President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package on Thursday afternoon. The plan, his top priority as president, sends direct payments of up to $1,400, extends a $300 per week unemployment insurance supplement, expands the child tax credit, and puts funds into vaccine distribution. Democrats passed the bill in Congress without a Republican vote through the budget reconciliation process. – Jacob Pramuk, “Biden Signs $1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill, Clearing Way for Stimulus Checks, Vaccine Aid,”, March 11, 2021.

Soon after I went to work in institutional sales at Montgomery Securities, in the early 80’s, our managing partner brought in a consultant to instruct us on macro considerations affecting markets. The most important thing, he said, is that the key determinant of constructing an investment strategy is to assess the liquidity cycle. If liquidity is improving you should be looking to go long something. If liquidity is contracting you should look to be short something. Len Oppenheim, “Observations From the Middle End,” March 7, 2021

And so it was last week as the U.S. stock market – and several other world stock indices (not including the NASDAQ) – soared to new or multi-year highs, following the passage of yet another huge stimulus relief package by the U.S. Congress. It feels really good to be getting all this free money in the form of stimulus checks, increased unemployment payouts, and Payroll Protection Loan Forgiveness Programs. And this is just to name just a few of the giveaways compliments of our  U.S. government’s decision on how to handle all the revenues we pay to the U.S Treasury in the form of our tax payments. They obviously know better than us on how to spend our hard-earned money they receive through taxing our income.

This extravagant spending package is being passed as we head into the new moon this weekend in Pisces that conjoins both Venus and Neptune. As discussed in this column two weeks ago, following the sharp stock market decline into the full moon of February 26, the Pisces new moon of March 13 looks like another case of “irrational exuberance,” or delusionary euphoria.” If so, this might be a time to “buy the rumor (leading into it) and sell the fact (now that it has passed).” The liquidity cycle continues to expand and explode, and the next step is the realization that the treasury (debt) market may be spiraling out of control (see “Short-Term Geocosmics” below).

Despite all this money being given out and the rally to new (or close-to-new) highs last week, world equity markets continue to flash a host of intermarket bearish divergence signals from their respective highs formed within one day of the Saturn/Uranus square of February 17. In Europe, the German DAX index soared to a new all-time high of 14,595 on Thursday, March 11, as the Sun conjoined Neptune in Pisces, the center of this romantic but delusionary geocosmic set up of March 11-14. The Netherlands AEX also made a high then, but it was lower than its 20-year high made on February 16. Neither the London FTSE nor Zurich SMI could exceed their recent highs last week either.

The bearish divergence was even more striking in the U.S., where the DJIA made a new all-time high on Friday, March 12, but the NASDAQ Composite remains far below its all-time high of February 16. The S&P nearby futures came very close to making a new all-time high on Thursday, March 11, but failed by less than a point from its current all-time high of February 16. This is yet another example of bearish divergence, but it could be negated if the S&P rallies smartly next week.

In Asia and the Far East, the equity markets we follow rallied, yet all remain well below their multi-year highs of February 16-18.

It wasn’t only equity markets that benefited from this new spending spree of the U.S. Congress. Crude Oil soared to a new 2-year high on Monday, March 8. Bitcoin is back up, near its all-time high of just over 58,000 last month after falling 26% in between. The Dollar rallied to its highest level against the Japanese Yen since the pandemic crisis of one year ago. But Gold fell to its lowest level in nine months last Monday, March 8. And then heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius (March 7-18) kicked in as Gold and Silver also staged impressive rallies late into this last week.


Surging bond yields sent technology shares sliding into correction territory at one point, and there could be an even more severe sell-off ahead if rates keep going higher, according to Ned Davis Research. – Yun Li, “A 2% 10-Year Yield Could Knock 20% Off Tech Stocks, Ned Davis Research Calculates,”, March 12, 2021. 

Now what? What happens when the euphoria of the new moon in Pisces conjunct Venus, and Neptune, starts to wear off after this weekend? What happens when heliocentric Mercury moves out of “the big spender” sign of Sagittarius into Capricorn, the sign of sobriety that demands accountability, as its ruler Saturn continues its year-long, in-and-out waning square with the unpredictable and disruptive Uranus? The transition from optimism to realism is scheduled to begin this week. In April, we find Venus touching off the Saturn/Uranus square (April 23), followed by the Sun doing the same in the April 30 through the first week of May. The second passage of the Saturn/Uranus waning square will then occur on June 14.

Still, on many levels, matters look encouraging. The COVID-19 pandemic is waning, at least here in the U.S., and right on time as forecasted in this column and the Forecast 2021 Book. The peak was projected to be February 2021 +/- 3 months. Progress on the vaccination program has accelerated. Originally the government called for the majority of Americans to be vaccinated by the end of this year. Then it was moved up to September. Then to July. And this week, the White House Press released announced that every American would be eligible to receive a vaccine by the May 1, putting the nation on a path to get closer to normal by July 4. Furthermore, the CDC has eased their restrictive guidelines on travel for those who do receive the vaccination. Jupiter (freedom and travel) has left Capricorn and is separating from Saturn (restriction in travel). Life is beginning to return to “normal,” at least in terms of some human activities. Many schools and businesses that have been closed are readying to re-open. The in-person, live conferences will soon return.

It is all part of the bigger Jupiter and Saturn cycle, where the “Great Mutation” (of December 21, 2020) has finally left the earth element and is now beginning its new air element cycles for the next 140 years. It is truly a “New Aira.”

Now, if politicians can reignite a healthy approach to global trade with one another, the world might be able to start paying down all this hugely increased debt it has taken on in the past year. Well, forgive me. I am thinking like a new moon in Pisces conjunct Venus and Neptune. I, too, like the feeling of irrational exuberance. But the Capricorn in me understands that there is a consequence to every decision I make and action that I take. Maybe the government has figured out a way to create hybrid saplings to justify their apparent belief that “money must grow on trees” and won’t have to be paid back to the central banks of the world.

Nah. That’s too much Neptune and Pisces wishful thinking. But I admit, it’s fun to imagine that all of this money is really free and doesn’t have to be paid back. Next week I will start to worry about “What was I thinking?” 


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