So much for Jerome Powell’s reassurances. Only a day after the Federal Reserve Chairman’s two-day, nothing-to-worry-about turn of Capitol Hill, financial markets suddenly found plenty to worry about on Thursday. Stocks fell sharply as the 10-year Treasury Note yield had its largest one-day advance since November to its highest level in a year. – “The Markets and Mr. Powell,” Wall Street Journal Opinion page, February 26, 2021.

A wave of selling in U.S. government bonds intensified on Thursday, sending yields soaring after new data indicated a strengthening economic recovery…. Investors tend to sell Treasuries when they expect faster growth and inflation. If yields continue to rise, that could pressure stocks…” – Sebastian Pellejero and Sam Goldfarb, “Treasury Selloff Intensifies,” Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2021.

Mercury ended its retrograde cycle last weekend (January 30-February 20). Saturn completed the first of three passes in its 11.25-year quarter cycle to Uranus (also known as a waning square) on February 17. Almost all global stock markets peaked out within a week of those two cosmic events and fell hard by the end of last week.

This sudden trend reversal fits the dynamics of both geocosmic signatures. However, the synchronicity of retrograde and direct planetary stations like Mercury was described in detail last week as follows: Many financial markets, like stock indices, will often form a major or primary cycle (high or low) within three trading days of Mercury turning retrograde. These markets will often end that counter-trend move within three trading days of turning direct. We are there now, and from the lows of January 29, many stock indices are making new cycle or even longer-term highs as we enter this three-day trading time frame. Is this the top? Looking only at the Mercury retrograde cycle, an argument can be made for that possibility. 

The equity selloff was precipitated by the sharp decline in Treasuries, as indicated in the WSJ quotes above. True, as inflation worries increase, investors start selling bonds. But I think market commentators may be missing a piece of the bigger picture. Declines of this amplitude might result from large sellers – such as a major nation or two unloading their holdings of U.S. debt. You need more sellers (larger sellers) than buyers to make a market like Treasuries fall that hard. There are a number of international political reasons why another nation might want to instigate havoc (Uranus) in the U.S. financial system at this time. It may create leverage in some negotiations underway. It fits with the principles of Saturn in square with Uranus – disruptions (Uranus) of a government’s (Saturn) financial foundation (Uranus in Taurus, the banking system).

The rise in rates also reflects the historical pattern of the 32-37- year Saturn/Pluto cycle that correlates with long-term trend reversals in interest rates as discussed in our Forecast 2021 webinar of February 14. Based on the Saturn/Pluto cycle, the interest rate cycle was due to bottom in 2020, and indeed it looks like it has. The new trend of higher rates could continue into the middle of the 21st century. Saturn/Pluto can be an expression of coercion of an entity trying to get what it wants. It can be brutal in that quest.

Recapping last week in U.S. equity indices (and many other world indices), the Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied to another new all-time of 32,009 on Wednesday, February 24, as Chairman Powell assured everyone that “…the current magnitude of monetary and fiscal ‘stimulus’ unleashed on the economy” will continue indefinitely (WSJ article quoted above). MMA Analyst Gianni Di Poce calls the Fed’s policies “QE Infinity.” Just two days later, on February 26, the DJIA closed near a 3-week low at 30,932. Neither the S&P nor NASDAQ Composite made new all-time highs last week. They both peaked on February 16, so each topped out within three trading days of the  MMA geocosmic critical date of February 19-22, but in different weeks. Thus it is another case of intermarket bearish divergence correlating with geocosmic signatures.

The pattern was similar in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency also soared to a new all-time high of 58,545 right on our February 22 CRD (Critical Reversal Date). By Friday, February 26, it was down as low as 44,120, a loss of over 14,000 (over 25%). Gold had a difficult week, too, falling to 1714.90 intraday on Friday, its lowest price since June 15, 2020. Of course, T-Notes got routed, falling to their lowest level in a year.

All in all, it was a noteworthy week. It was completely in line with the Saturn/Uranus square, a combination that will be here through December 24, 2021. It is the reason why we coined 2021 as “The Year of the Contrarian.” Whatever the experts predict for the economy and markets are apt to be off and in need of serious revision this year. Nothing goes as expected. Expect surprises and the unexpected.


“It’s lies all the way down. Trump won the election; Antifa attacked the Capitol; environmentalists somehow caused the Texas power grid disaster. Oh, and Trump Jr. is now blaming the ‘Democrat governor’ (of Texas), who happens to be a very right-wing Republican.” Paul Krugman, New York Times, as quoted in the Arizona Republic, February 20, 2021.

The next major geocosmic period on the horizon is March 11-14, when both the Sun and Venus will conjoin Neptune in Pisces, the ruling sign of Neptune. March 13 is also a new moon in Pisces, and the end to the current Mercury retrograde shadow, discussed in last week’s column.

Now, everyone loves Pisces. It is a quirky sign, and its ruling planet, Neptune, is about as dreamy as you can get. It may be the patron saint of waifs, musicians, poets, idealists, peaceniks, con artists, religious scammers, and therapists/healers. It is highly imaginative – to such an extreme they may operate on a different reality where hope springs eternal. It is the combination of the hopeless yet always hopeful romantic, but even “cowgirls get the blues” sometimes. You can’t help but love a person with strong Neptune or Pisces qualities, although their unwillingness (or inability) to plant their feet on the ground and see things as they really are can lead to a great deal of frustration to those who can’t get their heads out of their arses and see a future of unlimited possibilities.

Why do I bring this up? Because we are about to enter another period of delusionary drama. Under Neptune and Pisces, euphoria may strike again, and stocks start to soar for no apparent reason – at least none that can be verified or makes any sense. But one also has to realize what happens when a Neptune and Pisces-highlighted period isn’t euphoric. What is the opposite of euphoria and wishful thinking when reality strikes? It’s hysteria and panic.

So be prepared. We are headed for a collective psychic adventure in Neptune’s wonderland as the new moon conjoins Neptune in Pisces. Let’s state it right up front: if things suddenly seem excellent and better than expected, they are not. If things start to fall to hell in a handbasket, it’s not that really that bad either. It may be a good time to just go to the beach, stretch and do some yoga, chill out to a good book, listen to your iTunes or the Calm app, and relax.

If instead, you choose to do some trading, always remember, especially under Neptune and Pisces, to “buy the rumor and sell the fact” – if there are any facts to work with at that time (not likely).

Crude Oil and cannabis stocks are ruled by Neptune and Pisces. You may find some trading (or other) opportunities in these areas. Just keep it legal and real and try to remember what your positions are. Being forgetful under these planetary dynamics may prove to be costly or embarrassing. One can also be wonderfully romantic. Make sure you know the difference in terms of the consequences of your actions, March 10-20. Ignorance may not really lead to bliss at this time. But bliss can also lead to ignorance, so stay awake and alert. And as always, remember the mantra for this year: May you be happy. May you be safe. May you be healthy. And may you be at peace. It is the perfect mantra for the Pisces season.




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