MMA Weekly Column: July 22, 2019

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The year 2020 is going to be an incredible cosmic year, which indicates a major shift and is likely to begin in world affairs, leadership, and financial markets. It’s not just a 1-2 year shift, this is the end and beginning of a 20, 60, 200, and 800-year cycle involving the Great Chronocrator, Jupiter and Saturn. To astrologers, this is known as the “Great Mutation.” You won’t want to miss this year’s Forecast Book and active subscribers to MMA Subscription Reports will get the best pre-order price we offer starting on August 12th.


Stocks in the U.S. have had a good run this year, but that could end as soon as this quarter, said Jasslyn Yeo, global market strategist at J.P. Morgan Asset Management. That potential sell-off would be driven by a downward revision in earnings forecasts for next year, Yeo said. “In terms of timing, I think these two weeks will still be good for equity markets as we move into the Fed rate cut,” she said…After that expected Fed move, investors are set to turn their attention to other factors that influence stock prices, such as corporate earnings…“We think there could be a risk that (earnings) would head downwards,” – Yen Nee Lee, “J.P. Morgan Warns of Significant Sell-Off in U.S. Stocks This Quarter,”, July 26, 2019.

It was a noteworthy week for many markets, even with Mercury retrograde. That may be because July 25 was also the midpoint of several geocosmic signatures that started July 7, when Mercury turned retrograde, through August 11, when Uranus will turn retrograde and Jupiter direct.

Typical of Mercury retrograde, world equity markets were all over the place. Some made new all-time highs July 25-26, like the NASDAQ Composite and the Australian ASX indices. The Netherlands AEX soared to its highest level since June 2001 at the same time. The German DAX, China Shanghai Composite, and Japanese Nikkei also had decent rallies into July 25, but not to new monthly highs. Others instead fell most of last week, recording multi-week lows, such as in India’s Nifty, Brazil’s Bovespa, and London’s FTSE indices.

A similar pattern was observed in world currency markets. The Euro fell to its lowest prices in over two years on July 25 following ECB Chair Mario Draghi’s mixed messages on the future of the Euro economy. The Swiss Franc was also down, but well above its yearly low recorded on April 25 and May 6. The U.S. Dollar, which had been falling on the belief that the Fed will be cutting interest rates next week, suddenly reversed after Draghi’s speech and is now challenging its yearly highs again. It seems like a race between Trump and the ECU to see who can deflate their currencies the most and capture world market shares for their regional businesses, as if this will really boost their economies again, as it did during the last currency war, which was not that long ago.

The strangeness, and the incidents of intermarket bearish and/or bullish divergence of this particular Mercury retrograde cycle (July 7-31) on financial markets, does not end there. The prior week, Gold exploded to a new 6-year cycle high, above $°0 for the first time in six years. This was right into the price target given in our first special report on Gold on August 26, 2018, when Gold was trading below 1190, and we stated, “…because if August 16 was the 30.5-month cycle low, a nice multi-month rally is already underway. In fact, it may be more than “nice.” It may be excellent, The upside potential of a new 30.5-month cycle projects a rally to the crest of the new 30.5-month cycle as 1499 +/- 54.” Following the low of August 16, 2018 and our recommendation to buy Gold then, our 30.5-month cycle was adjusted to 31.33 months. Our second special report on Gold was issued June 25, 2019, and stated, “Within the 31.33-month cycle are usually three 50-week cycles. Measured from the start of this cycle on August 16, 2018 (at 1167.10), the upside price target (of this first 50-week cycle) is 1450 +/- 33.50.” Not bad. When we issue special reports, they are usually on target with regard to trend, price, and time.


Growth decelerated in the second quarter, but not by as much as Wall Street thought, as tariffs and a global slowdown weighed on the U.S. economy, the Commerce Department reported Friday. Following the report, Trump tweeted, “Not bad considering we have the very heavy weight of the Federal Reserve anchor wrapped around our neck. Almost no inflation. USA is set to Zoom!” – Jeff Cox, “Growth Slows to 2.1% in Second Quarter.”, July 19, 2019.

Mercury retrograde, the Trickster, is having his way of creating chaos in the form of conflicting signals and market divergences in both world stock indices, as well as financial and commodity futures in this particular cycle (July 7-31). But Mercury retrograde is not the only show playing at your favorite cosmic theatre right now. There is also the “Fed Watch” game show, where the debate is intensifying as to whether rates will be cut by ¼ or ½ percent this week.

There is also the never-ending mystery story of the China-USA trade talks that vacillates from on-again to off-again status: Will the Donald really be able to close a super incredible trade deal this time or not, as he has claimed will happen many times? Or, does he even really want to? He says he wants a super deal and he says that China really wants a deal, but so far, there is no deal and no indication that there really will be a deal, and that it is just an illusion, reflective of the Jupiter/Neptune waning square that ends September 21. Jupiter rules trade, and its natural expression is always about something “grand,” whereas Neptune is associated with illusion, delusion, and misdirection. People may again get their hopes up, at their own risk.

Still, there are a number of favorable geocosmic signatures involving Jupiter (trade) that peak August 7-11. Either the two sides are once again close to a deal, or if the gods of the cosmos smile down upon Humankind, maybe they will actually be able to complete the deal and end this slow-moving, gradually evolving, global economic comedy-tragedy. It’s a comedy-tragedy (Jupiter/Neptune) because it is based on the assumption that trade deficits are bad, when in actuality, a trade deficit (in this case) usually means you (the USA) are prosperous and your citizens can afford more than the other side. Using tariffs to try to balance a trade deficit is nothing more than tax on everyone, and that doesn’t lead to growth for anyone. Hence, the idea that the seeds of recession are being planted is not far off the mark, especially considering that once the Jupiter/Neptune fantasy ends, and people see through the smoke and mirrors, the harsh reality of the Capricorn Stellium will start taking hold.

This “shift” begins in the cosmos December 2, 2019, when Jupiter leaves Sagittarius for the sober and realistic sign of Capricorn, where it will join Saturn and Pluto. It doesn’t mean that the markets top out on December 2 and then reverse down. Stock markets have a high rate of frequency topping out while Jupiter is Sagittarius, especially near the middle degrees of Sagittarius, which just happens to be within two months of August 11, 2019. Adding “fuel to the fire” will be the fiery Sun-Mars conjunction of September 2, a geocosmic signature that also has a high correlation to 8% or greater reversals in many stock indices when they are within 8° orb to one another (most of August and September).

We are entering a very wild period of geocosmic activity again, based on cosmic indicators related to financial markets. This is time when trends can reverse very suddenly due to quickly changing variables between hope and expectations, versus disillusionment and reality. There is no deal, no agreement, no commitment, until the deal is signed. And that won’t happen until both parties feel they can trust one another. If they do trust one another, then the next two weeks are an exceptional time to sign an agreement. In fact, it is why I chose August 9 (August 7-11) for having my own wedding celebration. You don’t see opportunities like this from the cosmos come about very often. And when they arise, you don’t want to miss the opportunity. Missing a great opportunity can be as psychologically devastating as a major loss. One often leads to the other. But understanding that every moment has its own unique quality, and anything born in that moment takes on the quality of that moment, is the basis for using astrology as a powerful planning tool. The art of successful planning is perhaps the most valuable feature of this study, the oldest of all studies known to Humankind.


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