The era of ultralow mortgage rates is over. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage topped 4% for the first time since May 2019, Freddie Mac said Thursday. – Orla McCaffrey, “Mortgage Rates Rise Above 4% forth First Time Since May 2019,’ Wall Street Journal, March 18, 2022.

Federal Reserve officials voted Wednesday to lift interest rates and penciled in six more increases by year’s end, the most aggressive pace in more than 15 years in an escalating effort to slow inflation that is running at its highest levels in four decades. – Nick Timiraos, “Fed Lifts Rates and Signals Six More Increases,” Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2022.

Due to preparations for this evening’s Webinar on China’s stocks market, Gold, and Crude Oil, I will not be able to provide our normal review on last week’s financial markets.

However, our three-star CRD (geocosmic critical reversal date) of March 4-7 can now be confirmed as coinciding with the primary cycle trough or secondary low in many world stock indices, and possibly primary cycle crests in Crude Oil and precious metals. We will update those markets in tonight’s webinar and this weekend’s weekly reports.

As a side note, I gave the incorrect name of the author to the book titled “Putin’s People” in last week’s column. The author is Catherine Belton.


At his press conference, Mr. Powell declared that the U.S. economy “is very strong.” But it’s notable that the Fed sages downgraded their median forecast for economic growth this year to 2.8% from 4% in December. The chairman noted the war in Ukraine several times as a risk to both growth and inflation. Every canny Fed Chairman needs an “exogenous” explanation other than monetary policy for economic problems. – “Jerome Powell, Inflation Fighter?” Wall Street Journal editorial, March 17, 2022.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will be felt by households around the world through higher energy and food prices with disruptions to trade and fragile confidence contributing to a significant weakening of global economic growth. – Paul Hannon, “Invasion’s Economic Effect Cuts Outlook, OECD Says,” Wall Street Journal, March 18, 2022.

This is the aftermath of Saturn square Uranus, of banking and fiscal policies that were so experimental and extreme, and in retrospect, possibly a mistake. But now banking and even world leaders are finally reacting and taking steps to correct these mistakes. The question is whether it is too little or too late.

Shorter-term we are still in a powerful display of geocosmic factors. There is a full moon in late Pisces/Virgo on March 18. Venus and Mars are still close to one another in Aquarius, and each will make a square to Uranus in Taurus, March 19-22. Venus rules Taurus and Uranus rules Aquarius, in each other’s ruling signs, so they are in mutual reception, which makes this square doubly powerful now. It coincides with major market reversals within 8 trading days, and usually within only four trading days. Mars and Uranus will square one another on March 22. This is yet another indicator of potential violence if this combination is not harnessed and used for resolving difficult conflicts.

The threat of more fighting doesn’t end then, for Mars will next conjoin Saturn on April 4-5, another combination that could manifest as frustration and potential anger directed at others who stand in one’s way of completing projects. But at the same time, Jupiter is headed for its conjunction with Neptune on April 12, the longest planetary cycle in effect in 2022. And here we have hope, for Jupiter/Neptune is idealistic and doesn’t want war. In Pisces, it is more driven by the hope for peace and an end to violence.

In terms of financial markets, each of these planetary combinations has strong correlations to major market moves and reversals. Jupiter/Neptune in particular can coincide with an intermediate-term (50-week or greater) cycle trough or crest within six weeks. It is especially important to Crude Oil. 


Within three weeks, virtually all of the world’s democratic nations and peoples have committed to repelling Russia’s invasion. With Ukraine, we seem to have arrived at an unlikely conjunction of virtue signaling and genuine virtue. The outpouring for Ukraine is the real thing. This flight from faux benevolence may not last, but for now it’s all good. – Daniel Henninger, “Ukraine is World War 2-1/2,” Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2022.

“Virtue signaling and genuine virtue.” How appropriate for Jupiter as it approaches its conjunction with Neptune in Pisces on April 12.

The central tenet of astrology and all helping professions is very simple: DO. NO. HARM. It doesn’t matter what the reasons or the causes of a dispute. This is why we have local, national and even world courts. They settle disputes. We don’t go out and kill others simply because we are bigger, have more deadly weapons, have no regard for human life, and believe we have been treated unjustly and therefore we can act out violently. There are consequences for such actions and yes, they often show up in the arrangement of the planets in the cosmos and the themes they represent.

The cosmic correlate to the atrocities taking place in Ukraine today fit with the history of the first 1-3 years following a Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Historically, one will find a military and/or economic crisis arises then. It follows a period of economic growth at the time of the conjunction and is again followed by another period of economic growth after the crisis.

The current Jupiter/Saturn cycle began with the “Great Mutation” of December 21, 2020, when this 20-year synodic (conjunction) cycle took place in Aquarius. It commenced a new 140-period in which Jupiter and Saturn will conjoin in air signs. We are now just 15 months into this new Jupiter/Saturn air cycle. As is usually the case, the period around the time of the conjunction was in the midst of an economic boom. Now, 1-3 years later, we are entering an economic and/or geopolitical crisis. If this cycle continues to unfold as in the past, we will come out of it by 2024, maybe much earlier. But there is more to this cycle, as discussed at length in the Forecast 2022 Book.

It is an air sign cycle this time. It preceded the turbulent and difficult Saturn/Uranus waning square of 2021. The Saturn/Uranus planetary cycle pertains to extremist views and societal divisiveness and polarity. The Jupiter/Saturn cycle indicates progress through moderation and balance of polarities, the idea of diversity with unity (not the other way around as prevalent during the past two years). Jupiter is the principle of “too much” and Saturn of “not enough.” But when they are integrated evenly, the path of “just right” works extremely well. These are the ingredients that lead to unity instead of division, moderation instead of extremism in the collective’s thoughts and actions.

What is happening now in Ukraine is disturbing and extreme to the vast majority of people on earth. It reflects the negative side of the Saturn/Uranus waning square. But it is having the unbelievable and positive effect of bringing the world together, of bonding with one another on a global level in defiance and opposition to this extreme behavior and harm being committed. I am not sure the world has experienced such a massive, unifying movement against a common threat since World War II. The violation of the principle of “Do No Harm” was just as important a catalyst for bringing the world together then as it is now.

In the Forecast 2002 Book, I pointed out why there is hope for humanity, that a movement towards world unity could be based on the Jupiter/Saturn cycle ingressing into air signs and the majority of outermost planets in a waxing (growth) phase to one another for the first time in 20 years. If applied wisely, this would lead to the decline of extremism (along with the separation of the Saturn/Uranus waning square) and in its place the resurgence of moderation and balance. I didn’t know what mundane event would cause this hope for humanity to happen. All I had was my understanding of astrology. But now, I think it is very evident. It is Russia’s aggression causing such harm to so many people. It is Zelensky’s heroic stand of resistance against the second most powerful military on earth, against all odds, which has unified his nation, and in turn their bravery has unified much of the rest of the world. I realize I will lose readers who believe Putin is a world savior and humanitarian (yes, I receive such letters often from readers). But some things are really more important to me than trying to appease everyone even when in violation of the basic tenet of all helping professions.

And I do firmly believe that the understanding of astrology shows this historic challenge and opportunity for humanity. It is not just personal judgement, subjective thinking, or lack of objective analysis, as some allege. The universe and universal principles do not support humankind wishing to destroy itself. The power of creation is necessary – essential – for life on earth. It is ultimately stronger and more lasting than acts of destruction and harm.

As long as we survive and have life on earth, there will be creation and growth. When destruction dominates, what is left? Nothing. The ultimate outcome of destruction is darkness, nothingness. The creative force that exists in all life does not seek nothingness. It seeks union with the Infinite, and on the microcosm of its incarnation on Earth, with one another. Our evolution as a human species depends upon our healthy relationships with one another, not the destruction and extermination of those relations.

Do No Harm. Or at least, do not initiate harm. There is a time for defending oneself and family and neighbors from harm. But the basic mantra for all those would-be helpers and creators is: Do No Harm. It will save the planet. It will save the human race.

This is a critical inflection point in the arc of humankind’s destiny. And as the Wall Street Journal challenged President Joe Biden last week: “Why Not Victory?”



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