Forecast 2020 Scorecard- As of September 21, 2020

Although 2020 is not yet over, several forecasts made in the 2020 book have already unfolded. We will list a few of the forecasts below as of September 21, 2020 and the list will be updated Events and Articles. Keep in mind these forecasts were written in October-November 2019, and published December 1, 2019, well before 2020 got underway.

ECONOMIC AND MARKET FORECASTS FOR 2020 (made prior to December 1, 2019)

The U.S. Stock Market and DJIA: “… the crest of this first 15.5-month cycle tops out before April, then declines into a low before October, then has another rally that tests or makes a new all-tike high in the second phase. As far as an upside target, two others at 29,663 +/- 938 and 33,293 +/- 2115 are developing. Additionally, with Jupiter in Capricorn, along with Saturn and Pluto, the path to higher highs is likely to be difficult than experienced in 2019 when Jupiter was in Sagittarius… The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 21, 2020 argues for the high to be within five months of December 2020.” The all-time in the DJIA occurred on February 12, 2020 at 29,568. It then dropped 38% into its low as of this writing on March 23. U.S. stocks then embarked upon another major rally, and as of this writing, the NASDAQ and S&P have made new all-time highs the first week of September, in an MMA 3—star critical reversal date time band.

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Trading with MMA Market Timing Methods: Recordings now available!

Trading with MMA Market Timing Methods

Trading with MMA Market Timing Methods: Recordings now available

Raymond Merriman will be hosting a three-part course on how to use the MMA Market Timing Methods and subscription reports starting in March. Trading with MMA Market Timing Methods is a three-part course over four weeks. Each two-hour class is designed for traders who want to learn more about trading futures as well as ETFs. The class size is limited to 30 students. All classes will be live and will be recorded so that the video recordings are available to the students for review. Read our interview with Raymond below to learn more about the class and how to sign up now!

Dates: March 11, March 25, April 1
Time: 7-9 pm EST
Instructor: Raymond Merriman
Platform: Hosted via Zoom
Cost: $295

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This is a modified version of a presentation given at the ISAR 2014 conference, September 27, 2014, in Phoenix, AZ. If you wish to view and download a PDF of the chapter, with additional highlights and graphics, please click HERE.

America is in trouble.

It is in danger of losing its identity, and perhaps many of its treasured liberties, based on over 200 years of being the most exceptional experiment in democracy and capitalism the world has ever known.

Most Americans know this. Russia and China know this. In fact, the entire world is aware of the threat to America’s identity and standing in the world, except perhaps the political leaders of America and many of their supporters, who apparently believe two contradictory narratives.

1. On one hand, the Administration states that America is not in decline or in danger, that it is strong and is still the greatest country in the world.
2. On the other hand, many supporters of President Obama, and possibly Obama himself, believe that the democracy and capitalism as practiced in the USA has not been an exceptional experiment at all in world history, but rather a failed practice that has been merely an excuse for the exploitation and oppression of others, both in America and abroad. For this viewpoint, Obama has apologized to the world for America’s perceived sins.

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Interview with Gianni Di Poce, conducted by Raymond Merriman

Gianni di Poce

Starting in 2020, Gianni Di Poce, MMA Market Analyst, will begin as editor of the MMA Crude Oil Report. Subscription to this report includes Daily, Weekly, and Monthly analysis to the Crude Oil futures market.

In this interview with Gianni Di Poce, we introduce our readers to Gianni so they get to know him and his background, and why we think so highly of his work and his future as an emerging MMA Market Analyst.

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Forecast 2019 Book Cover

To show what type of content is covered in our annual Forecast Book, we have reprinted a full chapter from the Forecast 2019 Book below. This chapter was written in November 2018, about one year ago. See the chapter, where I have added in my current thoughts in red, which show how my forecasts have unfolded for the President. If you wish to view and download a PDF of the chapter, with additional highlights and graphics, please click HERE. This chapter will give you an idea of what to expect in next year’s Forecast 2020 Book, coming out on December 16, 2019. It’s going to be quite a year for the United States and President Trump and Forecast 2020 will give you a glimpse of what to anticipate in the 2020 Presidential Election. The book will also cover financial markets, the importance of the 2020 Capricorn Stellium, and the geocosmic critical reversal dates for 2020. Enjoy this chapter from Forecast 2019 along with my commentary!

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