It was only a year ago that Beijing and Moscow touted a new world order, but things appear to be unraveling fast for their economies. While the news has been grim, the countries are responding to their economic problems in different ways. On Tuesday, China slashed a range of key interest rates to shore up its economy, aiming to reignite growth and investment. On the other hand, Russia’s central bank hiked rates by 3.5 percentage points at an emergency gathering, bringing its key rate to a total of 12%, fearing inflationary pressures that could ripple through its economy. – “New World Failure,” Seeking Alpha, August 16, 2023.

Thanks to a combination of high inflation, rising interest rates, and unrelenting growth in the national debt, interest payments are expected to triple from nearly $475 billion in fiscal year 2022 to a stunning $1.4 trillion in 2032. – Megan Henney, “The US is Paying a Record Amount of Interest on its National Debt,”, August 18, 2023.

Wouldn’t you know it? I get sick and financial markets develop a hemorrhoid (a real pain in the arse). I might get better before the market does. Or maybe we both end our misery about the same time that four planets change their directions (stations) over these next two weeks. On the positive side, I had a delicious meal of gnocchi last night. I must be getting better if I am eating potatoes.

It was the same story for stock indices throughout the world. After making primary or yearly highs within a week of Venus turning retrograde on July 22, nearly all were falling precipitously to new multi-week, even yearly lows, by the end of last week. And there are still two more weeks to go before Venus turns direct on September 3.

It was not just stock indices that cratered last week. Bitcoin simply crumbled – broke support – as the Sun squared Uranus mid-week. Uranus is noted for breakouts of support or resistance. Last week, support broke. By Friday, BTC was down to 25,600, almost back to the 24,750 low of June 15, and a netherworld lower than its yearly high of 31,824 made on July 13. That was just one week before the goddess of love and financial security decided it was time to end her journey as the brightest light in the evening skies and head for her new reign as the brightest star in the pre-morning sky, a reign that officially started with last week’s conjunction to the Sun, but won’t be too apparent to the eye for a few more days. Maybe she will herald a return to the glory days that preceded the start of her retrograde cycle.

Gold and Silver got tarnished, too, as Venus began her backward motion in Leo, a sign often associated with Gold and royalty. Both metals had recently peaked on July 20 as the station began. By late last week, Gold had been down almost every day since Venus turned retrograde.


 The summer bond-market rout is delivering a windfall to savers whose rush into higher-yielding investment products is reshaping the U.S. financial system. Americans poured $36 billion into money-market funds this week, taking advantage of yields that have soared past 5%—a figure that only recently seemed like a dream for consumers and businesses shopping for a place to park their cash. – Gunjan Banerji, “Rising Yields Fatten Americans’ Pocketbooks,” Wall Street Journal, August 18, 2023.

The reaction among Mr. Trump’s haters is to wonder why his supporters don’t hate him too. Mostly they tell themselves that his voters are stupid. Never does their own role in stoking Mr. Trump’s popularity occur to them. – William McGurn, “Donald Trump’s Last Hurrah,” Wall Street Journal, August 8, 2023.

Ah! Finally! The market cycles are starting to make sense under this Venus retrograde, a cycle of indecision, changing of mind, and the urge to return anything recently purchased.

Er, wait a minute! Really? This “clarity” is just in time for Mercury to start its retrograde motion, August 23 through September 15, which is hardly a harbinger of clarity. So, what happens when the planet of “indecision and mind-changing” meets up with the “Trickster”? It promises to be a strange dance between worlds of hope versus the realities of missed or false signals. “Did you say you liked me and wanted to dance?” “No, I said you are like me, and I like you but don’t take it seriously because I’m really just a chance.” “Maybe it will work out; maybe it won’t. But if it starts to look promising, I promise I will leave and return another time.”

Ah, the beauty of retrogrades, especially Mercury, Venus, and/or Mars. When direct, so dependable. When retrograde, so indirect and always ready to compromise or split, as if unsure of what it really wants or can do. And markets generally disdain uncertainty. Only a couple of more weeks, but it may require a real washout by year’s end to feel as if life – and markets – are really a bargain again.

But Venus retrograde is really only part of the contra-trend story of financial markets as they have been madly rushing for cover since July 22, +/- 1 week. As several come to the cliff and decide to jump off, we note that a vortex for four planets will be changing their direction in the next two weeks, starting with the Trickster (Mercury), who turns retrograde this Wednesday, August 23, through September 15. While Venus retrograde may have trouble making a decision, Mercury has no such problem. Its issue is sticking with a decision for more than 1-4 days. It likes to impress everyone for its “flexibility” based on “the data.” But “the data” seems to contradict itself every 1-4 days. With Mercury retrograde, the data and its accuracy (or assumed implications) may be questionable.

Five days after Mercury turns retrograde, its higher octave on the scale of planetary symbolism related to intelligence – Uranus – also turns retrograde (August 28). One is capable of suddenly changing directions (Mercury) for short periods of time. The other (Uranus) is capable of changing directions for longer periods of time (weeks, if not months), starting any time within 12 trading days of its turning point.

Uranus retrograde is one of the three strongest planetary correlations to the culmination of primary cycles in many financial markets, even stronger than Venus retrograde. Interestingly enough, Venus ends its retrograde and turns direct on September 3, just six days after Uranus changed directions. Thus, the contra-trend nature of Venus’s retrograde ends nearby to the multi-week change of direction

associated with Uranus turning retrograde, all within one week of one another. The importance of this should be obvious to every reader, every financial astrologer.

As if that is not enough, Jupiter turns retrograde in Taurus, nearby to Uranus (planet of change), one day later, on September 4. Thus, four planets change their direction within 12 days, August 23-September 4. That, too, is a formula for a market change, and the midpoint is right about when Uranus turns retrograde. Usually, three stations in a short span of time is enough. It’s like saying the same thing in a different way. Something is about to change, and since it seems like the world and its financial markets are falling into an abyss, maybe it’s just not really the case yet.

Venus also rules personal savings (Taurus) and the fairness of courts as arbitrators of justice (Libra). Both concepts are very much in evidence today, as noted by the quotes that accompany this week’s “Short-Term Geocosmics and Longer-Term Thoughts” section. It will be interesting to see how the markets and the courts (especially public opinion) change when both Venus and Jupiter change directions from September 3-4.

Savers are becoming well-off again, which I think bodes well in the long run for a soft economic landing. A nation of savers has a better chance of lasting financial security than a nation that has been forced to be speculators over the past two decades. It’s one reason that tore the generations apart, resulting in great mistrust of one another. This may help to bridge the “wealth gap” and “generational gap” that has been a sore spot socially.

I see cause for hope here in a social sense, with savers being rewarded. But politically, I see little cause for hope if the choice is between the two current leading contenders where no love (Venus) is lost between them and their supporters, and in which neither is willing to debate others who are willing and qualified to run for office. It is baffling to see how this justifies “caring” for the opinion or respecting the intelligence of the American citizen. If you, as a leading candidate, truly care about America as you claim, let us hear how you would respond to those who are willing to have this conversation and to let the public clearly see the differences in your plans for America’s future. Only in that way can the citizens make an informed and intelligent voting decision. Otherwise, this just seems like an exercise in “rigging the election.”  But there is this too: Maybe the leading candidates and party leaders don’t want Americans to make an informed and intelligent decision. Maybe it’s about something else altogether, like Pluto moving back into Capricorn (power and control).

Pluto moving into Aquarius may have something dramatic and unexpected to say about this by the time of the 2024 election – or immediately after.


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