MMA Free Weekly Forecast: October 5, 2020


U.S. stocks fell on Friday after President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for coronavirus… The Trump tweet initially knocked down Dow futures more than 500 points in overnight trading… “This October surprise raises the already high level of political uncertainty markets are dealing with as election day approaches,” said Jeff Buchbinder, Equity Strategist for LPL Financial. “Markets appear to be increasingly pricing Joe Biden in as the favorite, and this news may not change that, but Trump could gain support from a quick recovery.” – Yun Li, Eutstance Huang, Pippa Stevens, “Stocks Fall After Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus, Stimulus Hope Adds Some Support,”, October 2, 2020. 

The U.S. economy added 661,000 jobs in September, suggesting the labor market’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is beginning to plateau amid fading government relief money and a gradually growing virus caseload. It showed the unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 7.9% from 8.4%. – Megan Henney,  “Final Jobs Report Before Election Day,”, October 2, 2020.

It was a rather disappointing jobs report. On top of that, the President and the First Lady were both diagnosed with COVID-19 late Thursday evening.

It was a full moon Thursday night. Full and new moons with the Sun in Libra often coincide with sharp price reversals in world stock indices. But in the larger view of the cosmos, Mars is retrograde in its ruling sign of Aries, forming a waxing square aspect to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn (the “Capricorn Stellium” or “Grand Conjunction” of 2020). This planetary pattern has been addressed in several of our recent columns as potentially one of the most challenging and disturbing periods of the year. As described in last week’s column, “The belly of the cosmic hurricane now begins. Batten down the hatches and focus on protection of your finances, health, and general well-being for the next 3 weeks as Mars will form its waxing square to Saturn (September 29), Pluto (October 9), and Jupiter (October 19). This challenging period begins with Saturn turning direct this Monday, September 28, which is a powerful Level 1 geocosmic correlation to primary or greater cycles within an orb of 9 trading days (70% rate of frequency). Saturn’s nature can be repressive, giving rise to anxiety and fears. Mars squares this stationary Saturn the next day, September 29, and has an even stronger geocosmic correlation of 80% to primary cycles within an orb of 11 trading days.”

It is possible the low of the stock market was achieved on Thursday, September 24, just two trading days before this potentially dangerous cosmic arrangement entered its central time band. That is within our allowable orb of three trading days. September 24  marked the end of the longest and steepest decline of the U.S. stock market since the pandemic panic low of March 23, which was when Mars made its conjunction to the same Capricorn Stellium (March 20-31). That was arguably the most powerful combination of planetary aspects of 2020, and probably the most challenging period of the year for the world. Most major stock indices lost approximately 40% of their value, and millions of jobs, in just one month. The U.S. stock market (and economy) had never experienced that sharp of a decline, that fast. It was also the peak of hysteria and fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

September 28-October 19 was forecasted to be a return to those themes. And here we are, with the President of the United States and the First Lady, now infected with the 7th deadliest virus in world history (“History of the World’s Worst Pandemics,”, which just this week, passed the 1 million mark in fatalities.

For the week, Crude Oil got hit hard, re-testing its primary cycle low of three weeks ago. Gold and Silver rebounded nicely off their multi-week lows of the prior week. But now we enter the middle of this September 28-October 19 stellar firestorm. 


The first Trump vs. Biden debate marked the return of the chaos candidacy… For 98 minutes, he belittled and bullied and berated both his opponent and the moderator — so much so that he made the debate painful to watch… More than anything, the 98 minutes marked the return of Trump as the chaos candidate. Philip Wegmann, “Trump’s Night: The Return of the Chaos Candidate,”, September 30, 2020.

“With Mars retrograde, the aggressor is usually the loser.” Raymond Merriman, several times, in this column.

President Trump was the aggressor in the first Presidential Debate last Tuesday, and despite the grandiose narrative of conservative talk show hosts (“He was like a gladiator, a true warrior, showing everyone how he fights for Americans and our rights!”), he was clearly the loser of that debate according to most polls conducted afterward. Imagine: you are the head of the Human Resource department of a company you love, and you have these two guys (I would call them gentlemen, but that would be misleading) interviewing for the top position of your company (country). You are proud of the image and respect your company has earned in the eyes of the world over the last 200 years, and you want to protect and even enhance that image with this new hire. Which of these interviewees would you trust to accomplish that? As a U.S. voter, this is precisely the position you are in. They are interviewing to lead your country.

I know this column’s purpose is to discuss the current and future geocosmic cycles and their relationship to activity in financial markets, but I want to comment on the transiting aspects to the President’s chart and his health.

It is interesting, from a geocosmic point of view, that U.S. President Donald Trump has now contacted COVID-19. Given the hard transiting aspects from Neptune and Pluto to his natal chart and his age, this could become more serious than initially thought. He may need expert care at this time, and of course, he will have outstanding medical personnel monitoring his condition. This development could have a powerful effect on financial market prices.

Additionally, this development creates an opportunity to provide insight into how astrology works. For those interested in the studies I have conducted relating geocosmic factors to the deadliest pandemics in history, and how they might impact today’s COVID-19 pandemic, you may want to pre-order the Forecast 2021 Book now. Why? Because I will finish this study this week, and we will be sending out this section as an advance copy to all who have pre-ordered the book as of this week. The material is timely right now and it may be dated by the time the book is released in mid-December.

In the study of medical astrology, Neptune represents a vulnerability to disease and illness, especially those related to a weakened immune system. Saturn and Neptune combinations (midpoints) highlight the weakest part of one’s physical body. When Neptune makes a hard aspect to personal points in a natal chart, one is more vulnerable to disease and illness than usual. If Saturn and/or Pluto are also involved in a hard transiting aspect to a critical natal position, it can be more dangerous than usual. Of course, there are other possible manifestations when these transits to natal planets are activated. But when serious illnesses occur, a combination of these factors will likely be present. President Trump has all of these transits activating critical and personal points in his birth chart right now. Thus, as an astrologer, we understand that this situation could become serious. But let me also discuss other ways that these geocosmic factors might manifest.

First, transiting Neptune is making a T-square to President Trump’s natal Sun/Moon opposition at 21-22° Gemini-Sagittarius (he was born under a lunar eclipse, and this eclipse is being activated in 2020-2022 by Neptune). The Sun is Mr. Trump’s ruling planet, which means it rules his health, and in particular, his heart and vitality. It is reported that he feels fatigued, which is common when Neptune makes a hard aspect to one’s Sun or ruling planet. It needs to be noted that the solar eclipse on December 14 occurs at 23° Sagittarius, conjunct his Moon, and opposite his Sun. Solar eclipses are also powerful correlates to major changes in one’s life due to work, relationships, or health.

There are other areas of one’s life that may be affected during heavy Neptune transits like this, such as one’s mental and psychological state, where one can feel (or actually be) disconnected from reality (“I won the debate big based on the compilation the polls etc. Thank you”). This can work well with someone who is artistic, musical, or spiritually-inclined, for it can coincide with a period of intense visions and spiritual epiphanies, as well as a time of confinement. It is also a time when one can feel – or really be – victimized, the subject (or perpetrator) of false and damaging rumors that are not based upon facts but can be harmful to one’s reputation.

Also in effect at this time are the transits of Saturn and Pluto in opposition to President Trump’s natal Venus/Saturn at 23-25° Cancer. Pluto will remain in opposition through November 1, 2022. This too can coincide with a period of greater fatigue than usual. However, with Pluto in such an aspect, as stated before in this column, “No one escapes unscathed.” It is a period leading to personal transformation, related to prior actions and behaviors that no longer work in the native’s best interest. There is a symbolic “surrender” required before one can rebuild a better life in this area. Given that Trump’s Venus/Saturn is in the sign of Cancer, which rules family, this may correlate to the scathing revelation of his family’s dynamics recounted in the recent book written by his niece, Mary Trump.

Nevertheless, the point is that Mr. Trump is under hard transiting aspects from Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn, and he has contacted COVID-19, and this is a combination that can indicate serious challenges in his life, such as health. Normally, with Mars rising in Leo, he is strong and vital, and perhaps that natal strength will carry him through just fine. However, it would be most wise for the President to rest and avoid stress, and maybe allow himself to be open for an epiphany of sorts that will allow the American public to once again view a civil and respectable debate for the highest office in the U.S.

In the meantime, we are in a time band that contains the multiple geocosmic signatures which are very much related to those in effect March 20-31 when the stock markets of the world bottomed and ended their panic that started one month earlier. If announcements come out that the president’s health condition is deteriorating, stock markets will fall hard again. However, with Neptune being the planet of disinformation and deception (when it is not having a spiritual epiphany), I am not at all certain that the information being provided to the public will be indicative of what is really happening. With Neptune, you cannot believe what you see, hear, or read. Still, for those who believe in the power of prayer and support the President, this would be an appropriate time to pray for the president’s total recovery and well-being. And for those who don’t believe in prayers or miracles, maybe this will be a time to experience an overflow of compassion for humanity. The world can certainly use more of that, and fortunately, Neptune rules compassion when it is not caught up in a web of deceptions and untruths.




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