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Welcome to Merriman Market Analyst, where we think there are powerful tools for mastering market analysis hidden within discernible patterns all around us. Since 1982, Merriman Market Analyst (MMA) has extrapolated these patterns into proprietary financial forecasting tools that deliver the one thing that matters most to clients: Results.

Our advanced research techniques allow us to provide innovative tools for acquiring valuable insight into the future. These tools integrate a combination of Cycles, Geocosmic Signatures, and Trend Analysis patterns that assist the serious investor in interpreting the markets.

What are these patterns and how can they work so well?

  • Cycles – Everything in life has a cycle. And while the study of cycles is not new on Wall Street, it is largely misunderstood. Cycles are not always rigid in time. Yet, understanding the basic patterns of cycles-within-cycles and the dominance of the superior cycle reveals some amazing repeating patterns.
  • Geocosmic Signatures – Geocosmics is the study of correspondences between cycles of human activity and the cycles of the planets. Yes, this is astrology. And while many will immediately write this off as too unconventional for serious consideration, the open-minded will find astonishing correlations between certain planetary alignments and significant stock market movements. One cannot argue the high rates of frequency of these connections.
  • Trend Analysis – Effective trading takes combining all of your inputs, including identifying the trend, bearish or bullish and their subcycles. When all insights are blended, the chaos of the world markets begins to make sense.

Most often, the next question we get is, “Can you document these correlations?” Here is the first evidence we might offer:

  • The Dot-Com Bubble of 2000 – The bubble and its 80% meltdown of the tech-heavy NASDAQ index that followed into 2002 was clearly shown by the combination of a 4-year cycle with the phases of the 45-year Saturn/Uranus cycle. Merriman offered an early warning.
  • The Great Depression – Of course we’d find markers signaling the most famous financial crisis of all time. We’d trace that to the long-tem 80-90 year cycles of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto together that occurred 1928-1934.
  • The 2008 Financial Crisis – Guess what? The same planetary movements that accompanied the Great Depression were at work again (80 years later, as is its cycle) in the stock market collapse and the recession that followed. Merriman first forecast the crisis in 1994 – 14 years before it happened! It was discussed in every MMA annual Forecast Book from 1994 through 2008.


These are just some long-term examples, but the same methods apply to short-term cycles. In fact, MMA has consistently demonstrated that nothing more accurately identifies short-term market reversals than geocosmic/astrological studies applied to market cycles. These are at the heart of every MMA subscription service. Since 1982, thousands of serious investors and traders have profited from the system’s ability to correlate with movements in the markets.



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