MMTA3 Course Eight: Putting It All Together: Market Reports, Trading Plans, and Execution (Hosted In-Person and Virtual)


This is Course Eight of the two-year program, MMTA3, focusing on MMA Market Timing methodology of analyzing and trading financial markets as developed by Raymond A. Merriman, C.T.A. (registered Commodities Trading Advisor with the National Futures Association since 1982). Course Eight will be hosted over two weekends, virtually over Zoom and then in-person over the weekend of September 12-15, 2024. This will also be offered virtually via Zoom.

The course will be taught by Gianni Di Poce, MMTA Program Director and apprentice of Raymond Merriman, with assistance from Raymond Merriman.

Full Description

Live virtual classes will take place on August 17th and August 24th.  Live in-person classes will take place over the weekend of September 12-15, 2024. Purchase of MMTA3 Course Eight includes access to in-person and virtual Classes as well as all Class video recordings, Course Eight workbook, and 15 Lesson Presentations.


Course Eight:

This is the eighth and final of eight courses which make up MMTA3, a two-year program in the MMA Market Timing methodology of analyzing and trading financial markets as developed by Raymond A. Merriman, C.T.A. (registered Commodities Trading Advisor with the National Futures Association). This course will take place in-person with a virtual option via Zoom. The classed will be recorded and will be available to access through the Website portal.


The course will be taught by both Raymond Merriman, president of MMA and Gianni Di Poce, MMTA Program Director.

Raymond Merriman is the founder of Merriman Market Analyst, Inc (MMA) and the Merriman market Timing Academy (MMTA). He is a registered Commodities Trading Adviser (CTA) with the National Futures Association. Raymond is a financial market analyst and has been the editor of the MMA Cycles Report, a monthly market advisory newsletter, since 1982. He also writes daily and weekly reports for more active traders and has authored several books on Financial Market Timing, including the five volume series on The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volumes 1-5, covering over 1600 pages of quantitative research studies.

Gianni Di Poce is an MMA analyst covering a span of different markets. Gianni reports on T-Notes for the MMA Monthly Cycles Report, as well as the Australian markets (index and currency), Cannabis, and Live Cattle for the International Cycles Reports. Gianni is also the editor for the MMA Crude Oil Report, which provides daily, weekly, and monthly updates for subscribers. Gianni joined MMA in 2019, but has been using MMA’s methods since 2016. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, and served as a financial adviser for 5 years.


Individual courses are $2500.

Books Recommended:

The New American Ephemeris: 2020-2030 and The Ultimate Book on stock Market Timing, Volume 5: Technical Analysis and Price Objectives

Live Virtual Class Dates:

• August 17, 2024
• August 24, 2024

Live in-person Class Dates:

• September 12, 2024
• September 13, 2024
• September 14, 2024
• September 15, 2024

Lessons Covered:

Lesson 1: Writing a Monthly Market Report and Position Trading Plan Using MMTA Methodology – Part 1
Lesson 2: Writing a Monthly Market Report and Position Trading Plan Using MMTA Methodology – Part 2
Lesson 3: Writing a Weekly market Report and Position Trading Using MMTA Methodology – Part 1
Lesson 4: Writing a Weekly Market Report: Strategies and Plans of Action – Part 2
Lesson 5: Daily Trading Plans
Lesson 6: Intraday Analysis
Lesson 7: Price Targets
Lesson 8: Market Analysis
Lesson 9: Market Analysis
Lesson 10: Market Analysis
Lesson 11: Market Analysis
Lesson 12: Market Analysis
Lesson 13: Market Analysis
Lesson 14: Understanding Your Own Chart for Trading/Investment Purposes
Lesson 15: Finish


Who will benefit from this training:

The MMTA program is a two-year program comprised of eight courses covering 112 Lessons. The purpose is to teach one the methodology of analyzing financial markets, and to train students in market timing skills, according to the studies developed by Raymond Merriman since 1980. Graduates of the MMTA program will receive certificates of completion, which will be recognized by others in the field as a solid grounding as a market analyst specializing in the art of market timing. Several graduates of the previous MMTA programs are now paid analysts for various reports published monthly by MMA. Others have gone on to start their own market letters or work as analysts for other financial firms. Several have simply used the learning to manage their own – or their family’s – trading and investment accounts.

The MMTA program is most beneficial for those who wish to become excellent analysts and/or market timers. A certificate of completion will be granted to those students who complete all Research Projects and pass all Exams. wish to be recognized as MMTA graduates.

However, one may take individual courses for his/her own benefit. It is not necessary to take exams or do research projects if one does not wish a certificate of completion.

Each class session will recorded. All students will have access to review the video recording of the classes at any time.

Please see a more detailed MMTA3 Program Schedule HERE