The rate for the most common kind of mortgage just surged again. The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage shot significantly higher Friday, rising to 4.95%, according to Mortgage News Daily. “That’s the second time this week, and it puts this week on par with the worst week from the 2013 taper tantrum — a record we didn’t see being legitimately challenged a few days ago,” said Matthew Graham, COO of Mortgage News Daily. – Diana Olick, “Mortgage Rate Soars Closer to 5% in its Second Huge Jump This Week,”, March 25, 2022.

U.S. stocks rebounded for a second consecutive week as investors gained confidence that the economy can withstand the escalating war in Ukraine and the Federal Reserve’s plans to lift interest rates to control inflation. The S&P 500 climbed 1.8% for the week, extending its gains over the past two weeks to 8.1%, the strongest run since late 2020. – Ben Eisen and Anna Hirtenstein, “Stocks Cap Largest Two-Week Gain Since Late 2020,”, March 25, 2022.

Knowledge of the two Venus/Mars conjunctions between February 16-March 7 has proven to be a value worth its weight in Gold – or Silver, Dollars, or any currency. It was during this period that most world equity markets bottomed, either on February 24, the day that Russia invaded Ukraine, or on March 7, when a secondary low occurred. It was right at the end of this period on March 8, that Gold, Silver, and Crude Oil topped out as well.

In the U.S. for example, all three major indices completed their primary, 8-month, and 23-month cycle lows on February 24. Those declines ranged from 12.66% in the DJIA to 22.5% in the NASDAQ (the S&P declined 14.6% from its all-time high in early January). When multiple cycles bottom together, the amplitude of the decline can be the most severe in several months. Our forecast made in our recent webinar was that the decline would be greater than the previous sharpest decline of 10.46% in late October 2020, but not as much as the 38% decline of March 23, 2020 in the DJIA and other world indices.

The decline from the all-time highs in November 2021 (NASDAQ) and January 2022 (S&P and DJIA) was the steepest since the pandemic lows of March 23, 2020. But since those lows of February 24 or March 7-9, 2022, most major world indices have rallied over 10%. It was the strongest 2-week rally since late 2020. The DJIA was actually a laggard, rallying only 8.33% into its high on Friday, March 25. Other world indices soared much higher, as in the case of the Japanese Nikkei and German DAX, where the rallies of the past two weeks were 14.8 and 16.09%, respectively. Sharp rallies in a short span of time like this often occur when primary and longer-term cycles unfold, and especially when there is an abundance of geocosmic signatures in a rather tight time band, as was the case February 16-March 7, and then again last week with Venus and Mars in square aspect to Uranus. In fact, more are on their way.

Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, and Bitcoin also enjoyed smart rallies last week. After reaching a double top to its all-time high on March 8 at 2078.80, Gold plummeted sharply (nearly $200) to a low of 1895.20 one week later on March 16. But then last week it rallied back to 1967.20. Silver had exploded from a low of 21.98 on February 3 to a yearly high of 27.49 on March 8, an increase of 25%. It then fell back to a low of 24.55 on March 16 before recovering to 26.16 on Thursday, March 24.

Bitcoin was even more exciting, rising to a high of 45,120 on Friday, March 25, a gain of 31.5% since its low of February 24. Ethereum was even more impressive, appreciating nearly 40% during the same period. Crude Oil rallied 24% to a high of 116.64 last week after nosediving to 93.53 on March 15.


What we used to condemn as piracy we now praise as patriotism. – James Michener, “Chesapeake,” Random House, 1976.  

We humans are pattern-matching animals, and astrology is the universe’s grandest pattern-matching game. Alexander Boxer, “A Scheme of Heaven,” W.W. Norton & Co, New York, NY, 2020.

This dance between Venus and Mars with Saturn and Uranus since February 16 has been impressive from a market analysis point of view. They have correlated very nicely with cycle studies. This dance will end April 5. But then a new number known as the Jupiter/Neptune serenade will begin and it will last until the unusual solar eclipse on April 30 when Venus will conjoin Jupiter and Neptune in late Pisces. It is possible world indices can rally until then, for the 14-year Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is a much longer and hence more dominant and lasting planetary cycle than those involving Venus and Mars to Saturn and Uranus, whose cycles last slightly more than two years.

Even within this Venus/Mars to Saturn/Uranus dance, there are variations that can coincide with sudden and perhaps steep reversals. The absolute bottom in the U.S. stock indices on February 24 was just one day before the midpoint of the two Venus/Mars conjunctions of February 16 and March 6 (Venus rules peace, while Mars rules war, so this is a war dance too, or more like a “pirate dance” where the invaders think they can take what they want simply by brute force). The secondary bottom on March 7 was the Monday following the last passage of Venus and Mars on March 6. And just two trading days after Venus and Mars formed a threesome conjunction with Pluto, which was during the time the tide of the war began to turn as both Venus and Mars ingressed from Capricorn to Aquarius, leaving Pluto behind.

Venus and Mars then commenced another aria in this epic opera/dance last week as both formed a square to Uranus. The next segment of this epic story will take place March 29-April 5 when the gods of love and war conjoin with Saturn. This may be the conclusion, or at least an intermission, for the music may dramatically change from a militaristic marching beat to one of soft harmonies and dreams of peaceful and romantic periods of the past. Jupiter conjoins Neptune in Pisces on April 12, followed by the translation of Venus to these two symbols of spiritual bliss and cooperation, in the last week of April.

We must make every effort to resolve this conflict by the end of April, for looming ahead after May 10 will be Jupiter marching into the sign of military activity, Aries. People in other countries may wonder why Americans are so taken by what is happening in Ukraine. It is because it reminds us of our own revolutionary war against the world’s greatest superpower at the time. No one – not even the colonists – believed we could win. But we did. It was also when American pirates of the seas (and defenders of the land taking up the fight with inadequate arms) became patriots in the fight against taxation and tariffs levied by the mother country to create pain and suffering among the new world inhabitants. It was an effort to get the upstart Americans to quickly surrender to the vastly superior military power. They didn’t surrender. And out of that revolution of Pluto in Capricorn was born a new nation with new heroes and new leaders in a new world.

Speaking of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, a concern that we discussed before seems to be unfolding. The freedom of movement part of this aspect is coinciding with the ending of lockdown and restrictions that had been placed upon many people over the past two years. And as also suggested, this new freedom is also correlating with an increase in careless behavior resulting in the start of another mutation of the coronavirus that is beginning to spread rapidly throughout the world. Remember that this Jupiter/Neptune conjunction is a cosmic sign to enjoy life and freedom of movement again. But it is also a time that can make people susceptible to another contagion if not careful.

Have fun, make money in the markets as a sense of irrational exuberance is swelling up once more, but be responsible and protect yourself. Learn from the lessons of the past two years. Fall in love with spring (that’s what Jupiter conjunct Neptune wants to do, as does Venus and Mars when they are not fighting) and enjoy the newfound unity that is emerging in people and societies throughout the world, an ironic but promising mass response to the Mars part of the dance led by the invasion of V.P. on Ukraine. Not only has this invasion brought people all over the world together in a collective spirit of unity and purpose, but it also has thrust Volodymyr Zelensky into the role of a modern-day hero, which is yet another theme related to Jupiter/Neptune conjoining in Pisces. 

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