The Securities and Exchange Commission is set to allow the first U.S. bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds to start trading next week, a landmark victory for a cryptocurrency industry that has long sought permissions from Wall Street’s top regulator. Bitcoin traded north of $60,000 on Friday, its highest level since April 17, in part on speculation the SEC would greenlight the ETFs. – Thomas Frank, “The SEC Is Poised to Allow the First Bitcoin Futures ETF To Begin Trading,”, October 15, 2021.

Rising vaccination rates and nearly $2.8 trillion in federal spending since December have produced a recovery like none in recent memory. Inflation has soared (and) the gains largely reflect disrupted supply chains and shortages associated with the reopening of the economy. – Nick Timiraos, “Fed Tapering Plan on Track, Clarida Says,” Wall Street Journal, October 13, 2021. 

Global equity indices soared last week following their lows that started when Mercury turned retrograde September 29, or near the midpoint of its retrograde cycle, which was October 7-8. But now we are in the midst of three prominent Jupiter transits, October 15-18, plus Mercury ends its retrograde motion on Monday, October 18, along with Jupiter doing the same. It is not unusual to see healthy rallies into multiple Jupiter transits, even if Mercury is still retrograde. But can this rally continue past this next week when the Jupiter effect wanes? Can a rally that started with Mercury retrograde also end when it turns direct three weeks later?  Yes, these things are possible. But right now, the chart pattern and technical picture look very bullish. But then again, it is often the case with Mercury retrograde that technicals and chart patterns look one way, but reality turns out differently.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, the Indian NIFTY index was the star last week. It soared to a new all-time on Friday, October 15. The Australian ASX and Japanese Nikkei indices also had healthy rallies following their cycle lows of September 29 and October 6 respectively. Hong Kong and China’s markets were not as bullish.

In Europe, the London FTSE surged to a new post-pandemic high on Friday. The Netherlands AEX, German DAX, and Zurich SMI indices also rallied smartly from their recent lows posted on October 6.

In the U.S., strong rallies ended the week in the DJIA, S&P, and NASDAQ.

Other markets also had noteworthy weeks. Crude Oil soared to a new 7-year high on Friday, reaching 82.49. Bitcoin is now challenging its all-time high as the week comes to an end. The Dollar/Yen exploded to its highest level in three years. Silver was also strong, soaring to 23.64 on Friday. As recently as September 29, it was making new yearly lows of 21.41. Gold crossed the 1800 mark on Thursday for the first time since September 15, but on Friday, it dropped nearly $30 and was back below 1770.

In retrospect, it looks like many markets ended their counter trend moves that began with Mercury retrograde or its midpoint. They appear to be resuming the trends that were in effect prior to that time. However, with four planets switching from their retrograde to direct motions between October 6 and 18,  that two-week period may also end up being a counter-trend move. Such is the nature of multiple planets turning retrograde and direct in a short span of time. 


How does it feel to be at the very end of a 12-day stretch where four of the planets ended their retrograde cycles and returned back to their direct motions? Did you feel anything flipped? Did you witness the abrupt about-face of financial markets during this period, which started with Pluto turning direct on October 6 (also a new moon, and mid-Mercury retrograde cycle, and Sun conjunct Mars the next day), followed by Saturn turning direct last Monday, October 11?  The planetary reversals will be completed this Monday, October 18, when both Mercury and Jupiter will turn direct. Does that end this impressive rally? Or did it just start October 6  and to continue past on this next week? These are questions financial astrologers will be looking to answer.

It’s not just the switch from retrograde to direct motion of Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. As indicated in the opening, it is also the culmination of three Jupiter transits. On Friday, the Sun and Jupiter formed a trine to one another and the stock markets of the world were sharply higher. On Monday, October 18, Jupiter will turn direct, which also has bullish implications. On Tuesday, October 19, Mars will trine Jupiter, another mostly bullish indicator. These harmonious aspects then transition into the more challenging square and opposition types, October 22 through November 17, starting with the harsh Mars/Pluto square of October 22 and ending with the powerful Mars/Uranus opposition. In between, Mars will square Saturn on November 10.

Of course, we would like to think the bearish counter-trends are over and the bullish trends are resuming. And that might be the case. Even the transits to the NYSE “buttonwood” chart (May 17, 1792) support this view, as transiting Mars conjoins the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in that chart, October 15-29. It is followed by transiting Jupiter doing the same November 2-Deember 20. Maybe the stock indices of the world will continue to rally, but the challenges facing world leaders haven’t ended.  And we still have that final Saturn/Uranus square looming ahead on December 24, which closely follows the equally powerful Venus retrograde (conjunct Pluto) on December 19. Historically, stock markets that are rising into a Saturn/Uranus quarter cycle (conjunction, square, or opposition) top out at least 1-2 months before their final passage.

There is a lot to like about what happened last week in world stock markets. There is also still a lot to be concerned with as well. People may be making money via the economy and the stock market. But world leaders and their governments are still having problems agreeing on major initiatives to move their societies and economies forward, while at the same time consumer prices for goods are rising faster than wages. The Fed is cornering itself between deciding to fight inflation or continuing to stoke a strong economy.  Something has to give, and my view is that judgement day will come in December when those cosmic giants discussed above will collide.

Collisions are the nature of Saturn/Uranus. There is usually some pain and conflict that goes along with it. The thing about conflicts is that one actually and ultimately benefits from embracing them. To do that, one has to have the will to grow. It is important to embrace conflicts for what they yield, not for how they feel. They are uncomfortable and even painful to go through. But that’s the price to pay for poor decisions. It is also the price to pay to grow as a society.


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