The U.S. housing market suffered the biggest drop in value since 2008 as home prices came crashing down. According to a new report from real estate brokerage firm Redfin, the total value of U.S. homes tumbled from a record high of $47.7 trillion in June 2022 to $45.3 trillion at the end of the year — a decline of $2.3 trillion, or 4.9%. It marks the biggest drop in percentage terms since the 2008 financial crisis, when home values plunged by 5.8% from June to December.  – Megan Henney, “US housing market sees $2.3T drop in value, biggest since 2008,” February 24, 2023.

The Federal Reserve is unlikely to be able to bring down inflation without having to raise interest rates considerably higher, causing a recession, according to a research paper released Friday. Former Fed Governor Frederic Mishkin is among the authors of the white paper that examines the history of central bank efforts to create disinflation. – Jeff Cox, Fed can’t tame inflation without ‘significantly’ more hikes that will cause a recession, paper says,”, February 24, 2023 

And now the Sun is into Pisces. And so is Neptune, with Saturn headed there too next week.

What’s so special about the season of Pisces? Well, it is the sign of hopes and wishes, romance and infatuation. It often coincides with stock market euphoria. But when the hopes and wishes are dashed, traders (and romantics) fall out of love with their illusions about reality (like the interest rate future), and instead, panic and hysteria can set in. That’s why we often find the month of Pisces can contain large price movements and major reversals in equities and other financial markets. It is looking like that may be the case again this year, perfectly in alignment with the near-term forecast given in last week’s annual webinar.  

Stock markets, precious metals, currencies, and cryptos are all pointing down as we come to the end of February after posting cycle highs on February 2, very near to the full moon in T-square with the major planet of reversals and surprises, Uranus. The only market we track looking good at the moment is the U.S. Dollar, also right in line with the U.S. Presidential cycle, as covered in last weekend’s webinar. But that will all change shortly as we are nearing both our short-term price targets as well as understanding the history of markets and their nature in the volatile sign of Pisces.


The Federal Reserve minutes were anxious about the tightness of the labor market. The financial markets were anxious about the Fed’s anxiety. The weird thing is that US real wages have been breaking all records—and not in a good way. The year-over-year rate of real wage growth has been negative for 22 consecutive months. With such a collapse in living standards, the Fed’s relative focus on labor-led rather than profit-led inflation seems peculiar. – Dr. Paul Donovan, “Tight Labor Markets or Tight Budgets?”  UBS Morning Audio Comment, February 23, 2023.

March is a big month for western (tropical) astrologers. Saturn will enter Pisces on March 7, followed by Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23. The reason that it is “big” to astrologers is that these are both outer planets with long orbital cycles around the Sun. Saturn’s orbit is about 29 years, and it’s been about that long since Saturn last began its transit through Pisces. But that’s nothing compared to Pluto, whose orbit is 248 years. It last began its 20-year transit through Aquarius in April 1777. That began a 20-year period of revolutions whose influence has shaped the world order ever since.

However, planets ingressing into signs have not shown to be a strong correlation to reversals in financial markets at the time of their entrance into the new signs. They represent more of a change of attitude that may eventually influence new trends in the sector of finances ruled by the sign – just not at the moment of the sign change. Actual trading reversals (cycle reversals) are more in the domain of aspects between planets, a hallmark of modern-day astrology.

For the next three weeks, there are not many planetary aspects worthy of note taking place. For this week, Venus will conjoin Jupiter, and Mercury will conjoin Saturn on March 1. The first is usually a lovely aspect of harmony and agreement, but this time they are in Aries, which is not considered a sign of harmony so much as initiative and even aggression as Venus is in detriment there.  It could have a correlation to sharp price movements in crude oil, perhaps because of the possibilities of negotiations regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine. Mercury conjunct Saturn the same day may indicate seriousness in any efforts towards negotiations with optimism turning to reluctance and hesitation, and rallies giving way again to declines. With the Moon in Cancer on Wednesday-Thursday, the appeals may be emotional, the feelings of frustration at the delays again.

The more powerful geocosmic correlations to major reversals seem to be March 15-21. This is when the Sun conjoins Neptune in Pisces, while Mars forms a square to both. It’s passive-aggressive, a promise, and then a breaking of the agreement that seems more like a betrayal or an intentional effort to deceive. But the more important aspect may be the third and final semi-square between Jupiter and Saturn on March 21. This might be the height of the frustration that has been ongoing since last spring when they first formed this aspect, and especially September 21-28 during the second passage when the hysteria in stock and crypto markets peaked. Expect a bit of a return to those themes. Once again, Crude Oil and progress (or lack of progress) in war and peace are likely to be the cause of these movements or the recipient of the frustration of opposing parties with one another. Highly visible legal issues and court cases may also rise to a climax.

It ends and possibly peaks when the Sun enters Aries on March 20-21. Everything takes a turn around then. Everyone might credit it to Pluto entering Aquarius on March 23, but it is the outer aspects just mentioned that correspond to reversals in many financial markets, and not outer planets changing signs. They represent changes of attitudes and strategies that later in time tend to manifest as larger market cycle highs and lows, and usually under the trigger of Mars making aspects reflecting similar principles to the planets in signs, such as to the ruler of the signs that the outer planets are going through.


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