That’s a wrap for 2022. Stocks closed out the year with a whimper. All three major indexes posted modest losses Friday, capping their worst year since 2008. The S&P 500 ended the year down 19%. “U.S. Stocks Close Out Worst Year Since 2008,”, December 30, 2022. 

The Biden administration is planning to begin refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a senior administration official said Friday, marking the end to the massive supply releases that the White House ordered to tame the sharp price spikes earlier this year… The administration had announced in October it would set up a process to purchase oil from companies to refill the SPR at a price of $67 to $72 a barrel. – Ben Lefebvre, “Biden Administration Set to Start Refilling Oil Reserve,” Dec 16, 2022, 

The level of the SPR — an emergency stockpile of crude oil managed by the Department of Energy (DOE) — declined to 375.1 million barrels last week, marking the first time it has fallen below 378 million barrels since December 1983, according to the Energy Information Administration. Prior to last week, the reserve’s lowest level since 1983 was recorded on Dec. 30, 1983, when it hit 378.3 million barrels. – Thomas Catenacci, “US Emergency Oil Stockpiles Drop to Lowest Level Since 1983,” Dec 28, 2022,

We are back. And so is Mercury retrograde, otherwise known as “The Trickster.”

After the impressive rally of many global stock markets from their lows of 2022 in late September through mid-October (with the conclusion of the last passage of Saturn square Uranus) to their new cycle highs of December 13, 2022, a sharp decline began right into Mercury turning retrograde on Thursday, December 29. Some markets, like in the U.S. and Europe, bottomed the prior week, December 19-22, as Jupiter formed its third and final semi-square to Uranus. The first two (mid-May and late September 2022) coincided with sharp stock market declines from highs that occurred a couple of weeks earlier, just as this one did.

Now we will see if the Mercury retrograde can end this latest decline and commence a new rally. With the Trickster, you never really know until the middle of the retrograde cycle, which will take place on January 8, which is a weekend.

In other markets, both Gold and Silver enjoyed nice end-of-the-year rallies. Gold rallied to a high of 1841.90 on Tuesday, December 27, the highest level since its yearly low of 1618.30 on November 3. Silver also rallied into December 27, to 24.49, which was slightly lower than its 8month high of 24.52 made the prior week on December 21. Crude also made its weekly high of 81.18 on December 27, up from its yearly low of 70.08 on December 9. It makes one wonder: did Trader Joe purchase the 300 million barrels of oil then as he announced in October that he would? If so, why did the Department of Energy announce prior to last week that the stockpile has continued to fall to its lowest level since 1983? If you sold 180M barrels at $95 and then bought 300M, shouldn’t the price be much higher than $80? Maybe it’s the Trickster at work already. Or maybe it’s Saturn (government) in Pisces (confusion) starting up a little early before its ingress on March 7.


“Stable growth” isn’t just a sentiment. For Democrats, the U.S. economy is understood now as primarily a public economy in which well-being for most people comes from government payments to individuals, rather than from private economic activity or even work… There’s one other problem: A “stable” low-growth economy will be really, really boring. – Daniel Henninger, Sober Up, America,” Wall Street Journal, December 29, 2022.

I did not choose to be what I am. It is my karma – ­James Cavell, “Shogun,” 1975. 

There’s a lot of Capricorn energy underway from the cosmos this week. First, Mercury turned retrograde in 24° Capricorn on Thursday. It will remain there until it turns direct at 8° Capricorn on January 18. In the sign of Capricorn, Mercury can be serious and critical. It represents the mind of a skeptic or scientist. A true, scientist is a skeptic, but a true skeptic is not necessarily a scientist or even scientific. By itself, this combination does not lend itself well to rising stock markets. It is sort of like any market rally has to prove itself to be taken seriously. Until then, skepticism is akin to fear and doubt of anything that is hyped to be a positive. “Prove it” is the calling card for Mercury in Capricorn.

Of course, the Sun is in Capricorn now as well until January 20, just two days after the Trickster ends its retrograde romp. The Sun, in the sign of the mountain goat (or sea goat) wants to climb. No hurdle or obstacle is too high to overcome if applied with disciple and patience. The Sun in Capricorn is up for the challenge of “proving it” that Mercury in Capricorn requires.

On Monday, January 1, Venus will conjoin Pluto in 27° Capricorn. Thus we have money and credit (Venus) vying for dominance over debt (Pluto). In Capricorn, debt and over-spending promise to be major issues this year. It baffles financial experts how the U.S. government can justify another $1.7T stimulus package when it claims to be serious about fighting inflation. It’s not going to make it easy for the Fed (a Capricorn entity born December 23, 1913) to lower interest rates any time soon if Congress can’t get serious about fiscal reform. What is needed is good ole Capricorn productivity generated by the private sector. Until then, Henninger (quote above) is right. You don’t get a “stable economy” as much as you get a boring and very slow-growing economy (if we are lucky). It’s the Jimmy Carter, post-Saturn-square-Uranus economy of 45 years ago, all over again. Maybe we should be happy with this as traders. After all, that’s the kind of economy in which traders should flourish. But it is boring for investors looking to find signs of life, or excitement, in any sector of the market other than energy, where prices are primed to go higher and higher, especially if Biden ever gets around to pushing the buy button and purchases 300 million barrels of oil as he announced two months ago.

Oh, there I go again, playing the role of the Trickster in the skeptical sign of Capricorn. Wake me up when it’s over. Oh, wait a minute! Mars and Uranus will turn direct on January 12 and 22, with Mercury doing the same on January 18. I think we will get a heartbeat then. Maybe even an explosion. Prepare for a wakeup call then. Markets could get rattled. So could governments and their leaders. 


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