Headline inflation in Japan rose to 3.3 percent in June, outpacing the US figure for the first time in eight years and underscoring how Asia’s most advanced economy is no longer an outlier in global inflation. This increases the pressure on the Bank of Japan, which meets next week and faces calls from investors to unwind its ultra-loose monetary policy. Japan remains the world’s only central bank with negative interest rates, and any reversal of this strategy would have massive implications for global financial markets. – Kana Inagaki, “Japan’s Inflation Outpaces US Price Rises for First Time in 8 Years,” Financial Times, July 21, 2023.

Where would you like to start with the power-packed lineup of Level 1 geocosmic signatures that culminate this weekend? One source we would highly recommend for an in-depth analysis and timing of several financial markets likely to be affected would be the 4-hour recording of our July 16 Annual Mid-Year 2023 Webinar on Financial Markets. It is now available (see comments below in the Announcements).

We could start with Venus retrograde this Saturday, July 22. We identified this powerful geocosmic signature several years ago as an indicator of major policy changes by central banks of the world, which in turn have a direct effect on interest-rate related markets such as currencies and Treasuries. As noted in the quote above by the Financial Times, Japan’s latest inflation report shows prices rising faster than expected – finally! Now what will the Bank of Japan do? Will they start to hike after so many years of negative rates? Under Venus retrograde, that’s possible.

An interesting factoid is that Venus goes retrograde approximately every 19 months, or five times in eight years. And every fifth time (8th year), it happens in the same sector of the signs. When you connect those five points, it forms an almost perfect pentagram in the charts. This time it occurs in Leo, which last happened in the summer of 2015 (eight years ago). During that last passage, China re-pegged its currency vis-à-vis the U.S. Dollar, which stunned global financial markets. Japan and its central bank may be on the verge of causing similar disruptions in the global currencies markets, not to mention the escalating discussion on the possible launch of a new Gold-backed BRICS currency to compete with the U.S. Dollar for world trade transactions. So far, the currency markets have reacted very tamely to the announcement. But then again, Venus is just beginning its 42-day retrograde cycle. Like Mercury retrograde, we can expect to see whipsaws and fake outs, especially since Venus will make three passes of a waxing square aspect with Uranus (the planet of disruptions, surprises, and sudden reversals), between July and September.

Venus retrograde is not the only super-charged aspect occurring now. Mars (anger) in Virgo (workforce) has a correspondence with labor strikes. It is forming an opposition to Saturn (grievances, complaints) in Pisces (the film and entertainment world) right now, on July 20. Hollywood’s going on strike! I don’t think the world has a sense of how serious this might be. The world has never taken Hollywood seriously. This may be the lot of Pisces in general. But there is some serious money to be lost here, as well as serious cultural activities that could be lost for an extended amount of time that could make the next several months, or even years, a little more depressing than otherwise might be the case. It’s a possible turn that Saturn in Pisces could follow. With Venus retrograde also in Leo, we may be spending a lot of time watching reruns of movies we loved once upon a time. Venus retrograde in Leo likes nostalgia, going back in time when life was fun and enjoyable. Mars in Virgo, opposite Saturn in Pisces, on the other hand, is shaping up to be a “buzzkill” for movie lovers as well as movie stars, movie producers, and anyone connected to the U.S. film industry.

And then there is Barbie. Interesting that possibly the last big blockbuster movie of 2023 has to do with a walk down memory lane for millions of mothers and children, just as Venus goes retrograde in the children’s sign of Leo.


The Federal Reserve hopes a new, faster-payments system will let U.S. bank customers send and receive money almost instantly, but it could be years before the speedier network gains widespread traction. The Fed said Thursday it launched its long-awaited FedNow system, which is intended to allow bill payments, paychecks and other common consumer or business transfers to be available quickly and around the clock. That is a change from the existing, slower system that is closed on weekends and can, at times, take several days before consumers can access their funds. – Andrew Ackerman, “Fed Launches Payments System That Will Deliver Paychecks to Bank Accounts in a Flash,” Wall Street Journal, July 20, 2023.

What goes up…
Must come down…
What goes ’round…
Must come ’round…
What’s been lost…
Must be found…

                Lyrics from the Alan Parsons Project, “What Goes Up…” 1978, Arista

Venus retrograde also finds the Fed implementing its new FedNow system. One has to wonder if all the bugs have been worked out as it launches under Venus retrograde, plus the Mars/Saturn and Sun/Pluto opposition, as well as Jupiter semi-square Neptune. None of these signatures offers a sense of “readiness,” for each has its own history of challenges when it comes to operating something smoothly. With Mars/Saturn, there is a feeling of frustration that something is trying to launch before it is actually ready. With the Sun/Pluto, there is often the threat of danger, where there should be safety precautions in place. With Jupiter/Neptune comes a tendency to be overly optimistic and also careless where details are involved. We may “wish” for something to work as intended (although many see a dark side to this and wish it not to work, a natural response with Pluto’s involvement). But reality may have other ideas than for a wish to come true.

As far as world stock indices go, the Jupiter/Neptune semi-square on July 21 is a dynamic that often correlates to irrational exuberance or hysteria. Right now, it is the former for world equity markets, many of which enjoyed a very gainful week. The DJIA, S&P, and NASDAQ all soared to new yearly highs late last week, right into this powerful geocosmic time band where sentiment and expectations can “turn on a dime,” as we say in America.

Gold and Silver also enjoyed strong rallies. Gold’s rally reached a new cycle high of 1989 on July 20, well up from its low of 1900 on MMA’s last three-star CRD of June 29. Silver soared to 25.47, also on Thursday, July 20, up from its recent low of 22.14 on June 23. Crude Oil is testing its highest level since late April, closing near $77/barrel. Bitcoin was down most of the week, off its yearly high of 31,827 on July 13. It is ending the week slightly below 30,000. But the bigger story was – or will be – in the currency markets. The Euro made a new yearly high of 1.1275 last week, but the Japanese Yen started falling sharply at the end of last week even as inflation ramped up beyond expectations, suggesting that BOJ may have to consider raising rates to support its currency (and fight inflation), but so far nobody is buying it.

It’s going to be an interesting six weeks as Venus turns retrograde now, especially as it squares Uranus a second time on August 9, right near the midpoint of its retrograde cycle. Venus is the planet of expectations but is also known to be indecisive when expectations are not realized. Retrogrades are known for reversing decisions. What do you do when expectations aren’t met, you are indecisive, and you think you should reverse previous decisions, but you feel paralyzed to act because you don’t want to make another mistake? You freeze. You use disclaimers and qualifiers for everything you say, thus confusing people as to what you really mean. This is the challenge for the Fed coming up, and probably other central banks, too.

One thing everyone might want to remember these next few weeks is to not get too fixated on a particular expectation of how things will work out because chances are those expectations will not manifest as expected – in work, love, or markets. Enjoy the moment, the now, as it offers much entertainment and the possibility of fun and enjoyment. But be careful of getting too attached to “next.” With Jupiter semi-square Neptune, Mars opposite Saturn, and the Sun opposite Pluto, bubbles can burst, and heads can spin.


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Today’s webcast was extraordinary! The graphics are superior including the background in your presentation; adding Gianni, Matthieu, and Wyatt takes it to the next level. –Richard B, trader, Albuquerque, NM

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