MMA Weekly Column: December 30, 2019


However, we thought it would be a good time to review our MMA Daily subscription reports for
active traders, as we ended the year with very profitable trades on stock indices and precious metals.


Bitcoin: Our best trade of the year was in Bitcoin. We started the year with long positions below $3500.
We advised both position and aggressive traders to “double up” on those longs when Bitcoin exceeded
$4400, which happened on April 3. Traders were then advised to exit most or all those positions on June
24-25. On June 26, Bitcoin topped out at 13,895.

Gold: Gold continued being a stellar performer in 2019, after position traders assumed their core position in Gold at levels below $1180 shortly after the 31.33-month cycle bottomed on August 16, 2018. Both aggressive and position traders took several profits on longs and then bought back at lower prices, since that time. Position and aggressive traders both added on to long positions on March 4 at 1275 +/- 10, with a stop-loss below 1250. These positions that have been carried to the end of this year as Gold is above 1500. Profits on some of those positions have now been covered well above $1500 this week.

CGC: This was never a recommendation given in our daily or weekly reports. However, we did advise
attendees at a lecture in April to buy this cannabis stock if it dropped back to 35 or lower (we also advised buying Bitcoin below $3800 and Gold below 1275 at the same lecture). CGC went much lower, below 20.00. It was good for a while, as it topped 50.00. But after that peak in May, it has struggled. Not
everything went as “high” as it seemed it would under Jupiter/Neptune at the time.



S&P Futures: On Dec 10, both aggressive and position traders were advised to “… buy at 3125 +/-6
with a stop-loss on a close below 3069.” The low was 3116.25. In our daily report (December 23), traders
were advised: “…cover all at 3250 +/- 12.” That was elected this week.

NASDAQ Futures: On Dec 9, both aggressive and position traders were advised to “… buy at 8340
+/- 25 with a stop-loss on a close below 8220.” The low that day was 8347, and the next day it fell to
8297. On December 23, our last report of the year, traders were advised, “…. cover all at 8800 +/-
30,” which was elected this week.

There were many, many excellent and profitable trades made throughout the year, on the Euro, TNotes, and Silver markets as well. Given the huge leverage one enjoys in trading futures, one can easily see what a return these trades have afforded subscribers. For instance, every $10 move in a regular Gold futures contract is worth $1000. So, when our core position has increased from 1180 to 1500, that represents a gain of $32,000/contract, and we trade in three’s (three contracts per entry). But there are mini contracts too that trade in one-half or even one-third increments as a standard contract. And yes, not only are the profit potentials great, but the risks of loss are great too. Futures trading is not for everyone. Additionally, many subscribers prefer to use our futures trades on ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), which involve even less risk.

The MMA Daily Subscription Reports may cost more than the other reports, but they have paid off very handsomely throughout the years, and the end of 2019 was no exception. If you are a trader and a subscriber, then you know the cost has been well worth the investment over the years.

Enjoy the holidays. We will return with our regular column next week. See you then!



NOTE 1: MMA’S DAILY AND WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION REPORTS CONTINUE TO BE HOT! Especially the daily reports! If you are an active short-term trader, or even if you are an investor
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INDICES FROM MMA. This year’s English edition of the Forecast 2020 Book is 250 pages, our largest ever. We think readers will be pleased with additional analysis on the three synodic cycles that will be in effect in 2020, something that has not happened in over 130 years. The correlation of these cycles to mundane, political, and economic events is fascinating, especially the research on the longest of these planetary cycles beginning this year: the 32-37 year Saturn/Pluto conjunction. It is unlikely you will find a more complete examination and explanation of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction taking place on January 12, 2020, than you will find in Forecast 2020, except via the work of Claude Weiss at

In addition to the English edition of Forecast 2020, Raymond Merriman has written three special 9-page
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Many of our English readers and global investors may find these reports to be of special interest too. Therefore, we will make each of these reports available for purchase for $30 apiece. They are written
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January 12, 2020: The Saturn/Pluto Conference: “Reset Astrology: Start of a New Era,” Zurich,
Switzerland, featuring Claude Weiss, Monica Kissling, Verna Bachmann, Alexandra Klinghammer,
Klemens Ludwig, Markus Jehle, Dr. Christof Niederwieser, and Raymond Merriman. For more
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February 8, 2020: MMA’s Forecast 2020 live webinar will take place on Saturday, February 8, 2020.
In the comfort of your own home or office, you can tune into Raymond Merriman’s annual worldwide
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presentation, plus a downloadable video recording of the event. If unable to attend live, you can still sign
up, as everyone who orders the Webinar will receive the slides and video recording, following the live

September 9-14, 2020: The ISAR 2020 Conference on “Reimagining the Future.” The largest and most exciting international astrological conference taking place in 2020. With a faculty of over 100 of the world’s top astrologers from 25 different countries, and very dynamic tracks on Financial Astrology, Mundane and Political Astrology, and other topics, this is an event you will not want to miss. On Wednesday, September 9, I (Ray Merriman) will be conducting a 4-hour workshop on “Astrology and the Art of Financial Market Timing: How to Forecast Market Trends and Market Reversals.” This course will provide research studies showing the correlation of astrological factors to short- and longer-term financial market timing in stock markets, precious metals, and Bitcoin. It is the only workshop I plan to conduct in 2020.

Saturday, September 12, I will be presenting a lecture on “The Times, They Are a Changin’ – The Political, Economic, and Monetary Revolution.” It’s not just the convergence of the 20-, 200-, and 800- year long-term Jupiter/Saturn cycles. It is also Saturn in Aquarius, squaring its ruler, Uranus, in Taurus. The convergence of the Jupiter/Saturn cycles in air sign Aquarius symbolizes the dawn of a new socioeconomic-political era; the waning Saturn/Uranus square, the demise of an older order. What does this bode for financial markets of the world, and what can you do? We will discuss that in this lecture.

To register or see more information on this spectacular event, go to and be prepared to be amazed!


Disclaimer and statement of purpose: The purpose of this column is not to forecast the future movement of various financial markets. However, that is the purpose of the MMA (Merriman Market Analyst)  subscription services. This column is not a subscription service. It is a free service, except in those cases where a fee may be assessed to cover the cost of translating this column from English into a non-English language. This weekly report is written with the intent to educate the reader on the relationship between astrological factors and collective human activities as they are happening. In this regard, this report will often cite what happened in various stock and financial markets throughout the world in the past week and discuss that movement in light of the geocosmic signatures that were in effect. It will then identify the geocosmic factors that will be in effect in the next week, or even month, or even years, and the author’s understanding of how these signatures may affect human activity in the times to come. The author (Merriman) will do this from a perspective of a cycles’ analyst looking at the military, political, economic, and even financial markets of the world. It is possible that some forecasts will be made based on these factors. However, the primary goal is to both educate and alert the reader as to the psychological climate we are in, from an astrological perspective. The hope is that it will help the reader understand the psychological dynamics that underlie (or coincide with) the news events and hence potentially affect financial markets.

No guarantee as to the accuracy of this report is being made here. Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the reader, and neither the author nor the publishers of this column assume any responsibility whatsoever for anyone’s trading or investment decisions. Readers of this report should understand that commodity futures and options trading are considered high risk.