Wyatt Fellows

Wyatt Fellows is an MMA Agriculture Analyst and the editor of the MMA Monthly Grain Report, covering Soybeans, Corn, and Wheat. A graduate of the MMTA2 program, Wyatt also covers Soybeans in the MMA Monthly Cycles Report and the annual Forecast Book. He is passionate about commodity trading with 20+ years of agricultural trading experience. Wyatt is the president and owner of a multi-generational family farm in Wisconsin producing Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, and Livestock.

Gianni Di Poce

Gianni Di Poce is the program director of the Merriman Market Timing Academy (MMTA) and an MMA analyst covering a span of different markets. Gianni reports on T-Notes, Crude Oil, Soybeans, the Zurich SMI, and the Japanese Yen for the MMA Monthly Cycles Report, and is the editor for the MMA Monthly ETF Report. Gianni is frequently featured in MMA Webinars, our annual Forecast books, and is lead editor of MMA’s Daily and Weekly Reports. Gianni joined MMA in 2019, and has been using MMA’s methods since 2016. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, served as a financial adviser for 5 years, and has over a decade of real investment and trading experience.

Alie Schneider

Alie is the Managing Director of MMA. She was responsible for moving the business across the country to Arizona and establishing the company’s new permanent home in the Southwest. Alie oversees the daily operations and client experience, as well as marketing for MMA across all channels. Alie joined MMA in 2017 and is a graduate of University of Arizona with both her Business Management degree, as well as her M.B.A. Prior to joining Merriman Market Analyst she worked in the investment industry at a Mutual Fund company and in Private Banking working exclusively with ultra-high net worth clients. She is an active member in her community in Arizona, having served on the board of Gabriel’s Angels (2016-2017) and as a volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix.

Pouyan Zolfagharnia

Pouyan Zolfagharnia is one of the top graduates of Merriman Market Timing Academy from the class of 2021-22. He is an MMA analyst contributing to several of the MMA subscription reports, including the MMA Monthly Cycles Report and the MMA Weekly Comments and Trade Recommendations. Pouyan is the editor of the mid-term addendum to the monthly MMA Monthly Cycles Report, the MMA Monthly Cycles Plus+ Report. In these reports, he covers a range of markets including Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, and the NASDAQ. He also covers the DAX report to our subscribers of the  MMA Monthly Cycles Report written in German.

Pouyan was born in Iran and moved to the UK in 1990. He holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting & Finance from Lancaster University. He is also a qualified CA and Fellow with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He currently runs his own investment and property development company.

Pouyan is an exceptional market analyst as well as a talented graphics designer. His use of graphic designs creates a more visual approach to understanding current market conditions in the monthly MMA Monthly Cycles Plus+ Report, which many readers appreciate.

Pouyan holds a firm belief that, with an understanding of geocosmic cycles, we can use the harmony and balance within the Macrocosm to understand what may appear to be a chaotic world around us.

Ulric Aspegrén

Ulric Aspegrén is an MMA Currency Analyst. Ulric reports on the Euro for the monthly MMA Monthly Cycles Report as well as U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) and British Pound (GBP) for the monthly International Cycles Report: Financials. Ulric joined MMA in 2014 and is a graduate of Merriman’s MMTA program. He also has a B.S. from University of Colorado Boulder and worked in corporate management. Ulric was born in Sweden, lived in Turkey, Tunisia, and India, and currently resides in Switzerland.

Jacque Campbell

Jacque joined MMA in 2017 as the first Arizona employee. She is responsible for the entire client experience, from responding to incoming emails to sending out books. If you have ever called the MMA office, there is a good chance you spoke directly with Jacque. Jacque is a graduate of Arizona State University and originally from the Midwest. Prior to MMA, Jacque spent years working in the hospitality industry. She enjoys spending time with her family in Arizona and traveling with her daughters. 

Raymond Merriman

Raymond Merriman is the President of the Merriman Market Analyst and founder of the Merriman Market Timing Academy. He is a registered Commodities Trading Adviser (CTA) with the National Futures Association. Raymond is a financial market analyst and has been the editor of the MMA Cycles Report, a monthly market advisory newsletter, since 1982. He also writes daily and weekly reports for more active traders.

Merriman’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology at Michigan State University in 1969. He did post-graduate studies in Psychology at Michigan State University and Oakland University, before taking on a position as a project coordinator for an adolescent group program with the Michigan Department of Social Services, where he developed a group counseling model known as “RGD” (Reference Group Dynamics). This model was later adopted by high schools in Ohio and Michigan in the 1970’s.

His introduction to financial markets began in 1978. Two years later, he became a student of Walter Bressert, legendary cycles analyst in commodities. Under Walter’s tutelage, Merriman began his research on the correlation of planetary cycles to cycles in the Gold market, based on Walter’s methodology of cycles analysis, which resulted in the publication of The Gold Book: Geocosmic Correlations to Gold Price Cycles in 1982 (out-of-print). This was the first book to show a quantitative research correlation between cycles in a financial market to cycles in the cosmos.

Between 1982-1986, Raymond Merriman was a frequent guest contributor on the Financial News Network (FNN). He served as an Investment Executive with Prudential Securities (1986-87) and Shearson Lehman Hutton (1987-1990), before becoming an Accounts Vice-President of Retail Commodity Futures with Paine Webber (1990-1994). He authored several books on Financial Market Timing, including the five-part series The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing (1997-2012), The Sun, Moon, and Silver Market (2006), Solar/Lunar Keys to Gold Price Reversals (2015), and the annual Forecast Book (since 1976), which outlines his projections a year ahead of time for financial markets, the world economy, and political trends. In addition, he has also written two primers on financial market analysis. Merriman on Market Cycles: The Basics, first published in 1994. The other, Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies for Financial Market Timing, is a basic textbook on the relationship of geocosmic correlations to financial markets.

From 1997 through 2012, he wrote the five-volume series The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, which became the basis for the curriculum used in MMTA, the Merriman Market Timing Academy. In all, these books took 15 years to complete and comprise over 1600 pages. His works are currently published in German, Italian, Dutch, French, Russian, Serbian, Czech, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and English.

In 2013, Raymond Merriman created MMTA, the Merriman Market Timing Academy, a two-year training course in Merriman’s market analysis and market timing methodology developed over the past 40 years. Students took 99 classes in this two-year period, competency tests, and completed papers on seven major research projects identifying historical correlations between the analysis methods and historical performance. These courses are now available to new students for on-line learning. The original graduates have been trained to become financial market analysts  utilizing the MMA methodology. At present, several of the original graduates write monthly market analysis reports for the MMA Cycles Report as well as the Monthly International Cycles Reports.

In early 2013, Merriman was awarded the Gold Star by Market Timing Digest of Amsterdam, Netherlands as the “Best Market Timer of 2013.” He was the only contestant to successfully identify all 15 major turning points in the U.S. stock market by their criteria. In 2014 Merriman received the Gold Star award again as “Best Market Timer of the Year” from Market Timing Digest, this time correctly identifying 20 of 21 reversal dates in the U.S. stock market well ahead of time.

Raymond Merriman is well-studied in the field of Astrology. He is a Professional (Certified) Life Member of the American Federation of Astrologers (PLMAFA since 1972), as well as through ISAR, the International Society of Astrological Research (2000). In 1995 he was the recipient of the UAC Regulus Award for “Enhancing Astrology’s Image as a Profession.” In 2012 he received the UAC “Regulus Lifetime Achievement Award,” only the fourth person ever to receive this honor.

He also served seven non-consecutive terms as President of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research), a decision reached in a two-step process involving over 1500 members from over 25 national centers around the world, not least in part due to his participation in helping formulate the certification criteria back in the mid-1990’s, which has since resulted in this model being viewed as the international standard for astrological professionalism.

Raymond Merriman currently resides in Cave Creek, Arizona, USA. He can be reached via the MMA website. You can also follow Raymond Merriman and Merriman Market Analyst on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.