Inflation eased last month to the slowest pace since January but remained high, likely keeping Federal Reserve officials on course to start slowing the pace of interest-rate rises aimed at taming price pressures.The Labor Department on Thursday said that its consumer-price index increased 7.7% in October from the same month a year ago, down from 8.2% in September and June’s 9.1% rate, which was the highest in four decades.– Gwen Guilford and Nick Timiraos, “Easing Inflation Fuels Stock Surge,” Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2022.

This week’s investor run on the FTX crypto-currency exchange marks round two of the great crypto crackup, and so far the victims are consenting adults. Barring an unexpected spread to the banking system, this is another in the long line of easy-money manias turned to panic. “The FTX Crypto Fiasco,” Wall Street Journal Opinion Page, November 11, 2022. 

Where do you even start with a week like last week?

How about starting with Uranus? More specifically, let’s begin with the awareness that the last “translations” of key planets (Sun/Venus) to the departing Saturn/Uranus square of 2021-2022 happened November 5-11. That’s big. And the middle of that November 5-11 passage was Election Day, November 8, which just happened to also be the day of a powerful lunar eclipse. You expected something unexpected – upsets – would happen in the election and financial markets. They did. There was no huge red (Republican) wave that all the pundits were predicting, unless they knew astrology. There may not even be a clear cut majority in the Senate until a runoff in Georgia (again) takes place.

Then the market surprises (Uranus) began. Bitcoin and cryptos surprised everyone that day, November 8, as a monstrous collapse to a new yearly low got underway. This is the equivalent of a “bank run,” which fits one of the classical possibilities of Uranus in Taurus, especially with the square from Saturn (loss). The stable banks still seem stable (so far), but the digital banks just lost several billion dollars in value. It also fits with the outlook for Bitcoin described in last year’s Forecast 2022 Book, which called for a rout of 77-93% in 2022. The loss has now been about 77.5% from the all-time high of November 2021 around $69,000.

Surprises and whipsaws then advanced to the stock market. After making new cycle highs on Tuesday, November 8. U.S. stock markets fell hard on Wednesday due to the unknown election results and lack of a “red wave” that would have put the nation’s purse into the hands of the Republicans, which voters believed had a greater sense of fiduciary responsibility according to almost all polls. The DJIA was down over 600 points, and nearly 900 points from Tuesday’s high. But then, the next day, November 10, the CPI (inflation) report was released and it was another surprise. The numbers were much lower than anyone predicted (Uranus again). On that news, the U.S. stock markets opened sharply higher, and ended the day with their largest one-day gains in over two years. The DJIA was up over 1200 points, twice the amount of its losses the previous day. Suddenly (Uranus again) it looked like the worst of the 2022 bear market in stocks was over. In that one day, the world changed from bearish to bullish. In the middle of the week that saw the final planetary “translation” of the nearly two-year Saturn/Uranus square, capped by a powerful lunar eclipse, the financial world turned from darkness to light and the political world was turned upside down. Pundits and polls were wrong – again – courtesy of Uranus.

The lower-than-expected inflation numbers was a shot heard around the world. It suggested the Fed will  be able to let up on the pace of their interest rate hikes, which had also thrust the value of the U.S. Dollar to heights that caused headaches for other nations (for everyone, really, except savers of dollars). And we didn’t even mention that Mars (which pertains to pain and rules Aries, which relates to the head) had just turned retrograde the week before on October 31. It has to be added to the mix correlating with these major reversals in financial markets as well as the sudden shift in the collective attitudes of investors.

Nearly all world stock indices surged to new multi-month highs last week on the U.S. inflation report surprise. One that stands out is India’s NIFTY index, which climbed to 18,362 on Friday, very close to its all-time high of 18,504 one year ago. One exception to the powerful rallies of late last week was Brazil, where the Bovespa fell to its lowest level since late September. Most of these rallies were spectacular, but most are still below their highs of August. They need to surpass those highs to set a bullish trend indicator pattern of a cycle longer than a primary type.

Gold and Silver were notable last week as each exhibited sharp rallies. Gold soared to 1771 on Friday, a major rally off its two-year low of 1618 just one week earlier on November 3. Silver exploded to 22.16, its highest price in five months. But the big story was the collapse of cryptos. Bitcoin plummeted to 15,566 on Thursday, November 10, its lowest price since November 12, 2020. Less than a week ago (November 5) it was trading at 21,471, its highest price since mid-September. That is a decline of 27.5%. Ethereum also got hit, falling to a low of 1071, but that was not a new yearly low as in the case of BTC.

All in all, it was another wild week, completely in line with the hard aspects involving Uranus, a lunar eclipse, and followed by the very erratic Moon in Gemini, Wednesday through Friday.


It is even possible he (Biden) gets more support from the mid-term elections than anyone thought. Given that Biden’s own supporters are increasingly disappointed in him and his low approval ratings in 2021, how can that be? The reason is probably Donald Trump. His promise to be actively involved in the mid-term elections could cause a massive rupture in the Republican party. Where does such a godsend show in Biden’s chart? By transiting Neptune, which makes an extremely lucky grand trine to his natal Jupiter (ruling planet) and his stellium of Mercury, Sun, and Venus in Scorpio, in the 12th house. All the president has to do is act calm and non-threatening. With transiting Neptune in a grand water trine, benefits come easily to the native and without much effort. – Quote from the Forecast 2022 Book, Chapter on “The U.S. President in 2022,” written one year ago, in November 2021.

Let’s cut to the chase: If Mr. Trump announces next week that he’s running again, the 2024 presidential election ends that day. It guarantees a wipeout for Republicans.– Daniel Henninger, “The Trump Liability for the GOP,” Wall Street Journal, November 10, 2022

“What the hell just happened? How could so many be so wrong?” Because they don’t understand Uranus. They don’t understand the correlation between cycles in the cosmos and cycles in human activity. They didn’t understand the importance – the “good fortune” – of Neptune making a grand trine to President Biden’s natal Venus trine Jupiter. It’s probably the luckiest aspect and the greatest payoff he gets in a lifetime for the least amount of effort. It’s a testament to the cliché that “It’s better to be lucky than good.” The election was not a testament to how great Joe Biden is as a leader or how popular his policies are with the American people. It’s a testament to his good fortune that Donald Trump made it possible, once again, for this election  to be a referendum on him – Trump – and his unpopular,  never-ending complaint about the “stolen election” that most Americans want to get past.

But enough about politics. The election is mostly over (but the party leadership of Congress is not yet decided) and the rate of inflation is coming down. Both equity and commodity markets love it because it means 1) the Dollar is coming down, and 2) the value of assets are going to rise. Optimism (Jupiter) is back and pessimism (Saturn) about the future has been sidelined for the moment. This may continue as a series of geocosmic signatures pertaining to optimism will now come into play.

In the study of astrology, optimism is ruled by Jupiter and the sign of Sagittarius. This week begins an arrival of both, which is even more meaningful because the challenge of the Saturn/Uranus square is finally ending. On Tuesday, November 15, Venus will form a favorable trine to Jupiter. In the field of metaphysics, this is known as the “Law of Abundance” aspect. The Sun trines Neptune the same day which is a little like Jupiter as both Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces and Neptune is in Pisces. The euphoria may take a back step next weekend, November 19, as Mars retrograde returns to square Neptune, the same aspect that was present October 13 when the U.S. stock market made its yearly low on a poor CPI reading. Now it is doing that again but this time with Mars retrograde, the CPI report had just the opposite result. The following week then finds the Sun trine Jupiter, then entering Sagittarius, and Jupiter turning direct, November 21-23.

That’s a lot of Jupiter and Sagittarius. That’s a lot of optimism being messaged by the cosmos. It’s a reason why stocks can continue to rally. It is a good omen and a reason to have a party and celebrate. Enjoy the forthcoming holiday season, which may be getting an early start.


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