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JANUARY 28, 2018

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Thursday, December 14, 2017:

GCG (Feb Gold): Wednesday's close was bullish and follows the prior day’s bullish bias, which is a bullish sequence. And the close was above the daily trend indicator point for the 1st time in 11 days, which means it is upgraded back to neutral. Yesterday stated, “It doesn’t look good, but help may be on the way soon.” It came Wednesday. As stated Monday, December 11, “Mars goes into Scorpio now, and historically, this has more correspondence to strong rallies in Gold lasting 3-7...

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This article originally appeared in Raymond Merriman's Forecast 2016 Book, published in November 2015.


Based on historical records of when the vote for the Declaration of Independence actually took place, as described at length in the Forecast 2015 Book (“America at the Crossroads”), the USA was “born” July 2, 1776 in Philadelphia, sometime before noon. As explained in last year’s book, I have applied an astrological method known as “rectification” to derive a time of 11:50 AM for the founding of the United States. There is no way to determine with certainty if that time is correct, but for reasons given in last...

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(Excerpt from Forecast 2015)
By Raymond Merriman ©

“Refusing to handicap what the Fed should do next, he (Greenspan) did express confidence in Chair Janet Yellen. But Greenspan cautioned, “This is an unprecedented period in monetary history. We've never been through this. We really cannot tell how it will work out."
- CNBC News, Oct 3, 2014, interview with Alan Greenspan

It is nearly over. At least, the “main portion” of it is almost over. And by “it,” I mean the Cardinal Climax of 2008-2015, when Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto all formed hard aspects to one another, mostly from the...

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Written by Raymond Merriman  

It’s all about Uranus and Pluto.


If you want to know how a mundane astrologer views the year 2012 and beyond, it is necessary to understand the principles of Uranus and Pluto. It is necessary to understand the history of this rare planetary cycle and its quarter cycles. It is also necessary to understand the principle qualities of the signs in which they are located. And finally it is necessary to synthesize all of them and apply it within the context of current world events, in order to characterize what the world is going through today and is likely to...

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My Observations of MMTA
by Henry Canciglia

As an attendee of Merriman’s Market Timing Academy (MMTA) held in Troy, Michigan April 6 through 8, 2013, I noted that students and staff came from across the USA and around the world while some participated from their countries via internet on the webinar.  There was a fine representation of a variety of professional backgrounds and walks of life, with a wide range of technical skills levels and market experience.  Some attendees were beginners to trading, some had not traded, and others had already made fortunes or were accomplished fund managers.  There was, however, a gracious...

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Written by Raymond Merriman


It’s been four years since Pluto first entered Capricorn in January 2008 and commenced the “Cardinal Climax” era of 2008–15. This was an astrological pattern that would bring back themes of the 1930s’ Great Depression, for that period was the last instance in which Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto transited through cardinal signs and formed hard aspects to one another. In the earlier case, the Cardinal Climax peaked when Uranus moved through the sign of Aries and formed a powerful square (within a one-degree orb) to Pluto in Cancer, 1931–34. This time, the...

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A Review of Past Forecast Book Quotes

As of September 2008, the U.S. and world banking system has officially entered a state of crisis. This economic and banking crisis will likely bring about the end of an era, and lead to an immense transformation of not just the banking and financial community, but almost every aspect of the human experience (political, social, cultural, etc).

Astrologers throughout time have often been asked: “Did you predict this?” In current times, these same questions come from an uneducated, uninformed, and misinformed society that places astrologers...

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(written November 2007)

 You want to know what Pluto in Capricorn is all about? It is something that I am quite intimate with. I may be the very embodiment of Pluto’s spirit to transform physically and psychologically, as it prepares to move over my own natal Sun. Mars, and Moon. I feel it, I know it, I am in awe of it, and I am humbled by the vastness of its force, which I am just beginning to comprehend. I try to convince myself that I welcome it, that I will embrace it and work in harmony with it. But whenever I try to program this positive affirmation...