17 when Jupiter squares Uranus. Jupiter/Uranus aspects have the highest correlation to primary or greater cycles of all planetary combinations according to our studies reported in The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles. We need to focus on this period for other reasons too. Uranus turns direct on January 14 and Mars will conjoin Uranus, square Jupiter, on January 2021, followed by the Sun conjoining Jupiter and Saturn, square Uranus, January 24-29. In the study of Astrology, Jupiter rules “exaggeration” and Uranus pertains to “disruptions” and sudden, unpredictable developments that often coincide with a breakage of boundaries,  rules, laws, or support/resistance in markets. It’s hacking too, which is already a big problem in the U.S. security systems as reported last week.

As one can see, there are several Uranus signatures occurring January 14-29, and it is the midway point of three outer planet aspects, each relating to cycles of over 14 years in their periodicities. This may be a time of incredible inspiration (the positive side of Uranus), and/or unbelievable instability, disruption, and violation of norms. Financial markets may explode to new all-time highs, or investors may panic, and markets could (not necessarily “will”) plunge sharply. With Uranus, you never know until you get there. And then the key is to adjust quickly and not stubbornly hold onto beliefs that are no longer valid, and no longer work.




Change lasts when it comes through inspiration, not accusation. – Peggy Noonan, “Mrs. Smith’s Tips for New Lawmakers,” Wall Street Journal, December 12-13, 2020.

One of our readers inquired about the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and the “Star of Bethlehem.” It is an appropriate question, especially since Jupiter and Saturn stunningly appear together in the evening skies now, as we approach the winter solstice and the Christmas holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus, the “savior of mankind,” according to Christian scriptures.

The famed “Star of Bethlehem” was likely a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Pisces. It occurred three times in 7 BC: May 29, September 30, and December 5. Pisces is the sign of the fish, a symbol of Christianity, and it represents spiritual awakening and caring for the suffering of others. The “Wise Men” were also known as the Magi. They were astrologers who knew the meaning of the “bright star”  – the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. First they saw the star, then it disappeared, and then it returned again and led them to Bethlehem, which had been identified in the Old Testament as the place where the “savior” would be born. Seeing the star, then having it disappear, then reappear again, is normal in a three-passage series of outer planet conjunctions.

However, it is unlikely that the birth took place on December 25, for it was past the time of the three conjunctions, and shepherds would not be watching the sheep at night during that season of the year. It is also unlikely that the birth took place after 4 BC, for King Harod died in 4 BC. The birth had to take place before he died, for he was the king who declared a tax on the people and that’s why Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem. So, Jesus was not likely a Capricorn born on December 25 and in the year of the common era (0 BC).

More likely, as I see it, Jesus was a Virgo, or possibly a Leo or Libra. Why? Because Jupiter/Saturn would be the “brightest star”  in the evening sky when opposite the Sun. The Sun would be opposite Pisces (Jupiter and Saturn) in Virgo, thus creating such a very bright star. Next to Virgo is Leo and Libra, which could also coincide with a “”bright star” at night with Jupiter and Saturn in Pisces.

It is said that Jesus was “born in a manger.” The Magi, or astrologers of that time, were very aware of fixed stars. There is a fixed star in the constellation of Cancer (home) known as Praesaepe (M44), or “The Beehive” or “The Manger.” The Moon (also symbolizing “home” or “mother,” as it is the ruler of Cancer) was in this degree of the zodiac on September 18, 7 BC.

So, the Magi, through their knowledge of astrology, knew the location and they knew the approximate time when the child would be born. And thus goes the story of the birth of Jesus from one astrological point of view. Of course, there is no documentation to verify this story as factual. But it does make for a good astrological Christmas story.

And here we are again, on the verge of another Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, this time in Aquarius for the first time in over 600 years. It is the beginning of what astrologer call the “air epoch,” for it will now take place every 20 years in an air sign for the next 140 years. Pisces is the symbol for the spiritual and religious path, and is the perfect sign symbolizing the birth of Christianity (as well as other religions that emerged near the same time).

The conjunction in 7 BC was also near the start of the “Age of Pisces.” Every 2160 years the “precession of the equinoxes” changes signs as a “New Age” begins. We are now heading to the start of the “Age of Aquarius,” and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on Monday, December 21, takes place at 0° Aquarius. The Age of Pisces brought forth a savior who taught the importance of peace and love for one another, perfect Piscean values. Aquarius, on the other hand, is more worldly-oriented. It is a symbol of mankind, the masses of the world, but it more scientific and technology-based than Pisces. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, known as “The Great Chronocrator,” has been looked upon in the past as a sign foretelling the emergence of new world leaders, and a shift in the arc of human destiny. Thus, to those who look to the heavens for guidance and who understand the relationship between cycles in human activity to cycles in the cosmos, this is an important time in the evolution of humanity.

With these thoughts in mind, may you have a happy holiday season, and we will next see you on the “other side” of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, as we leave Capricorn (past) for Aquarius (future). It is the start of a new cosmic new era.




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