MMA Weekly Column: September 23, 2019


As mid-level discussions take place this week between China and the U.S. amid an ongoing trade war, new reports indicate that President Trump might be prepared to escalate the situation should an agreement not be reached in the near future. – Brittany de Lea, “Is Trump Preparing to Ramp Up U.S., China Trade War?” September 19, 2019,

Chinese trade negotiators had a sudden change of plans Friday, canceling a visit to meet U.S. farmers after they wrapped up trade talks in Washington this week. The cancellation put a damper on hopes that China would restart purchasing U.S. agricultural goods, which it had halted in April in retaliation against President Donald Trump’s tariffs. – Yun Li, “Chinese Trade Negotiators Cancel U.S. Farm Visit,”, September 20, 2019.

They are getting so close. World equity markets surged again last week, with many getting very close to their highs of the year, and in many cases, their all-time highs.

In a classic cosmic battle between the “irrational exuberance” of Jupiter square Neptune on September 21 (the longest-term cycle of all planetary aspects in effect in 2019) and Saturn turning stationary direct on September 18 (a powerful Level 1 geocosmic signature correlating with stock market reversals, and a signature indicative of worry, anxiety, and resistance), it appears that Jupiter/Neptune is the more dominant because equity markets have continued their month-long rally. However, they can’t quite make new highs. As they get close, they encounter resistance (Saturn).

At the end of the trading day on Friday, U.S. stock indices gave up all of their gains after European markets closed, following reports that a Chinese delegation cancelled their planned visit to U.S. farm states next week, shortly after Trump gave a press conference boasting about how much the Chinese were now buying U.S. agricultural products. Typical of Jupiter square Neptune, you cannot believe what you read, hear, or see, for this is a classic astrological signature denoting false hopes and wishes, and even exaggerated claims that cannot be backed up with any concrete evidence. It’s all hearsay and mostly hype, usually lacking in facts or accuracy.

Still, it was good week for world stock indices. In Europe, the Netherlands AEX soared to 580.52, just shy of its yearly high of 586.32, which was a multi-year high above the 563.98 high of July 2007. But the other three Euro indices we track could not exceed their highs of the prior week. The German DAX came close, getting to 12,490 on Friday, which was only four points off its high of 12,494 a week ago. Still, this was down from the high of this year so far of 12,656 made on July 4. The London FTSE reached 7376 on Friday, September 20, a little below its 7380 high of the prior week, but still well below its high of this year, which was 7727 on July 30. Also getting close was the Zurich SMI index, which made a new all-time high of 10,140 during the previous week, on September 12. But this week it tested it with Friday’s (September 20) high of 10,114. All had good weeks, but then all fell short of their recent high marks.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, the Australian ASX index also came close to making a new high, soaring to 6883 on Friday, just shy again of its all-time high of 6911 made on July 30. The Japanese Nikkei Index also had a nice week, climbing to 22,255 on Friday, its highest market since the high of this year on April 24 at 22,362. China’s Shanghai Composite started the week well, rallying to 3042 just off from the high of this primary cycle so far, which was 3048 on July 2. This is still considerably down from the high of 2019, which so far as has been 3288 on April 8 as Jupiter turned retrograde. The Hang Seng of Hong Kong was down all week after posting a multi-week high of 27,366 one week ago on September 13. Perhaps the most fascinating index was the Indian Nifty stock market. Instead of making a high last week, it made a multi-week double bottom on September 19 as Saturn turned stationary direct. The next day, Friday September 20, it was up a whopping 569 points. It didn’t follow the other world indices, but it did follow the route suggested by geocosmics – a major reversal on a three-star critical reversal date (CRD).

In the Americas, the DJIA pulled back from its weekly high of 27,272 made on Thursday, September 19. That was a double top to its multi-week high of 27,306 made on September 12, and just a little short of its all-time high of 27,398 made on July 16. But then on Friday, after Trump’s speech and the announcement of the cancelled trip by Chinese delegates to U.S. farms, the DJIA fell to close near its low of the week. This is a concern because this is a very important geocosmic critical reversal period. The story was similar in the NASDAQ, which reached a high of 8237 on Thursday, September 12, slightly lower than its multi-week high of 8243 one week earlier, and still down from its all-time high of 8339 on July 26. Brazil’s Bovespa index also performed very similarly, with a high of 106,001 on Thursday, close to its all-time high of 106,650 made on July 10. They were all close to breaking out to new highs. But then Saturn turned, and they all started to encounter resistance.

In other markets, Bitcoin tested it multi-month low again last week as it fell to 9585 the day Saturn turned direct, and held. Gold made a new multi-week low on September 18 at 1490, again with Saturn changing directions. But Silver held onto its low of the prior week, which becomes a case of intermarket bullish divergence in a geocosmic critical reversal date time band. For us, that is what our market timing methodology is all about. Crude exploded higher on Monday, following the attack on its major oil processing facility last weekend, thus achieving its highest prices since May 20. It fell again, but not to new lows for this cycle. This is an important market now because Jupiter and Neptune co-rule Crude Oil.


From these embattled corners, negotiations began in Detroit this summer and broke down on Sunday, when the UAW (United Auto Workers) called its first nationwide strike at GM in more than a decade. The action sent tens of thousands of factory workers to the picket lines and halted production at more than 30 U.S. Plants. – Mike Colias and Nora Naughton, “GM Strike Pits Combatants with Something to Prove: An Automaker with Memories of Bankruptcy, a Union Facing Scandal,” Wall Street Journal, September 20, 2019.

More than 2 feet of rain fell in 12 hours in one town in southeastern Texas – Elizabeth Findell, “Texas Flooding Forces Evacuations,” Wall Street Journal, September 20, 2019.

Tens of thousands of high school students in cities nationwide plan to skip classes today (Friday) to attend Global Climate Strike marches calling for immediate action to end climate change. They will be part of a global joint protest aimed directly at the adults who they say are ignoring the destruction of the planet. – Elizabeth Weise, “Students Skip School to Fight Climate Change,” The Arizona Republic, September 20, 2019.

The countries with the most land available for building forests are Russia, China, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and the United States. The Switzerland-based researchers found that adding 1.2 trillion trees would reverse 10 years’ worth of harmful emission. Over the decade, Crowther says, those new trees would absorb about 200 billion tons of carbon from the atmosphere. – Kathleen Parker, “Want to Stop Climate Change? Start by Planting a Trillion Trees,” Washington Post, July 23, 2019.the

What do the above quotes have in common? They reflect the themes of geocosmic signatures now in effect. The GM workers strike (and also British Airways) reflect the Sun/Mars conjunction in Virgo that was discussed a couple of columns ago, September 2, stating “For this week, the cosmos starts out with the Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo…. And workers (Virgo) of the world may be ready to go on strike.”

The other three headlines relate the themes inherent in Jupiter square Neptune aspect. Neptune rules water and rains, and with Jupiter particularly large amounts of rainfall. Flooding conditions nearby to this aspect are not surprising. Jupiter and Neptune also relate to altruism, the urge to do something big and virtuous – like saving the planet. Jupiter also rules education, so it should not be surprising that “tens of thousands of students” are protesting for an end to climate change. Perhaps they could do more, like leading efforts to plant 1.2 trillion trees.

However, stories and information you may not read about have to do with the three basic terms of Neptune in hard aspect to any planet: confusion, illusion, and delusion. This is an especially vulnerable period to those who may be blamed unfairly in an effort to create a narrative that deflects responsibility of the person starting the rumors, onto a scapegoat. That way, the initiator of the rumor doesn’t have to look at themselves or the truth behind what they have done, and never mind that it harms the reputation of their chosen scapegoat. At least it’s not on “me.” Truth becomes a case of necessary collateral damage, and with Saturn turning stationary, it is important to control that damage through things like denial or even attack and undermining the role or intention of the other person.

So, who is most affected by these types of behaviors – either on the delivering or receiving end of the effort to discredit someone? In the practice of professional astrology, it would most likely be those who have natal planets in a hard aspect to the transiting Jupiter/Neptune square, taking place at 16-18° of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces). It doesn’t have to be one’s Sun sign, but of course, that would be the easiest to report here because the Sun-Earth relationship is in approximately the same degrees of the same sign at the same time every year. For instance, those born March 6-8, June 6-8, September 9-11, and December 9-11, would be “on the wheel” right now. Their natal Sun would be posited at 16-18° of mutable signs. They would need to take special notice of these types of behaviors being directed by them or towards them. But any planet in these degrees would “feel” this dynamic in play. For instance, President Trump is under this aspect because he has his natal Uranus in 17° of Gemini (as do many people born in 1946-47), and in close contact with his natal Sun and Moon’s North Node (and in opposition to his natal Moon). In fact, this aspect from Neptune will be strong in his chart for the next two years. He could easily see himself as the victim of several “rumors” he believes are designed to discredit him. And at the same time, he himself could be the initiator of several rumors that others believe are designed to harm them.

Thus, we have the principles of confusion, illusion, and delusion in today’s cosmic arrangement. People and markets seem confused and a bit lost right now, wanting to believe they can soar to new highs, but finding resistance as they approach such milestones. Saturn has now turned direct, and later this week and the following week, both Venus and the Sun will form a hard square to Saturn (September 25-October 7). What seemed a sure thing a week ago may encounter a rising sense of doubt. That may spell a struggle for world relations, and in turn, possibly for equity prices tooge is kept simple, it may not be that hard to set up.


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