The economy added 315,000 jobs for the month, just below the Dow Jones estimate for 318,000 and well off the 526,000 in July and the lowest monthly gain since April 2021. The unemployment rate rose to 3.7%, two-tenths of a percentage point higher than expectations. A broader measure of unemployment that includes discouraged workers and those holding part-time jobs for economic reasons rose to 7% from 6.7%. – Jeff Cox, “Payrolls Rose 315,000 in August,” September 2, 2022,

U.S. mortgage rates rose to their highest level in two months after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell promised to deliver “forceful” action on inflation that he warned would cause economic “pain.” Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday that the average rate on the 30-year loan this week rose to 5.66% from 5.55% for the week ending Sept. 1. The rate is well above the 2.87% recorded just one year ago. – Megan Henney, “Mortgage Rates Climb to 5.66%,” September 1, 2022,

In the week that followed Fed Chair Powell’s warning that the Fed is willing to abort a “soft landing” in deference to its determination to subdue inflation and the economic pain it might cause, the stock markets of the world granted him a big first step in that direction. Pain was everywhere, from stocks to precious metals, currencies, Treasuries, and Crude Oil. Unlike past press conferences, the Fed did little to create a sense that it has our backs. And in response, investors fled the scene of a renewed disaster-in-the-making.

The DJIA ended the week down nearly 1000 points, following the previous week’s 1400-point loss. We were expecting a 1000-2000 point decline from the half-primary cycle crest of 34,281 on August 16. But now the DJIA is down over 3000 points. Be careful of what you expect when the planet of the unexpected is in focus. This is not the type of market or central banking behavior associated with the shadow period of Mercury retrograde, which indeed did begin August 20. No. The unexpected reversal from optimistic messaging to pessimistic warnings of probable economic pain by the Fed is all part of the nature of Uranus. And it was Uranus that dominated the cosmic landscape for the entire month of August, which saw the DJIA achieve both its highest level since April 21 on August 16, and its lowest level since July 18 as the week ended on September 2.

The same pattern for August was in evidence in nearly all global stock indices. That is, after bottoming around June 17 when Venus squared Saturn, global equity rose sharply to multi-month highs August 15-19 as the Sun formed a T-square with Saturn and Uranus August 11-14. The markets then reversed, on time, into August 24-29 as Venus made its T-square to Saturn and Uranus. Normally, the Venus/Saturn opposition would have stopped the decline, as the square stopped the decline on June 17. But the difference this time was that Uranus was stationary, changing directions to its retrograde phase, and when Uranus is highlighted like that, it can (and did) simply overwhelm support offered by Venus/Saturn. On top of that, last weekend was a new Moon square Mars, which is a bit like an overloaded powder keg about to explode. Instead of coming to rescue as it usually does in such dire circumstances, Jerome Powell and the Fed instead lit the wick one week ago, August 26, and the retreat was on in earnest.

Nearly every market we track broke one support after another. The 10-Year Notes are testing their lowest level in 12 years. Silver fell below 18.00 for the first time since July 2020. The Euro has fallen to a nearly 20-year low while the Yen has collapsed to its lowest mark since 1998. These are not corrections. They are bungee jumps in which the cord has broken.

In other markets, Crude Oil had appreciated nearly 14% from its low of 85.73 on August 16 to its high of 97.66 on August 30. Two days later it was back where it started, proving once again that markets “go up in steps and come down in elevators.” Bitcoin dipped below 20,000 last week, but seems to have found support around 19,500, still well above its low of 17,588 made on June 18. 


Inflation in the Eurozone rose to a record in August. Consumer prices were 9.1% higher than a year ago. That is the highest rate since records began in early 1997. – Tom Fairless, “Eurozone Inflation Tops 9%, Pressuring Policy Makers,” Wall Street Journal, September 1, 2022.

Take your pick of several geocosmic factors that probably contributed to this sudden turn from optimism to pessimism in financial markets. Some will say it is the “shadow period” of Mercury retrograde, a phenomenon that started August 20 and will remain in force through October 17. The actual retrograde of Mercury begins this week, September 9-10 and lasts through October 2. The retrograde starts at 8° Libra later this week and ends at 24°Virgo. But many astrologers consider the transit of Mercury from its first passage of 24° Virgo (on August 20, before it turned retrograde) ) to its final passage over 8° Libra (after it ends its retrograde) to be entirely charged with the qualities of Mercury retrograde. The period before the retrograde and after the retrograde that still falls within the degree range of the retrograde, is known as the ”shadow” of Mercury retrograde. Interestingly enough, the end of the summer rally in stocks did commence around the beginning of the Mercury retrograde shadow period.

Or it may relate to Mars beginning its unusually long journey through Gemini, which also began August 20 and will remain in the ruling sign of the Trickster (Mercury retrograde) through March 25, 2023. For some odd reason, Mars in Gemini is one of the war-mongering signs for the god of war, along with Sagittarius and Capricorn. It spends more than the usual 6-7 weeks in Gemini this time because it will be retrograde from October 30, 2022, through January 12, 2023, which is yet another planetary sign placement known for its propensity to engage in conflicts that can turn threatening, but one in which the aggressor usually pays a steep price, and oftentimes ends up in defeat.

Or maybe this is all related to the transit of Pluto currently in opposition to Neptune in the founding chart of the Federal Reserve Board (December 23, 1913). Maybe the Fed doesn’t really know what it is doing. Maybe it has really lost control, and by changing the narrative from hope and trust in a soft landing to one of fear and pain of loss (loss of job, loss of financial security), it will recover its lost credibility from totally missing the emergence of the highest rate of inflation in over 40 years. It never saw it coming until it was already here. That’s the kind of delusion or lack of awareness that typifies Neptune being activated. The only problem with this line of thinking is that inflation is not a problem solely endured by the U.S. or missed solely by the U.S. Central Bank.

In place of each of these possible contributors to the wounded stock market of the last week, I would argue the main cosmic culprit is Uranus. We warned of the unpredictable and chaotic, disruptive nature of Uranus being highlighted in the month of August long before August began. It was to be a fight for the trend of world stock indices. Either the market would explode higher into the eye of the storm, which is pegged to be September 21-28 +/- 2 weeks (Jupiter hitting the midpoint of the next Saturn/Uranus square), or it would turn sharply down and resume a bear market that started shortly after the last Saturn/Uranus waning square of December 24, 2021, and the all-time high of January 4, culminating possibly in a financial panic in August-November. The judgement is still out. Two weeks ago, it looked like the bulls had taken control. But then Uranus struck deep in mid-August, and the Fed has pivoted from the role of cheerleader to alarmist. And it is happening right as we approach the fourth and final passage of the most powerful planetary setup of the year: Jupiter in a double semi-square to Saturn and Uranus. Saturn/Uranus, as we know is a big disruption. With Jupiter, it is even bigger, for Jupiter always does its thing with bigness in mind. Jupiter doesn’t do small.

It is beginning to look more like the panic scenario is back. But not to fret. View this as an opportunity to purchase stocks and other financial assets at a greatly reduced price, sort of like a fire sale. Just remember that you need cash and courage to do this. Great opportunities for profit only come with great risks. Some market analysts are calling for a huge decline, maybe 50% by next year. They might be right. But it might come much faster than they think if the lows of June are taken out. And as you know from this column, with Uranus, breaking support or resistance – violating any attempt at restriction – is the name of its game. Get your check book ready to buy (stocks, Bitcoin, Energy) if this happens in the next six weeks.

We will cover all this and more at our Investment Retreat next weekend. See you there!


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