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MMA Story

The Merriman Market Analyst was incorporated on September 28, 1983, at 2:30 PM, in Lansing, Michigan. We know this time is correct because Raymond Merriman chose it and was present to oversee the stamping of the corporate papers at the Michigan Department of Commerce.

The MMA Story began in January 1980 in Tucson, Arizona, before the company was incorporated, when Raymond Merriman met Walter Bressert, legendary cycles analyst and researcher. Bressert had observed a correlation of the yearly high and low in Gold prices with a geocosmic phenomenon known as Mars retrograde. He wanted know if there were other astronomic correlations and offered Merriman charts of the daily prices of Gold since its inception as a futures market. He also offered to teach Merriman his method of cycles analysis related to financial markets. Merriman thus began his research on the study of cycles related to commodities and financial futures. By March 1982, Merriman had uncovered over 60 correlations to Gold prices, which were published in “The Gold Book: Geocosmic Correlations to Gold Price Cycles.” This was the first quantitative research effort on the correlation of planetary studies (aside from solar/lunar studies) to financial markets. A newsletter was also started, forecasting what Merriman projected would happen to Gold prices, based on these correlations. This became the MMA Cycles Report, a monthly market timing newsletter, that started out with 35 subscribers.

Within one year, Merriman was frequently interviewed as a featured guest contributor on FNN, the Financial News Network, and the MMA Cycles Report grew from 35 to 350 subscribers, MMA was incorporated, and after passing the required exams, Merriman became a CTA – Commodities Trading Advisor – registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodities Future Trading Commission (CFTC). Ray’s new career as a financial market analyst and financial market timer had begun.

Soon after, Merriman began an 8-year stint with the Wall Street firms while keeping up his interest in astrology, as well as the MMA Cycles Report. In 1994, he retired from the Wall Street firms as a Vice-President of Retail Commodity Futures at Paine Webber, Inc., and began to write The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, which would become a five-volume book series. This series took 15 years to complete and in total comprised over 1600 pages of research studies and conclusions.

After these works were completed in 2011, Merriman asked: “Now what? Who is going to carry on this work once I go into the cloud?” Thus, in 2012, the Merriman Market Timing Academy (MMTA) became his next project. MMTA started its first official course in March 2013. This was not an easy study, but by 2015, there would be 20 graduates from various parts of the world who completed the 2-year program, consisting of 99 classes, given over seven 3-4 day weekends, on site at the Michigan State University Management Educational Center in Troy, Michigan.

In September 2017, MMA made a big move after over 30 years in Farmington Hills, Michigan, to Scottsdale, Arizona. Today, MMA continues to publish its annual MMA Forecast Book every December, which has been the company’s most popular book since 1976. We continue to write and publish the MMA daily and weekly reports, as well our flagship monthly MMA Cycles Report. The analysis of the USA stock markets, plus Gold and Silver, continues to be written by Raymond Merriman, while specially-selected graduates and students of MMA studies have been tasked with writing the monthly analysis of T-Notes, Euro, Live Cattle, Crude Oil, and Soybeans.

Many of the MMTA graduates and Merriman himself continue teaching the MMA methodology to students around the world via webinars, conferences, and investment retreats. MMTA graduates have also launched two monthly market newsletters: the MMTA International Financial Cycles Report (ICFR), and the MMTA International Commodity Cycles Report (ICCR) covering many international stock and commodity markets.

Today, the MMA methodology is the most complete and valuable model for financial market timing available. It has been an exciting, inspiring and pioneering journey. The passion that has gone into building this company, method of market analysis, and its results, are why MMA is the leader in market timing products and services today. It is why MMA will last well into the future.

And that is the MMA story – so far. MMA continues to evolve, for the research and studies demonstrating the correlation of market highs and lows to geocosmic factors (astrology and astronomy) will never end. It is a study that just keeps on giving. And as long as the Sun shall rise and set, and the planets do the same in their cyclical order, so shall MMA, and all future students of this wonderful, incredible, study.

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Raymond Merriman

Meet Raymond Merriman

Raymond A. Merriman is the President of The Merriman Market Analyst, Inc. and founder of the Merriman Market Timing Academy. He is a Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA), financial market analyst, and editor of the MMA Cycles Report, a monthly market advisory newsletter that specializes in stocks, interest rates, currencies, precious metals, crude oil and soybeans since 1982. He also writes a daily and weekly report for more active traders.

Meet the Rest of the Team

Wyatt Fellows

Wyatt Fellows is a graduate of Merriman’s MMTA2 program. He is a market analyst specializing in Agriculture. He covers Soybeans, Corn, and Wheat.

Gianni Di Poce

Gianni Di Poce is an MMA analyst covering T-Notes, Australian Markets, Cannabis, and Live Cattle. Gianni is the program director of the Merriman Market Timing Academy (MMTA) and is the editor of the MMA Monthly ETF Report

Alie Schneider

Alie joined MMA in 2017 as the Managing Director. She was responsible for moving the business across the country to Arizona and establishing the company’s new permanent home in the Southwest. Alie oversees the daily operations and client experience, as well as marketing for MMA across all channels. 

Pouyan Zolfagharnia

Pouyan Zolfagharnia is a graduate of Merriman Market Timing Academy from the class of 2021-22. He is the editor of the MMA Monthly Cycles Plus+ Report, as well as an analyst contributing to the MMA Monthly Cycles Report and the MMA Weekly Comments and Trade Recommendations.

Ulric Aspegrén

Ulric Aspegrén is a top graduate of Merriman’s MMTA program. He is a market timer analyst specialized on currencies, and reports on the Euro for the monthly MMA Monthly Cycles Report. He also covers the U.S. Dollar Index and the British Pound in the MMTA Monthly International Cycles Report.

Jacque Campbell

Jacque joined MMA in 2017 as the first Arizona employee. She is responsible for the entire client experience, from responding to incoming emails to sending out books. If you have ever called the MMA office, there is a good chance you spoke directly with Jacque.