Mid-Year 2022 Webinar Recording


The Mid-year 2022 Webinar took place on May 8, 2022.  

Watch a preview of what we covered in the Webinar HERE

The presenters were MMA President and Founder Raymond Merriman, US Stock Market, Gold, Bitcoin, MMA Analyst and MMTA Program Director Gianni di Poce, Crude Oil, T-Notes, Soybeans, and MMTA Graduate and MMA Currency Analyst Ulric Aspegrén, Euro, U.S. Dollar.

Highlights of this event addressed the following matters:

  • Is the 23-month stock market cycle low in, or is it still to come?
  • Has Gold’s (and Silver’s) long-term cycle topped out or is there another new high ahead?
  • How high can Crude Oil go?
  • How low can the Euro fall – and when?
  • What is happening with Bitcoin?
  • When are the next big critical reversal periods for trading this year?

The live event lasted over 3 hours. All who sign up will receive the video recording and presentation slides.



Full Description

The Mid-Year 2022 Financial Markets Webinar and Forecast 2022 Update Webinar

Hosted on May 8, 2022 

This 3-hour webinar gave an intermediate-term update on several financial markets, including the U.S. stock market, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, the Euro currency, Bitcoin and Soybeans. This was an especially timely presentation because 1) the 12-year Jupiter orbital cycle will be making its first entrance into Aries on May 10, and 2) May 27-June 22 has been highlighted as one of the more probable times in 2022 for major moves in Bitcoin as well as several other financial markets. Joining Ray to share their outlook was Ulric Aspegrén (Euro, U.S. Dollar) and Gianni Di Poce (U.S. Treasuries, Crude Oil and Soybeans). Ray covered equities, metals, and Bitcoin.

Presentation slides and video recording are available immediately after purchase