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 “Although inflation has moved down from its peak—a welcome development—it remains too high,” Mr. Powell said. He added that the central bank will keep monetary policy at its current “restrictive level” until there is more evidence that inflation is truly whipped. – Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, “Jerome Powell Stays On His Anti-Inflation Course,” Wall Street Journal, August 26, 2023.

The BRICS group invited another six countries to join their photo opportunities. Brazil’s President Lula noted this took the group to 37% of global GDP. That ignores the obvious internal imbalance. It is like my claiming that my farm (plus Australia) is the second-largest lamb producer in the world. With economic nationalism rising as structural change sweeps the global economy, collaboration will be hard to achieve. – Dr. Paul Donovan, “Powell Speaks. Do We Really Care?” UBS morning audio comment, August 25, 2023.

It was an eventful week on many fronts. The Fed meetings at Jackson Hole, the BRICS meeting in South Africa, the “accidental plane crash” that killed Yevgeny Prigozhin, the indictment of Donald Trump and 19 others on Election Interference in Georgia, etc. And yet, the markets held their ground. The ground is shaky and certainly not yet secure. But that’s about par for the course with both Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde, while Venus is poised to end its 6 weeks of retrogradation on September 3. As financial astrologers, we look at the markets’ behavior last week and think: “Is it going to reverse or break down?”

Mars was also in opposition to Neptune last week, so you’ll have to excuse us if we see world leaders and current events exhibiting characteristics that seem passive-aggressive with a lot of bark but no bite. The same behavior seemed present in financial markets, which seemed on the brink of collapsing in many cases but then gingerly tried to mount a rebound that no one really trusted.

In the U.S., for instance, stock indices were mostly higher into mid-week when Mercury turned retrograde. It looked like they had bottomed the week before. But this is where the Trickster is at its best, getting you to think the worst is over – the bottom is in – when really it’s not quite so clear, especially when Mars is also in opposition to Neptune. They all turned south after Wednesday, with the DJIA making a new 6-week low on Friday, but the S&P and NASDAQ were still well above their lows of the prior week. And then all the indices rallied to close nicely higher on Friday. We call that a case of intermarket bullish divergence. The fact that it is happening right in the middle of four planets changing directions (Mercury, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter) between August 23 and September 4 makes these cases of bullish or bearish divergence even more important as a signal that a reversal is taking place or about to do so. This is one of the core principles of financial astrology and how it can be used as a valuable market timing tool.

Bitcoin was another example of how astrology worked well last week. As Mercury turned retrograde on Wednesday, August 23, Bitcoin made its weekly high and low that very day. Mercury retrograde is known as a “Trickster” in financial astrology because it is often present when the market gives false buy and sell signals, or “fake outs.” It made the low first and then the high, so one would think that was a sign the market was going higher. Except it didn’t. It just flatlined the rest of the week between Wednesday’s high and low, causing traders to wonder: is this going up or down?  Like the roadrunner: Is it going this way or that way?

Mixed signals and divergence were also noted in precious metals. Silver exploded higher last week, but Gold took out its prior week’s low (Silver did not), then tried to rally but was not as explosive as Silver. Usually, if the metals are going to be bullish, Gold is the leader, not Silver. But then again, Mercury is retrograde, so conventional theories are not always followed.


Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, “is generally someone who thinks that revenge is a dish best served cold,” he said. “In my experience, Putin is the ultimate apostle of payback, so I would be surprised if Prigozhin escapes further retribution,” said Bill Burns, director of the CIA. The Russian public may learn that it was a pilot’s mistake or a fault in the plane that brought Mr. Prigozhin to his end. In Russia, nobody expects to be told the truth. – “Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Reported Death May Consolidate Putin’s Power: But it Shows that Russia is a Mafia State,” The Economist, August 23, 2023.

One of the most powerful geocosmic time bands of the year is now underway, August 16-September 8. The importance of this period was covered at length in our webinar given last Sunday to our Chinese audience, which discussed not only the Chinese stock market and the RMB currency (Yuan/U.S. Dollar) but also the U.S. stock market, Gold, Crude Oil, and Bitcoin. For information on this very current presentation, click here.

In brief, this is a period in which we expect several financial markets to put in primary cycle highs or lows. This means it is one of the 3-4 best times of the year, based on our understanding of generic factors, to look for potentially very attractive risk/reward possibilities. We are seeing such set ups develop now in stocks, metals, energy, currencies, and crypto markets. Each is discussed in that presentation, so we won’t repeat the opportunities again at this time, except to say: have a trading plan in place for this period.

Just as importantly, have an alternate plan in place if things don’t unfold as you expect, for surely, with Mercury and Uranus turning retrograde, things are not likely to unfold exactly as expected. You may need to be clear in your communication with others, be careful of accepting “fixes” for computer issues, and be flexible where expectations are concerned. Expectations are a sign of fixed or rigid personality traits, and both the Trickster and its higher octave, Uranus, have a way of humbling those who are dogmatic and inflexible (closed) in their beliefs and attitudes.

A word of advice to get through this period: Just let it go. Breathe deep, hold it, and gently let it go. And then see what comes to you. At its best, this can be a period of great inspiration and invention. But you have to “let it go” before it can find a place within you to release all that creative energy waiting to be tapped.


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