Payroll growth decelerated in December but was still better than expected, a sign that the labor market remains strong even as the Federal Reserve tries to slow economic growth. Nonfarm payrolls increased by 223,000 for the month, above the Dow Jones estimate for 200,000, while the unemployment rate fell to 3.5%, 0.2 percentage point below the expectation. Wage growth was less than expected in an indication that inflation pressures could be weakening. Average hourly earnings rose 0.3% for the month and increased 4.6% from a year ago. – Jeff Cox, Nonfarm Payrolls Rose 223,000 in December, as Strong Jobs Market Tops Expectations,”, January 6, 2023. 

As the first week of the new year ends, it appears the Trickster is well into his natural element of sudden short-term reversals. Stock indices looked pressured, but on Friday, the U.S. payroll reports came out weak, as was expected, but the gains in wages were considerably less than expected. On the news, investors saw little reason for the Fed to stay so hawkish on interest rates related to rising inflation, so the stock market took off with the DJIA closing up 700 points, and at its highest level since the Jupiter/Uranus semi-square low of December 22-23.

Gold also soared to a new cycle high on that news, climbing all the way up to 1875.20. Just 9 weeks ago, it had bottomed at 1618.30. Silver, on the other hand, could not climb to a new cycle high. The high of 24.77 on the first trading day of the year stands intact as it closed the week just below 24.00.

Crude Oil also made a new cycle high on Tuesday, the first trading day of the year, at 81.50, then started to sell off again towards 70.00. Trader Joe still appears to be relatively indecisive about replenishing the SPR stockpile by 300 million barrels despite the fact that prices have fallen into the price range he wanted (and he announced publicly that this is where he would buy back all and more than he sold).  


This is now the middle of the Mercury retrograde (Trickster) cycle. Markets that did not make major or greater cycles at the time of the retrograde (December 29 +/- 4 days), will often do so at the midpoint of the retrograde, which is now. This may be one reason to be concerned about the strong rallies in Gold and the stock indices on Friday to new half-cycle highs.

But looking ahead, a stronger period for political and financial market activity is looming, when three planets will change direction. The first will be Mars turning direct in Gemini on January 12. This is more powerful than Mercury turning direct, which takes place on January 18, but probably equally as explosive as Uranus changing directions on January 22. The two together (Mars and Uranus) being highlighted by their stations January 12-22 can be very disruptive.

Any market nearing its yearly high or low is vulnerable to breaking out. Any nation whose borders are insecure is vulnerable to an onslaught of those who wish to invade or break through. Any corporation, government or group whose leadership is under attack by social activists are also vulnerable to being taken over, and those leaders may be forced out, or have to make concessions that severely limit their ability to govern (think: the Republican Party and its House of Representatives leadership).

The next two weeks may coincide with sudden reversals and wild price swings due to the instability of the systems of governance in business or politics under the heavy cosmic presence of Mars and Uranus. 


Sometimes you have to realize a dream is a fixation, its object no longer achievable because it doesn’t exist… it’s actually a key skill to be able to see when something’s over, when it’s the past, not the future; that you have to have eyes that can find the next area of constructiveness, which may take time; and in the time between, you must maintain your peace and poise… If you cede the power of the job to get the job, the job has no point. The job itself is diminished.” – Peggy Noonan, “Normal Republicans, Stand Up to the Fringe,” Wall Street Journal, January 6, 2023.

To those on the left: Racism and discrimination do remain deep wounds in American society, and it will be ever thus—you aren’t going to eradicate human prejudice no matter how many diversity, equity and inclusion officers you hire. But we have made extraordinary progress in marginalizing and discrediting it. – Gerard Baker, “New Year’s Can Be Humiliating. Resolve to Keep It That Way,” Wall Street Journal, January 5, 2022.

Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.” C.J. Jung. 

Dishonest people are attracted to three things: money, power, and honest people. They need the latter as cover to pilfer and hijack the former two. And so it is with the extremist movements in government and corporate politics, which will likely reach a crescendo of corruption and manipulation as Pluto moves back and forth over 0° Aquarius and Saturn transits through Pisces, starting in March 2023 and lasting into 2026.

Let’s try to understand how this may affect the world of finances, where money just seems to “disappear” into thin air as the result of covert (Pluto) theft by dishonest people taking advantage of honest folks (Saturn in Pisces).

To understand Pluto in Aquarius, start by remembering that in mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld and Aquarius represents the consciousness of the collective and its urge to invent new things to potentially benefit humankind. Aquarius also represents the study of astrology and communities of like-minded people who share a similar interest in advancing the good fortunes of humankind. Also, as god of the underworld, whose earlier name was Hades, he is considered the wealthiest of the gods. Wealth and power often go together, although they don’t have to. 

Pluto was also a kidnapper whose activities caused harm and pain, and even threats to life. According to, “He took Proserpina, who was the daughter of Ceres, to the underworld to be his wife. Ceres cried and did not let plants grow on the Earth. People needed the plants so much that Jupiter made Pluto give her up. The deal they worked out was that for six months, Pluto got Proserpina. While Proserpina was in the underworld, no plants could grow on Earth and it was winter. When Proserpina went back to her mother, it was summer. This was how the Romans explained the seasons.” This is a useful description of Pluto’s basic nature: to take what is not his, by force or manipulation (from those who are basically honest and good), and causing immense pain to others (the world) unless a deal can be made that allows him some or all power. You see this play acting out in today’s world very clearly. 

So it is for the next 2-3 years. We are apt to see more and more cases of “kidnapping,” or the attempt to hijack territories and overtake power from groups (such as major astrology organizations) and even nations that are uplifting the consciousness and well-being of others. The irony and dishonesty are that these usurpers will claim that they are the ones who support the uplifting of consciousness and opportunities. But in truth, they are opaque about their real agendas or activities. They work hard to avoid detection (Saturn/Neptune) that they are really subsuming the visions of the Aquarian-minded groups as a cover for their own covert aims of acquiring power or the treasury.  

The next three years are likely to see major transfers of monies and wealth from the treasuries of one organization to that of others in very non-transparent ways, i.e., “awards“ of scholarships or “financial aid” or ”investments” to other organizations and groups controlled by the corrupt Plutonian-minded individuals, under the guise that they are the doing good deeds espoused by the Aquarian-minded groups. In like fashion, the election of boards of directors may also be manipulated (rigged) in such ways as only offering choices of candidates who fit a certain political or ideological profile instead of possessing merit or having exhibited real understanding and support for the stated aims of the org. There may be the appearance of a fair and honest election process, but in reality, there are no choices of candidates who have done the work that has supported the success of the group, and who would have the support of the majority of the memberships, stockholders, or citizens if given the choice.

What can be done about this trend for the next two years? Not much. You can try to make deals, like Kevin McCarthy, in an effort to appease the minority usurpers in his party (Republicans), but in doing so, you may have to give up all of your power. Or you can inform the world about this “kidnapping” of the vision, power, and wealth of the organizations they supported and hope that the pressure to do so will bring to light the shadows in which these usurpers operate. For, after all, Pluto does not want transparency when it is trying to abscond with something that is not his. On the other hand, when trying to prevent theft of power and wealth, Pluto can be very successful when affirming his power to investigate and reveal. No one escapes a Pluto transit unscathed, especially those who operate in Pluto’s underworld and are detected by others for what they are really up to, which is basically to violate the trust and goodwill previously established by the organization prior to the attempted takeover.

What does this mean to the world of finances in the next couple of years? It suggests that many corporations, groups, and governments are vulnerable to coups behind the scenes by activists to overtake control of their leadership and treasuries. Monies may disappear, be transferred from the Aquarian-minded orgs to the more Plutonian-oriented ones, or into the coffers of corrupt individuals who have used honest people with humanistic goals as a cover for their underhanded means. Watch especially those governments, corporations, and groups who have 0° Aquarius (or even 0° fixed signs) prominent in their charts. They are vulnerable and may not even know it.

What is needed are leaders who express the positive side of Saturn in Pisces: commitment to a path of virtue and honesty over the non-transparency of corrupt agendas and motives. We need those who perceives their shadow and light simultaneously – those who see themselves from two sides and thus get in the middle. In other words, those who recognize the importance of “moderation” (Jupiter/Saturn waxing cycle), and the realization that progress is not some act of reactionary extremism (Pluto in Aquarius transiting over the Jupiter/Saturn “super-charged” degree of 0 Aquarius), to paraphrase the thoughts of Gerald Baker in the article referenced above. 


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