MMA Weekly Column: May 25, 2020

Note: U.S. markets will be closed Monday in observance of the Memorial Day Holiday.


Heavy hearts soared Monday (May 18) with news that Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine candidate — the front runner in the American market — seemed to be generating an immune response in Phase 1 trial subjects. The company’s stock valuation also surged, hitting $29 billion, an astonishing feat for a company that currently sells zero products. But was there good reason for so much enthusiasm? While Moderna blitzed the media, it revealed very little information — and most of what it did disclose were words, not data. – Helen Branswell, “Vaccine Experts Say Moderna Didn’t Produce Data Critical to Assessing Covid-19 Vaccine,”, May 19, 2020.

Uncertainty. Mixed signals. That’s the nature of Venus retrograde in a square aspect to Neptune last week. It’s going to continue for a while, as this aspect unfolds in a 3-passages series through the end of July. Nothing is real; nothing is clear. So just sit back and try to relax without putting unnecessary stress on your self or those around you. You can’t make a detailed plan, so learn to be present in the moment.

On Monday, May 18, the Dow Jones Industrial Average exploded on news that Moderna had developed a promising vaccine in the fight against Covid-19. During the day, the DJIA was up over 1000 points from the prior Friday’s close, which was significant based on our market timing methods. On our May 17 webinar, the question was asked whether the powerful Venus retrograde of May 13 would coincide with a cycle high or low. I replied that it was most likely the major cycle low of May 14, one day later. However, the time band was still in effect, and if the DJIA rallied 1000 points early in the week, it could also become a half-primary cycle crest. Well, the market did that. The DJIA soared 1000 points on Monday, May 18, to a high of 24,708 and then started to trade sideways. Along with other indices, the DJIA went slightly higher on Thursday, May 21, to 24,718. However, last week the DJIA did not take out its cycle high of 24,764 made on April 29, whereas other markets (S&P and NASDAQ) did. As of now, the low of May 14 has held and so has the double top high of May 21. Thus, we have mixed signals and uncertainty, typical of Venus retrograde, and especially in a square aspect to Neptune.

No one knows for certain whether the Moderna vaccine will be the solution to COVID-19, or whether the Venus retrograde and the May 15 three-star CRD (geocosmic critical reversal date) coincided with a cycle low or high, or both in world stock indices. Yes, I know many readers view astrology as some sort of fortune-telling tool. But in reality, that is not how astrology works, or how it provides value to society. It is a study that belongs in the category of forecasting tools based on historical rates of frequency associated with cycles in human activity. It is not an oracle that can predict events with 100% certainty. We use studies that demonstrate correlations of 80% or more. There are very few geocosmic signatures that rise to the level of a 100% correlation to the culmination of market cycles. If that is what one is looking for, they need to look elsewhere. Experienced traders know that no market study is 100% efficient, and that different studies will yield different signals most of the time. That is, most of the time, various market studies yield conflicting outlooks based on past correspondences. Professional astrologers know this too in regard to astrological signatures. Venus retrograde, for example, has an 80% correlation to primary cycles in the past, allowing an orb of 12 trading days, and usually seven days or less. And within those 80% correspondences, 2/3 are with crests and 1/3 with troughs. Sometimes both types occur. The knowledge of patterns that unfold within cycles, combined with certain technical studies, help analysts make forecasts and develop trading strategies.

But let’s move forward, which is easier said than done following a week of three planets (Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter) turning retrograde, May 10-14. This set up itself has a high correlation to major reversals in most financial markets, +/- 1 week. That was apparent with Gold and Silver last week, as Silver soared to 18.16 on Wednesday, May 20, its highest price since it hit 18.92 on February 24, while Gold soared to 1775 on Monday May 18, but did not make a new high for this current cycle. That still stands at 1788.80 as of April 14. Crude Oil also continued its impressive rally, climbing to a high of 34.66 on Thursday, May 21, up five-fold from its low of 6.50 on April 21. Bitcoin tried to make a new multi-month high as it tested 10,000 on May 18 (its cycle high was 10,078 on May 8).


Coronavirus lockdowns have had an “extreme” effect on daily carbon emissions, causing a 17% drop globally during peak confinement measures by early April – levels last seen in 2006.Carbon dioxide, emitted from burning fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal, is the greenhouse gas most responsible for global warming. It stays in the atmosphere about a century before dissipating. – Doyle Rice, “Pollution Falls During Pandemic Peak,” Doyle Rice, USA Today, May 20, 2020.

The period from 1890-1920, known as the Progressive Era, marks a period in U.S. history when the country underwent multiple changes. The Spanish-American War (1898) epitomized this shift towards global intervention. Population growth, waves of immigrants, advances in industry, and other factors led many Americans to the conclusion that the country’s governmental systems needed to be radically altered in order to better fit the interests of the nation. The country developed a new strategy concerning foreign affairs that differed from the traditional stances of the Founding Era. One such alteration was an increase in the country’s willingness to take military action in foreign conflicts. – Bill of Rights Institute, “The Turning Point in U.S. Foreign Policy,”

The retrograde Venus of May 13 has not yet exhibited a clear case of a cycle high or low in equity markets yet, even though historically its correlation to a primary type is 80%. If we include half-primary cycles, the correlation is 91.3%. When one of these cycles fails to happen in the time surrounding Venus retrograde, it will often unfold nearby to the midpoint, which will be June 3-4 in this current case. And there is also a very high correlation to primary or greater cycles around the time that Venus turns direct (June 25 +/- 10 trading days). It will be interesting to observe the period of June 18-30, for that is when three more planets will change direction, plus the second passage of the powerful Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. That is, on June 18, Mercury will turn retrograde, followed by Neptune doing the same on June 22. Then on June 25, Venus will turn direct, and on June 30, Jupiter will conjunct Pluto. The uncertainty regarding the future of the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions related to it are not likely to be determined by then. Nor is the future of the economy to be clear by then, and possibly not before July 12 when Mercury turns direct, or even by July 27 when the third and final passage of the Venus/Neptune square takes place.

When might we begin to see clarity – a real turning point – in regard to this pandemic? As discussed in last week’s webinar, perhaps not until after February 2021, when Neptune moves out of the orb of its opposition to the “supercharged degrees” of 15-19 Virgo, corresponding to the degrees of the 111-143-year cycle of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in 1965-66.

The Forecast 2020 Book described this as the year of “Checkmate” and the “End and Beginning of a New Era,” based on the “Capricorn Stellium” involving Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, and the Moon’s South Node in Capricorn (actually the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction takes place in 0° Aquarius on the winter solstice of December 21, 2020). At the time, it appeared that “Checkmate” might apply to the U.S.-China trade dispute, or the geopolitical tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Neither side in these disputes was going to back down and a win-win resolution was not likely before someone got hurt and got hurt badly. Now, I am beginning to think “Checkmate” might apply to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the winner is Mother Nature and ecology. The parties that got hurt badly are those that have been not been “friendly” to nature and ecology in recent years. These would include transportation (air and auto), manufacturing, air travel (tourism) and energy (oil). In a sense, they have been “checkmated” by Mother Nature and ecology due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No one could travel, and many could not work.

We tend to look at the Covid-19 in terms of the negatives it has brought into our lives. It has brought forth much human suffering and death. But there are positive developments too that have resulted, and many more to come. We are already witnessing a slew of creative, innovative ideas arising to solve these health challenges and develop new benefits for increased safety and protection living on this planet. This is indeed the start of a new era, typical of three of the five outmost planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto) forming conjunctions with one another. With this rare cosmic occurrence in one year, and with the sudden life and death conditions that have arisen during this year already, will come new inventions brought about by the need to adapt to new realities in this new era. This is not a surprise to those who study Mundane Astrology, for the “Capricorn Stellium of 2020” is something that we have not experienced in our lifetime. The last time three of the ten major synodic cycles (conjunctions between Jupiter and planets beyond its orbit) occurred within one year was 1882-1883, just before the 1890’s began an era that would transform the direction of human history forever. It was the beginning of the end of agriculture as dominant driver of the economy and the beginning a whole new set of inventions in transportation and communications. It also came with a lot of wars.

We are entering a portal of time just as significant as the 1890’s and early 1900’s. You can see it in the patterns forming in the heavens (if you are an astrologer), and you can see it manifesting in terms of human activity. As above, so below.

As investors, we need to consider those areas of life that are most likely to witness – and benefit from – new inventions and the application of those inventions. As astrologers, we know these areas of invention and opportunity will pertain to the element of air signs – communications, technology, space, and education. We also know that the era of earth signs (manufacturing and drilling into the earth for sources of energy, as well as working out of cubicles in office buildings) is coming to end. The fuel-driven automobiles and airplanes, as well as brick and mortar office buildings, retail stores, and malls of today, may look vastly antiquated in the next 20- and 200 years. We are transitioning from earth to air, from the material world to a world of new and original ideas. The next 6-12 years – between now and the time that the Moon’s North Node enters Aquarius-Capricorn, followed by the 45-year conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in Gemini – will likely be the optimal time to find and invest in those individuals who will create the companies that are aligned with this shift.


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Sunday’s webinar was AWESOME…. Very clear, straightforward, and actionable – and quite enjoyable. A BIG thank you for all the time and effort you put into making such a comprehensive presentation. Thanks for having the material available after the presentation. I’ll need to review it several times to absorb much of the info. Even that 1,000 pt rally you spoke about happened… Great call.. thanks again.
– David L

I wanted to thank you for your presentation and let you know how professional and informative it was. Your speakers were terrific and very informative. Ulric’s graphs are great, and Gianni was very good, as well! Ray was outstanding as always! The whole webinar was congenial and at the same time very informative and stayed on task. Thank you Alie and team! Thank you all for sharing your knowledge; it is much appreciated! – Kim D

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