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The right brain is more visual and intuitive.

Well, we know where we’re going
But we don’t know where we’ve been

  • Talking Heads and David Byrne, “Road to Nowhere,” June 10, 1985.

 It’s going to be a short column this week because I’m sick. It’s also going to be a column that’s not so much about financial markets this week because…. I’m sick.

 Now you are probably wondering: why am I sick? Maybe you are not wondering, but I am going to answer as if you were right here and asking that question. But you probably wouldn’t be right here asking that question because… I’m sick.

 But let’s imagine you are here and asking that question. Well, let me imagine that you are here asking that question because, after all, I have Neptune rising in my chart, and that can be very imaginative and intuitive. Now I’ve written before about my intuition, being that I am about as psychic as a potato. Potatoes make me sick – unless they are chips or gnocchi served in a fine-dining restaurant. But as I am in Germany -– a land where everything is made with potatoes – you may use your intuition and ability to connect the dots. You might begin to see why I am sick.

 However, that’s not why I am sick. I didn’t eat any potatoes here. Err, wait a minute! I did take a helping of some delicious gnocchi the night before I got sick. Maybe the dots are beginning to connect. Life, like markets, is all about puzzle-solving. But it doesn’t matter. This week’s column is not about my astonishing Neptunian intuition. It’s a lot about my more-than-awesome Neptune-rising-in-Libra imagination (and maybe my puzzle-solving talents, too, when it comes to markets).

 So, here I am in Europe, as I am every summer, imagining you are here wondering why I am sick, when in fact you are not here, but if you have been reading this blog so far, then by now you are wondering: why is he sick? How does someone like Ray Merriman get sick when he is such a health food nut and has been so for his past five lifetimes?

 For the answer to this mystery, let’s delve into the highly esoteric, unconventional, and controversial subjects of cycle studies and astrology – which is probably why you read this column in the first place unless you are a creative writer with an active Neptune rising which every so often just has to express its imaginative side. It’s OK. It makes you somewhat human to get out of your left dead head and into the right side of your brain. Lord knows I spend way too much time on the left side of my brain (analytical), which is probably one of the reasons why I am sick this week. But it has served me well (except this week).

 So, here I am in the land of the dreaded potato-worshippers, and the left side of my brain looked at my chart a few days ago, and it said to my awesome wife, Antonia: “Aha! Transiting Mars in my 12th house is going to square my natal ruling planet, Mercury, in Sagittarius! I better watch my health.” Now you probably think: “Wow! That’s psychic!” No, that is the application of analytics (i.e., left-brain magic) based on our increasing scientific knowledge of cycles – cosmic cycles in this case.

 Then, just before we were to travel to the middle of Germany for Antonia’s family reunion, she said: “Oh no! My sister is sick. She caught COVID and can’t come.” So now I am concerned. The sister whom I adore (because I have Neptune rising in Libra and I love everything and everyone who is beautiful) has COVID. But she decides not to come, so that’s good (well, it’s not good, but it is wise, and in most cases, it is better to be wise than good). I should be safe if I am careful. With three planets in Capricorn, I am probably too careful too much of the time. But that has served me well too. Did I say I liked being served well? I have a very late Virgo rising, a sign of serving and enjoying being served. I liked being served almost anything except boiled potatoes and disrespectful critiques.

 The story is not over yet. How can it be? I haven’t answered the question. Yes, I know that is typical Neptune with prolific Mercury in Sagittarius in the third house. Start a story and forget where you are before you end it. Where was I? (This is a typical Neptune quote, along with “Where am I?”) I know where I am going, but I don’t know where I’ve been. In the middle of the trip to the center of Germany, Antonia’s daughter calls to say she has arrived – but she is sick. And Mars is about to kick into its square to natal Mercury, my ruling planet, which my remarkable psycho-analytic talents had already determined could be my “death trap.” Why not? I have a strong natal Pluto and two planets in Scorpio. Death fascinates me. So does rebirth. And what, really, is a sickness to someone with Neptune rising?

 Now, I realize I have to be extra cautious. The pieces of the puzzle are all coming together, and fortunately, I am of the belief that one can control these “signs” by using free will and knowledge to make wise choices. Such faith! So in another typical Neptune behavior, I avoid… everyone. I wall myself up in the Airbnb and see no one except to visit the family for dinner, and then I avoid closeness with Antonia’s lovely daughter, Marilen.

 I don’t go out of the house. I work all day on my left brain tasks… I am going to avoid this illness by being smart. And I did all the right things. But in the end, I still got COVID! No one else present had COVID – not even Marilen. She had a cold. The sister with COVID did not attend.

 There is a lesson in here somewhere. Or maybe the lesson is “out there.” You can run, but you cannot hide. “It” will find you, even if – in your arrogant smartness and faith – you think you have control.

 Now, you probably think the story is over. Or maybe you wish it was over. But it’s not. There is a cyclical matter here too. The last time I got really sick in Europe was in August 2015. I got pneumonia then, the sickest I have ever been in this lifetime. That was eight years ago. You know what happened eight years ago, in August 2015? Yep. That was the last time Venus went retrograde in Leo. It happens every eight years. So, in 8 years, I won’t be spending the summer in Europe as I always do. I will probably spend it in Phoenix and take my chances. At least I won’t have to eat potatoes.

 Markets: I am not going to analyze markets in this week’s column because it takes energy, and I need to conserve my energy for the weekly reports tomorrow and the monthly reports Monday and Tuesday. Besides, it is Venus retrograde, and the markets are complicated. It will take a lot of energy to explain them to you. But I do have some general thoughts to share.

 I talked about puzzles earlier in this week’s column. Markets are often like jigsaw puzzles. Some are more complicated than others. You look at the pattern, consider the cycles and geocosmics on the horizon, and try to ascertain which direction this pattern will take next. Will it even break the pattern (trend) that has been established? With an abundance of Uranus aspects involved and Mercury about to turn retrograde on August 23 (on top of Venus already retrograde), the challenge is … well, very challenging. Each of these can be pattern-breakers for at least a few weeks.

The issues with Uranus and Mercury are that support and resistance zones can be broken when normally they would hold, and the market would reverse. With Mercury, it is even more complicated because breakouts may be fake outs. I know that no one who is not a market analyst or market timer understands or wants to hear this. You want the puzzle solvers to …. solve the puzzles. But in many cases, we can’t until we see how and where the next piece fits. It does help, though, to have a picture in your mind as to how the puzzle will look when it is completed. So we keep our focus on the bigger picture as described in our monthly and yearly reports, which are for investors. It’s the shorter-term outlook for traders that gets complicated, like in the month of August, when Uranus is overly active, and Mercury goes retrograde (August 23).

So I am going to sit out the usual analysis for this week’s weekly column and hope that I at least entertained you – made you smile – with my sickness saga. We need some lightness now. It’s been a very challenging week for many people suffering from natural calamities like the wildfires in Hawaii, and my heart and prayers for safety go out to all of our friends and others who are caught in that (and other) natural disaster(s). This, too, is part of the cycle of life.

So let me close with a Neptune blessing. May you be safe and healthy. May you be happy and find inner peace. May you experience the outpouring of tears of joy and love that come from the overflowing of compassion towards all living beings, especially those who suffer. This is the ultimate wish of a Neptune rising or Neptune prominently placed in any chart.

I will return next week with my left brain firmly back in charge.


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