Inflation in the U.S. hit a three-decade high in October, delivering widespread and sizable price increases to households due to persistent supply shortages and strong consumer demand. – Gwenn Guilford, “Inflation Rate of 6.2% Marks A 31-Year High,” Wall Street Journal, November 11, 2021.

Joe Biden’s next political nightmare is inflation, a force that can destroy family budgets and political careers and is being driven by domestic and global factors tough for a president to quickly fix. – Stephen Collinson, “Why Inflation Is A Political Nightmare For Biden,”, November 11, 2021.

The higher inflation numbers weren’t so positive for stock prices last week, but they were very good for Gold and Silver prices.

Most world stock indices posted new cycle and even all-time highs late the prior week or early last week, then pulled back by the customary 3-5 trading days to a low in the middle of last week. There were some notable exceptions, as in the case of Germany’s DAX index, which just rose to a new all-time high on Friday, November 12, and the Shanghai Stock Composite (SSE), which fell to its lowest level since August 23 late last week, and then began to rally again.

Cryptocurrencies were stellar performers into the middle of last week, as both Bitcoin and Ethereum posted new all-time highs. However, on the same day they made new highs, they also had one of those very large selloffs again.

Yet the most bizarre market behavior was in the stable currencies and precious metals. Normally, when the Euro falls and U.S. Dollar rises, Gold and Silver fall. But we are in the middle of some serious Uranus-aspecting activity in the cosmos right now, and with Uranus, rules don’t apply.

The Euro plunged to its lowest level since July 2020. But at the same time, Gold soared to its highest level in nearly five months. Y’all can thank me now for discovering the Mars-in-Scorpio correlation to big rallies in Gold as described in detail in both the subscriptions reports (monthly, weekly, and daily) and the last webinar of September 3, correctly outlining the period to buy a low in the last two weeks of October for a big rally into November-December. And I will take your thanks because we all know that an analyst is only as good as their last call, and this was a great one, especially given that the Dollar was also rising. Just one week ago, on November 3, Gold was trading at 1758, testing its low of 1750-1760 of October 6 and 18. On Friday, November 12, it was up to 1871. I should retire right now. But the trade is still on and I might still break the bank. Then I can retire. Just kidding. I can’t retire. I am a Sun-Moon in Capricorn with Mars there, too. If I retire, I will turn into a stone. Or worse, a potato. I would not be happy. Not that a stellium in Capricorn could ever really, really, be happy. Well, maybe if he had a Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in the second house, which, fortunately, I also have.

But enough about me. Let’s talk about Joe Biden.


First, however, let’s quickly review the cosmic situation for next week. It’s very active, and it ends the powerful Sun/Mars T-square to the Saturn/Uranus square of November 4-17. It ends with the earth-shaking Mars in opposition to Uranus on November 17. However, there might be some aftershocks with the full Moon of November 19. This is all in the last four degrees of Scorpio, where the stinger of the Scorpion is located. Living here in Arizona, I know all about the stinger of scorpions. You’ve got to keep your eyes on the ground now because you don’t want to step on one of those creatures and get stung, if you know what I mean. Just ask anyone who is trying to progress along in life. Joe Biden’s birthday will also take place then. He was born on the day of the stinger (November 20). But then the Sun leaves Scorpio on November 22 and enters the sign of Santa Claus, Sagittarius, typically a time of the year when goodwill and charity abound and stock markets rally in joy (so do retailers who make most of their money at this time of the year).

Now let’s return to the economic – and by extension, political – news of the day. The 31-year highs in inflation reported last week bring back memories of the Jimmy Carter era. You remember President Carter and our comments in columns stretching back prior to the 2020 election that Joe Biden, his policies, and performance would likely be the reincarnation of Jimmy Carter. This was based on the fact that Carter was elected president under the last passage of the 45-year Saturn/Uranus waning square cycle. Nobody thought so at the time. But then again, not many pay attention to the correlation of long-term planetary cycles and the cycles of economics and politics.

Carter bungled a plan to rescue American hostages in Iran. Biden’s military strategy to evacuate Americans and supporters of America’s military in Afghanistan received a similar review, even though Biden himself called the evacuation an “extraordinary success.”

Under Carter, the U.S. economy started out strong with record economic advances. It didn’t take long, however, before the U.S. embarked upon a huge inflationary spiral and the economy sank into a period of stagflation and low growth for several years, and into the remainder of his term. Biden also started out with a strong, record-breaking economy, but now it is overseeing another inflationary spiral that appears to be spinning out of control. The economy is still strong, but Biden has only been in office 10 months. He has plenty of time to right the ship with effective new economic strategies. Or sink it.

With Jupiter about to return to the water sign of Pisces, December 29, 2021–May 16, 2022, where it will join Neptune, god of the seas, it may be time to invest in life jackets. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces point to the danger of drowning, both literally and figuratively. Once the tide (of inflation) starts coming in with Jupiter in Pisces, it can quickly swell to a tidal wave. Maybe it becomes a tsunami. With Jupiter, things can expand much greater than anyone projected. With Neptune and Pisces involved, boundaries and controls get lost and solutions become based more on hope and faith than science and reality.

The good news is that the fears and hysteria associated with Jupiter in Pisces are not long lasting. They end by the middle of May. The not-so-good news is that Jupiter then moves into Aries, which can be a whole lot of fun, but can also be a whole lot of anger, combativeness, and blame directed at those in leadership while the ship was headed for the iceberg. Fortunately, due to global warming, the iceberg probably will have melted before the ship got there, and the leadership will probably take credit for rescuing the vessel before the inevitable collision that wasn’t really going to happen. It was all another make-believe crisis blown way out of proportion. The real danger, down the road in the latter half of this decade, is still deflation.

Well, that does it for this week. I can’t promise there will be a column next week because the deadline to get the Forecast 2022 Book into the printer is next weekend if we want to have a chance of getting it printed and mailed out by December 15. The deadline is 10 days earlier than usual this year due to the disruption in supply chains (paper in this case) that has caused delays in printing and inflation everywhere. But despite the inflation, we at MMA are still holding to the same prices for the past ten years. I mentioned that I was a Capricorn, and sometimes we are known to be sure, steady, and slow like the turtle, but never like the potato.


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