MMA Investment Retreat 2024 FAQ

Location: Rikli Balance Hotel
Lake Bled, Slovenia

Date: September 19-22, 2024

Where is Slovenia?
– Slovenia is in South Central Europe bordered by Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, and the Adriatic Sea.

How do I sign up?
– If you are ready to sign up please follow this link HERE and select either the in person or virtual option.
– If you have more questions please reach out directly via email,

How much is it? What is included?
– The cost is $3,500. If you sign up before August 1st, the discounted price is $3,000. The cost includes daily classes, class recordings, welcome party, daily lunches, and Friday and Saturday group dinners.
– The fee does not include overnight accommodations or travel expenses.

Do you have a program schedule and brochure available to review?

Retreat Daily Schedule

Program Brochure

Who are the speakers at the investment retreat?
– Ray Meriman – President of Meriman Market Analyst Inc. and MMTA Founder
– Gianni De Ponce – MMTA Director and MMA Analyst
– Ulric Aspegren – MMA Currency Analyst
– Wyatt Fellows – MMA Agricultural Analyst
– Matthieu Kaiser – MMA Copper Analyst
– Vincent Wang – MMA China Equity Markets Analyst
– Pouyan Zolfagharnian – MMA Crude Oil and Silver Analyst
– Aleksander Imsiragic – Professional Astrologer and Founder of Johannes Kepler Astrological Institute in Serbia
– Claude Weiss – President of Astrodata and published Author
– Rita Perea – Business coach, investor, market speculator, and financial psychology specialist
– Irma Schogt – Accounts manager and market analyst

What accommodations are available for the retreat?
– The retreat will be hosted at the Rikli Balance Hotel. As of today the Rikli Balance Hotel is fully booked during the retreat dates of September 19-22. We encourage you to continue checking back to the hotel website to see if more rooms become available.
Alternative options include nearby hotels and Airbnb listings listed below
Hotel Kompas (1 minute walk Rikli Balance Hotel)
Hotel Lovec (4 minute walk)
Hotel Savica Garni (2 minute walk)
Bohinj Eco Hotel (20 minute drive)
– Nearby Airbnb
– 2 Bedroom Villa $$$ (approx. 10 minute walk)
– 2 Bedroom Villa $$ (approx. 8 minute walk)
– 2 Bedroom Home $$ (approx. 10 minute walk)

When should I arrive and depart?
– Thursday September 19th, 2024. Our first activity will be a meet and greet cocktail party at Rikli Balance Hotel. You would want to arrive in Lake Bled by Thursday afternoon.
– Our investment retreat is set to end on Sunday September 22, 2024 at 18:00.
– We would recommend departing on Monday September 23, 2024
– For those extending their trip, we are offering an optional day trip to Vintgar Gorge

I can’t travel to Slovenia. Is there a virtual option?
– Yes. You can attend in-person or virtually via Zoom. Following the event, all participants (in-person and virtual) will receive unlimited access to the recordings of the live presentations. The set up for this event is the same way we organize our Webinars. The Monday following the live event (September 30th) all participants will have access to class recordings through the MMA portal to re-watch the presentations.

How can I get from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport to the retreat venue?
– LJU is 26 minutes from Rikli Balance Hotel
Rent a Car from the airport
Shuttle Service – Located in Terminal B, takes 45 minutes – 1 hour to get to Lake Bled ($35-$45)
Taxi Service – Located in Terminal B. Prearrange your ride using free HOPIN mobile app
Bus – Busses run on an hourly schedule, here is a Recommended Bus Route from the airport. The Bled Union Bus Station is a 6 minute walk to Rikli Balance hotel. ($6-$19)
– Train Stations – Nearest train stations are the Bled: Lesce-Bled (6 minute drive) and Bled Jezero (7 minute drive)
– Uber/Lyft – Rideshare is NOT available in Slovenia
Bike Rental – Biking is a popular form of transportation in Slovenia

What food will be provided during the retreat?
– Buffet Breakfast at Rikli Balance Hotel (7:00-10:00)
– Morning Snack (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
– Lunch (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
– Afternoon Snack (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
– Group Dinner (Friday and Saturday Night)

What is the dress code for the investment retreat?
– Business casual or smart casual attire is recommended.

What is the weather like in Slovenia in September, and what should I pack?
– Average temperatures range from around 12°C to 23°C. It’s advised to pack accordingly, including hiking and water shoes for outdoor activities.

What is the local currency?
– Slovenia uses the Euro, but credit and debit cards are widely accepted.

Can you recommend some local attractions to visit during our stay?
– Best for Architecture: Ljubljana – Beautifully preserved city with restaurants, cafes, and museums. Every inch has stone architecture that captures the rich history. The Ljubljana Castle is a must see for this location.
– Best for Romance: Lake Bled – Start your morning off with a romantic sunrise as you walk along the lake. There are three footpaths around the lake labeled “Grad.” Sunrise in September will occur around 6am. Additionally you may take a small hike to Bled Island at the center of the lake and board a wooden boat called a pletna for a calm start to your day.
– Best for Outdoor Adventure: Triglav National Park – This park offers breathtaking natural landmarks, hiking, watersports, mountain biking, aerial sports, mushroom and herb foraging!
Postojna Cave ¬ A natural wonder hidden beneath the surface. Take one of the three tours offered at the cave and experience this magical sight.
– Best Vineyard: Klet Brda – This gorgeous vineyard sits atop a hill and is largest wine producer in Slovenia. Make sure to book your reservation ahead of time.
– Group activity: Join us on Monday after the retreat to visit Vintgar Gorge

Are there any local events happening during the retreat dates?
– Yes, nearby events include the Cow Tival (9.15) and the Old Vine Festival (9.26-9.29).

Where can I find local food, grocers, and pharmacies?

– Restaurants at Rikli Balance Hotel
Aperitiv Bar Rikli
Bistro Živa
– Pharmacy
Lekarna Bled
– Grocery/General Store
– Café
À propos Cocktail Bar
Art Cafe Bar
– Local Restaurants
Restavracija Sova Bled
ARROI Restaurant
Oštarija Peglez’n
Market by the Lake
– Souvenir Shop
FromSlovenia Bled
– Shopping Center
Trgovski Center Bled

What are common phrases I can use during my trip?
– The main language is Slovenian however English, German, and Italian is also widely spoken. Common phrases include:
Good day (Polite) – Dober Dan
Hello (Friendly) – Živjo
Goodbye (Polite) – Nasvidenje
Goodbye (Friendly) – Adijo
Please – Prosim
Thank you – Hvala