MMA Weekly Column: August 17, 2020


U.S. equity markets ended the (Friday) session flat in what was a quiet summer Friday trading session after lawmakers went on break without agreeing on a coronavirus relief package and retail sales softened. – Jonathan Garber, “Stocks Finish Little Changed as COVID Relief Hangs in Limbo,”, August 14, 2020.

If you looked at the end of the week in Asian equities, you may have the impression that Uranus turning retrograde this weekend is leading to an upside breakout. The Nikki and NIFTY indices are breaking out to a new post-crash high.

If you look at the European equity markets, they are reversing downward and appear ready to break lower as we approach Uranus retrograde. Each rallied into Wednesday, August 12, but by Friday, they were starting to fall somewhat sharply. None took out their highs of July 21, following the triple opposition of the Sun to the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn) of July 14-20, but each made secondary highs and started declining after Wednesday of last week.

In the U.S., the DJIA and S&P made new post-crash highs on August 11 but the NASDAQ did not. However, the NASDAQ made a new all-time high the week before, on August 11, and the other indices have not yet made new all-time highs, for cases of intermarket bearish divergence. Yet none of these indices sold off sharply following those highs. They have just traded sideways. Thus, it is still unclear if Uranus retrograde will correspond to a reversal of the current bullish trend, or a breakout to new post-crash or even new all-time highs.

Gold and Silver, on the other hand, made a very dramatic, Uranus-like, statement last week. After posting a new all-time high last Friday, August 7, at 2089, Gold fell sharply to a low of 1874 three trading days later, on August 12. That was a loss of $215. As pointed out to daily subscribers the day before that low, the pattern was looking a lot like the runup in Gold in 2011. In mid-August 2011, Gold made an initial peak and then fell $212.50 in two days, before continuing to its all-time high on September 6. Daily subscribers were advised to buy if a similar decline happened the next day. It did. Silver’s behavior was similar. It rallied to a new multi-year high of 29.91 on Friday, August 7. By Wednesday, it had plunged to 23.58, a loss of 21%. Again, traders were advised to buy going into August 12, and by Friday, Silver was again testing 28.00.

Crude Oil and Bitcoin continued strong last week, but couldn’t exceed their highs of the prior week, which could be a sign also of a reversal about to happen, or a breakout, related to Uranus retrograde.


“United we stand. Divided we part.” – Patrick Henry, March 1799. He followed it with, “Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.”

“A division of the republic into two great parties … is to be dreaded as the great political evil.” – John Adams from “The Works of John Adams,” by Charles Francis Adams, Little, Brown, &Co, Boston, MA 1856.

“Ask not what the country can do for you… ask what you can do for your country,” – John F. Kennedy, Inauguration speech, January 1961.

Mars is right in the middle of its first waxing square to the Capricorn stellium of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn, August 4-24. The combative and forceful square of Mars/Pluto was in force last week, as Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, selected former prosecutor and current U.S. Senator Kamala Harris to be his running mate. Immediately Republicans started attacking her as being “nasty” and “mean-spirited,” typical of Mars/Pluto. But Wall Street was rather happy with the choice. It remains to be seen just how much she will help or hurt the ticket but given the heavy presence of Mars through the election, people seem to love her or hate her, much like President Trump.

According to, Kamala Harris was born October 20, 1964 at 9:28 PM in Oakland, CA. Like Trump, she too was born under a full Moon. In her case, the Capricorn Stellium of Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars make a T-square to her natal full Moon the rest of this year. In President Trump’s case, those planets make an opposition to his natal Venus/Saturn conjunction. In other words, the Capricorn stellium makes a grand square between important positions in their combined natal charts. The prominence of Saturn and Pluto to these personal points does not imply popularity in either case. Expect each to make the other the object of stinging attacks. Trump may be fighting Harris more than Biden, and “nasty” is just one of the milder descriptions as to how this fight may unfold between the two.

Cosmically, each is apt to get under the skin of the other. There will be no punches pulled, no surrender, and no survivors. It’s a fight to the finish. With Pluto, neither is likely to get out of this unscathed.

It is also interesting that the Moon’s North Node conjuncts Trump’s natal Sun, a harbinger of success. At the same time, Harris’ natal chart shows her undergoing a nodal return, and both the transiting and natal lunar North Node conjunct her natal ascendant, also a sign of success. Transiting Pluto shows they may both suffer and be damaged by this election period, while the Moon’s North Node shows they may both be successful and could end up victors. Politically, this choice may appear risky. Astrologically this isn’t a bad choice for Biden and the Dems at all, as Harris has transiting Saturn moving well up her chart, a sign of rising power. It cannot be ruled out that Kamala Harris may become the U.S. president within the next four years based on the transits of Saturn and the Moon’s North Node.

Now, how will stock markets react to this? I think we will get a strong glimpse September 29-October 19 after transiting Mars has turned retrograde and once again makes the first quarter cycle (waxing square) to Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. For now, we await to see if this weekend’s Uranus station correlates with an upside breakout to new stock market highs or begins a severe multi-week decline.


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