MMA Weekly Column: November 11, 2019


Beijing’s statement Thursday that the U.S. and China have agreed to roll back tariffs as part of a “phase one” trade accord lifted financial markets, but questions remained over how much ground – if any – the Trump administration has agreed to give. – Josh Zumbrun, William Mauldin, and Chao Deng, “Chinese Say Deal is Set, but Hurdles Remain,” Wall Street Journal, November 8, 2019.

President Donald Trump said Friday he has not agreed to scrap tariffs on Chinese goods, dampening hopes about a coming resolution to a jarring trade conflict. “They’d like to have a rollback,” he told reporters. “China would like to get somewhat of a rollback, not a complete rollback because they know I won’t do it.” Stocks fell to their session lows following Trump’s comments. – Jacob Pramuk, “Trump Says He Has Not Agreed to Roll Back Tariffs on China, After a Week of Trade Optimism.”

If it’s no longer Jupiter square Neptune leading a case of irrational exuberance driving the stock market to new all-time highs in hopes of a trade deal, it’s now Mercury retrograde coinciding with conflicting economic and political messages that are at first optimistic, and then later denied or reversed. On the news (rumor) that the two trade-warring nations had agreed to lift tariffs, the U.S. stock market soared to a new all-time high on Thursday, November 7, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 27,774. This exceeded the previous all-time high, which was 27,398 attained on July 16 (the other major indices made their prior all-time highs during the last week of July).

Other world equity markets also soared to new all-time or multi-year highs on the hopes of a trade deal last week, prior to the President’s rejection of the pre-mature announcement. In Europe, the Zurich SMI index made a new all-time high of 10,356 on Thursday, November 7. On the same day, the Northlands AEX soared to 597.66, its highest mark since May 2001, while the German DAX climbed to 13,300, not far from its all-time high of 13,596 back on January 23, 2018. The London FTSE rallied to 7432, a 5-week high, but well off its all-time high of 7903 recorded on May 25, 2018.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, both the Japanese Nikkei and Indian Nifty indices performed very well, with the former getting close to its 27-year high reach last October 2, 2018 at 24,448. On Friday, it rallied to 23,591. India’s Nifty index got to 12,034 on Friday, just short of its all-time high of 12,103 made on June 3, 2019. The Hang Seng of Hong Kong also had a good week, climbing to its highest level in three months. However, both the Shanghai Composite and the All Ords of Australia languished in their multi-month congestion zones.

In the America’s. both the U.S. and Brazil equity markets scored new all-time highs on Thursday, November 7. All in all, most world stock indices have been on a tear since October 3.

It was the opposite scene in treasuries and precious metals. The Ten-Year Notes broke briefly below 128 for the first time since August 1. With the rise in long-term rates, both Gold and Silver fell to their lowest levels since early August too. Crude Oil bucked the trend, and instead followed equities, rising to their highest level in 6 weeks. Bitcoin also pulled back to levels not seen since it broke out to new multi-months highs on October 25. The pullback appears to be a normal correction after such a stunning advance.


Long-time market bull Edward Yardeni is concerned stocks are getting too expensive. If the S&P forward earnings multiple ticks to 19 or 20, he warns it could spark a “nasty correction.” Right now, the index is at 17. The historic norm is 15 to 16. – Stephanie Landsman, “A ‘Market Melt Up’ is Becoming a Real Risk as Stocks Hit New Highs,” November 3, 2019,

It seems like everyone is now calling for a market “melt up.” Of course, many well-known market analysts also called for a market “melt up” between March and June, and indeed, the U.S. (and many other world stock markets) did surge to new all-time highs in the second half of July. This matched up well with our preferred forecast for a long-term market cycle crest within two months of August 2019 based on the historical correlation of the DJIA to the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius. This transit is in effect November 8, 2018 through December 2, 2019. And Jupiter turned stationary direct right in the middle of Sagittarius on August 11. Given that historical study, and given that the U.S. stock market also made an all-time high on October 11, 2007 when Jupiter was in the middle of Sagittarius from which the greatest decline since the Great Depression followed, in seemed like a reasonable estimate for the 4-year cycle to top out then. But now that we have passed the ideal time band for this forecast of a long-term market crest, what does this mean? Is the Jupiter-in-Sagittarius correlation to a crest still valid as long as Jupiter remains in Sagittarius through December 2? We will address this question (and answer it) in a special U.S. stock market report that will be included in this month’s MMA Cycles Report, which will be released Monday night. If you are not a subscriber to this report, and wish to receive a copy, consider taking out a one-month trial subscription. The more detailed study going back to 1900 is compelling, and will be completed by Monday’s release of the monthly MMA Cycles report.

In the meantime, there are others geocosmic correlations that support this recent surge in U.S. equity markets. One involves the transit of Jupiter, in Sagittarius, in a very harmonious aspect to Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune on the chart of the “Buttonwood” chart of the founding of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792). That transiting bonanza began its orb of influence on October 11 and remains in effect through November 25. During this same period, Mars conjoins the NYSE Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in 22-27° Libra, November 7-16. With Mars (heat) and Jupiter (expansion) so pronounced, the concept of a “melt up” is not surprising. But how long will it last?

Speaking of Mars, one of our TMI (Trump Mars Indicator) signals will also be in effect next week, as Mars will form a hard square aspect to the President’s natal Venus/Saturn conjunction, November 8-14. It appears to be already under effect, as he has just negated the idea of an agreement (Mars to Venus) announced by China regarding the U.S. – China trade war. The market didn’t like that on Friday, but so far, the consequences seem modest. The market has proven it can still rally in spite of the President’s temperament.

However, Mercury is currently retrograde (through November 20) in Scorpio, so the abundance of investigations (Scorpio, Pluto) by both parties against the other is ramping up. Not only are the Democrats on the march to impeach the President, but now Attorney General William Barr has appointed U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, John Durham, to launch a criminal investigation as to why the FBI began a counterintelligence investigation on the 2016 election that led to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller. The allegation purported by Trump and his supporters is that the Democrats (the “Deep State” is how they are referred to here) created a false narrative that the Russians interfered with the election to deny Clinton the election. If the investigation of the investigators investigating the source of the 2016 election interference is a little confusing, do not worry. It’s just the season of the witch-hunt… err, Mercury the “Trickster” doing his thing when running through the dark caves and underground secret hiding places of Scorpio’s buried records.

Something is likely to come to light from all of these investigations, but it may not be what the public wants to see. Not with the 32-37 year cycle of Saturn about to conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on January 12, 2020. Politically, this could result in something akin to a dormant volcano starting to erupt (Pluto in Capricorn, with Scorpio also highlighted). It may lead to more than just “draining the swamp,” as leaders from both parties are found to be entangled in a web of corruption and coverups. It’s intriguing. It’s complex. It’s everything the mystery-loving Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is drawn to, especially during this week of the Full Moon on November 12, and the middle of Mercury retrograde cycle, which takes place this weekend, November 9-10.

Get ready for some scary news from your local (or national) inquisitor. At the same, it may be wise to hold back your own impulse to question the actions or motives of others, as it may inspire them to question you. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio: the investigation of the investigators who already conducted an investigation gets underway. And soon after, they may be investigated as well, as their motives are subject to questioning. Everyone in government, it seems, has an agenda they are trying to hide or reveal that others are trying to hide – or both.


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