Gross domestic product grew at a seasonally and inflation-adjusted 2.4% annual rate in the second quarter, the Commerce Department said Thursday. That was faster than economists expected and above the 2% growth in the first three months of the year. – Sarah Chaney Cambon and Christian Robles, Wall Street Journal Online, July 27, 2023.

The Federal Open Market Committee raised its target interest rate by another quarter point to 5.25%-5.5% after a pause at its June meeting. Mr. Powell said at his post-FOMC press conference that future rate increases are possible this year if the inflation data warrants.– The WSJ Editorial Board, “Powell on Inflation: ‘We Need to Get This Done,’” Wall Street Journal,” July 26, 2023.

The Bank of Japan announced Friday “greater flexibility” in its monetary policy — surprising global financial markets. The central bank loosened its yield curve control — or YCC — in an unexpected move with wide-ranging ramifications. It sent the Japanese Yen whipsawing against the U.S. dollar, while Japanese stocks and government bond prices slid. – Silvia Amaro, “The Bank of Japan just shocked markets with a policy tweak,”, July 28, 2023.

In the first week of trading under the current Venus retrograde cycle, central banks were very active. Rate hikes were initiated in the U.S. Eurozone, UK, Australia, Canada, and Norway. Japan just reported an unexpected spike in inflation, and with that, the BOJ announced it would loosen its yield curve control and long-standing negative interest rate policy. China and Viet Nam, however, are lowering rates.

Yet, with all this rate-hiking taking place with so many central banks, global stock markets continue to make or stay near yearly highs. Welcome to Venus retrograde, the planet of diplomacy, indecision, and contradiction, especially regarding interest rate-related markets like currencies. These very qualities, along with the “disruption” characteristic of Uranus in Taurus (sign of money and one of the signs ruled by Venus), have combined to create a sense of chaos and uncertainty in financial markets. It seems every couple of weeks the investment sentiment shifts from bullish to bearish and back again. Right now, it is bullish. But with Venus retrograde, do not be surprised to see another shift in sentiment shortly, and probably when investors least expect it – again.

Although it might appear that Venus retrograde has not coincided with a reversal in global stock indices and other financial markets, it may be pre-mature to write off the possibility just yet. Although it is true that the German DAX and Indian NIFTY indices soared to a new all-time high in the past week, it is notable that the NIFTY did so on Friday, July 20, the last trading day before the goddess of love and wealth turned retrograde. The NASDAQ made a yearly high just one day earlier, on July 19, while both the S&P and DJIA made their yearly highs on Thursday, July 27, just four days afterwards. Since Venus retrograde has a history of primary cycles unfolding as late as 12 days afterwards, its correlation to a reversal time frame is not over yet. Additionally, most of its reversals have happened within just four trading days, and Thursday’s high was four days removed from the change of motion. Yet, there is no technical sign of a top at this time either. But then again, that’s how retrogrades like Mercury and Venus work. They often negate bullish or bearish technical signals.

The reversal correlation of Venus turning retrograde was evident in currency markets, precious metals, energy, and grains. The Euro and Japanese Yen made multi-month highs on July 18, just prior to Venus retrograde last weekend. Gold and Silver put in highs for their new primary cycles so far on July 20. Crude Oil traded above $80 for the first time in three months last week. Copper is testing its 2-month high. The grain markets made multi-month highs late last week, just 4-5 days after the Venus station – and then fell hard the rest of last week. Bitcoin and Ethereum fell to multi-week lows on July 24, the first trading day after Venus turned retrograde. It may feel like trends have not changed under Venus retrograde, but so far, the highs and lows of several cycles within four trading days are being recorded.

And, oh yes! The Barbie movie had the largest sales of any movie opening this year as the planet of beauty and love was highlighted in the heavens. But the question remains: Is Barbie a real feminist or not?


As many global investors have now decided that China is “uninvestable,” it increasingly looks like India’s time has come both as a stock market and as an economy. – Chris Wood, “As China Loses Global Investors, India’s Time May Have Come,” Grizzle Research and Quant, July 28, 2023.

Attitudes about future trends in finances and economies are changing. This is yet another theme related to Venus retrograde, especially as she forms three waxing square passes to Uranus between July and September. Uranus is important here because it is in Taurus, one of Venus’ ruling signs, and in this case, also the sign of money and banks. The second – and likely the strongest of the three square passages to Uranus – will take place on August 9. Another reason why Uranus is important is that it is the planet ruling technology stocks, and hence the NASDAQ. The first of the three passages of the Venus/Uranus square took place on July 2, which was the week when the NASDAQ broke out to new highs and led the other indices that followed shortly after. But now we have to wonder if the opposite will happen. Will the stock markets top out around August 9 and reverse, instead of breaking out to more new highs? Or will markets fall hard into that aspect and then reverse back up? With Venus retrograde, don’t expect the outlook to be crystal clear. The direction of market prices can change with each bit of data that comes out under Venus retrograde. The data released may not fall in line with expectations, for Venus – as ruler of Taurus – rules expectations, but the retrograde advises us not to be locked into expectations right now.

Venus square Uranus (expect the unexpected) is only one of the important geocosmic signatures approaching that we are watching. Another is the waxing trine of Mars and Jupiter on Tuesday, August 1, which has a correspondence to both Crude Oil and stock markets. Since global indices are still rising, it’s possible they will find a ceiling nearby to this favorable trine between these two fiery planets. If so, we could then see a healthy pullback into a low during Venus square Uranus.

Not only does Mars trine Jupiter next week, but the Sun will form a square to Jupiter as well on August 7. The Sun is the third of these fire trilogy planets, so all three will be active with one another between August 1 and 7. Each of these transits has a high correlation to sharp reversals within four trading days, which will also overlap August 1-7. For us, this is a short-term trading time band favorable for aggressive traders seeking maximum profit with minimal exposure. Usually, that means a brief but sharp decline is likely into that period.

The next most powerful signatures for a prolonged move don’t arise until late August into early September. Any market that peaked or bottomed within a week of Venus retrograde (July 22, +/- 1 week) is a candidate to sell off into Venus turning direct, which takes place on September 4. Until then, enjoy the summer of love with Venus in Leo! And if you are a subscriber to any MMA Cycles Report, get ready for the launch of MMA’s annual Forecast 2024 pre-publication “best” sales that will start in a little over one week. General public pre-sales will begin in early September.


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