MMA Weekly Column: December 23, 2019

NOTE: THERE WILL BE NO WEEKLY COLUMN NEXT WEEK. We will return January 3. From all of us at MMA, to all of you from around the world, thank you for your support of this weekly column for the past 21 years. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season, and a most prosperous and Happy New Year! It’s going to be a big year in terms of the cosmic patterns. Three conjunctions of the outer planets in Capricorn! As outlined in the Forecast 2020 book, it’s a year for Heroes and Villains. Be brave and honest, and choose your actions with a sense of their consequences, as a hero would.


Markets are shrugging off the impeachment of President Donald Trump because he is not expected to be removed from office, and there should be no negative impacts on fiscal or monetary policy as a result. Investors have instead focused on recent positive developments, like the trade agreement being worked out between the Trump administration and China, which should stop some strains on the economy and earnings. “Trump needed his victories. He’s got NAFTA, we got a China deal, and we got a budget. He got all these victories while he was under impeachment,” said Daniel Clifton, head of policy research at Strategas.- Patti Domm, “Here is Why the Stock Market is Ignoring Trump’s Impeachment by the House,”, December 19, 2019.

The three-month House inquiry has failed to build majority support among Americans for or against impeaching President Trump, leaving the nation evenly divided, 48% to 48%, on whether to remove the president from office, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds. Among independents, 50% support impeachment and removal, while 44% oppose it. – Aaron Zitner, “Americans Evenly Divided on Trump Removal, WSJ/NBC News Poll Finds,”, December 18, 2019.

Last week was a perfect example of interplay between the positive Jupiter transits in effect through December 27, and the much harsher 32-37-year Saturn/Pluto conjunction aspect that will take place on January 12, but whose orb of influence is in force 11 months either side.

The week started off with the glow of trade agreements reached between the U.S. and China, and then the House-approved USMCA trade deal between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. The middle of the week also witnessed the historic impeachment of President Donald Trump by the U.S. House of Representatives for only the third time in U/S. history in a partisan political battle. But the stock market did not care about the political strife. It was focused on the historical week of trade deals that opened up a whole new world of economic opportunities for growth via trade (Jupiter). And on that note, the U.S. stock market continued to break to new all-time highs, carrying many other global equity markets upward with it.

On this count, it is hard to argue with the success of President Trump’s handling of the economy. He closed annoying trade tensions that worried markets and corporations, consistent with Jupiter trine Uranus on December 15 and the Sun translating this favorable trine December 23-27. Conventional wisdom suggests that people vote according to their economic sense of well-being. That’s not entirely true as new polls suggest he is not gaining much traction in his favorability ratings, still below 50%. It appears that half of Americans may vote according to the size of their pocketbook. The other half votes on the basis of character, and this is where the president continues to fall short. This accounts for the even split of Americans who want him to remain in office and those who want him removed.

It is interesting that more Independents want him removed. Will he be removed? Probably not, as it will require 2/3 of the Senate to vote for removal. With a 53-47 majority, the Republicans are not likely to break ranks heading into an election, and it is clear this is a partisan battle. However, President Trump is under powerful transits from Pluto and Neptune during the next two years. Pluto, which pertains to threats to one’s power, will be in opposition to his natal Venus and Saturn. Venus is associated with love and popularity, while Saturn relates to one ‘s position and authority. Neither appears about to improve, especially after June through the election, when Mars will transit through Aries making this into a warlike cardinal T-square.

At the same time, transiting Neptune is making a T-square to the President’s natal Sun/Uranus conjunction, which opposes his natal Moon (he was born under a lunar eclipse involving Uranus – he is “different”, as is often the case with strong Uranian charts. If people think he has been behaving bizarrely and “inappropriately” (hence the “character” issue with the populace), they ain’t seen nothing yet. He’s not about to “normalize” as a result of the impeachment vote. Probably, to the contrary. To some, he may be about to become more “entertaining,” even less constrained. But such behavior may actually bring him closer to being removed, for Pluto is also the planet of “removal from power.” Most analysts think that the longer this drags out, the more it hurts Democrats and favors Trump. My understanding of astrology, and the fact that Pluto in Capricorn (judgement) gets more powerful in his chart as we near the election, suggests the opposite. And do not forget that the reason the Democrats won so may new seats in the House in the 2018 election was because those newly elected Dems opposed the President, and many said they would work towards his impeachment. They delivered what they promised to do if elected. It is naive (Neptunian) for Republicans to think that those same voters will now punish those representatives for doing what they were voted in to do. When Pluto hits you like it is hitting the President, you usually encounter a reality you never thought you would have to deal with in life, and approaching it the same way you have approached matters all of your life will no longer work. Getting out of this requires some kind of personal transformation in values, beliefs, and/or behaviors. If this is not done willingly, then change is often forced upon you and your life is transformed unwillingly. A Pluto transit, especially to Saturn, is a solemn period in one’s life, one way or the other. Things are no longer the same and things don’t work the same as before for you.


Our readers are concerned about the financial markets ahead more than anything else. So, let me give a holiday gift to readers – a quick overview on how I see the U.S. and world stock markets in 2020. For more elaborate details, please refer to the Forecast 2020 Book, which covers the geocosmic and cyclical patterns that are now in effect through the next 1-3 years.

I find it very interesting that the all-time high of October 3, 2018, was followed by that 19% decline into December 26-27, 2018. This year, October 3, 2019, was a primary cycle low, and here we are making new all-time highs as we approach December 26-27, 2019. The pattern is exactly the opposite from last year’s – so far.

Most stock markets of the world exhibit a 15-18 month cycle, with an orb of three months. In the U.S., it is a 15.5-month cycle (range 13-18 months). This is a 1/3 phase of the greater 4-year cycle, which bottomed one year ago, December 26-27, 2018. Other world indices, as in Europe, have a 3-year cycle that breaks down into two 18-month phases. This 3-year cycle also bottomed December 26-27, 2018 (same in Japan, and one week later in China). A simple calculation shows that the next 15.5-month cycle in the U.S. stock market is due April 2020 +/- 3 months, whereas in Europe it is due June 2020 +/- 3 months. During that time, Venus will turn retrograde (May 13-June 25). This would be a very good time to buy global stock markets if indeed they are falling. The decline is likely to be greater than any decline experienced in 2019, but not as great as the decline into December 26-27, 2018. In the U.S., the greatest decline in 2019 was 7.5%. The decline into December 26, 2018 was over 19%. Thus, the decline in U.S. stocks is forecast to be 8-19%, to a low due April 2020, +/- 3 months.

Following that low, studies related to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020 correlate with a crest +/- 5 months. At this point, it is indeterminable if that high will be greater or less than the high of the first part of the year. However, once that second high is completed,the Saturn/Uranus waning square of 2021 suggests that the market will decline sharply to its 6.5-year cycle low, ideally due 2021-2023.

This is our road map for the next year. We hope that you will find this to be a useful guide in your investment planning. After all, the secret to success under the powerful Capricorn conjunctions of 2020 is “planning.” It is one of creation’s greatest gifts to humanity, and astrology is one of the greatest tools to assist in one’s planning. And of course, these projections will be refined and narrowed as the year progresses through our daily, weekly, and monthly reports, based on the patterns that unfold within each of these cycles.

With these thoughts, may each and everyone one of you have a joyful holiday season. See you next year!


MMA will take a holiday vacation. There will be no subscription reports or columns written after December 23, until January 3. Have fun! With all this Jupiter energy in effect through December 27, there is no reason why we should not enjoy this season. However, you may have to be careful of having too much fun. Jupiter oftentimes has difficulty knowing its boundaries, or the boundaries of others. But with common sense and a little respect for others, the promise for a great holiday season is possible for businesses and individuals alike. It may actually feel like we are working in harmony with one another, that we recognize those things that connect us with one another, rather than those things that set us apart. Except possibly impeachment. Enjoy this Jupiterian holiday season!


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