Harnessing the Power of Market Cycles: 5 Geocosmic Forex Trading Strategies


In the fast-paced world of financial markets, where volatility and unpredictability reign, having a strategic approach to forex trading is paramount. Enter Merriman Market Analyst (MMA), a beacon of insight founded by Raymond A. Merriman, a Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA) and financial market analyst. MMA has been at the forefront of guiding traders with advanced tools to navigate financial markets and understand the correlation between market cycles and geocosmic factors.

Understanding Forex Trading Strategies

Forex trading strategies serve as a compass for traders in the intricate landscape of currency exchange. They provide the structure and guidance necessary to make informed decisions amidst the ever-changing market conditions. Each strategy brings a unique perspective to the table, allowing traders to approach the market with confidence.

Exploring Top Forex Trading Strategies

1. Technical Analysis Strategy

Technical analysis, a cornerstone of forex trading, involves studying historical price data and chart patterns to predict future price movements. Traders use indicators such as Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Fibonacci retracement levels to identify trends and potential entry/exit points. For instance, spotting a “golden cross” between short-term and long-term moving averages might signal an uptrend.


2. Fundamental Analysis Strategy

Fundamental analysis revolves around economic data, news releases, and geopolitical events. Traders assess factors like interest rates, GDP growth, and political stability to gauge a currency’s strength. When, for example, a central bank raises interest rates, it may attract foreign investors seeking higher returns, leading to currency appreciation.


3. Price Action Strategy

Price action analysis relies on reading the behavior of price movements without the interference of indicators. Traders recognize patterns like “head and shoulders” or “double tops/bottoms” to anticipate trend reversals or continuations. Detecting a bearish engulfing candlestick pattern after a prolonged uptrend might indicate an impending price drop.


4. Carry Trade Strategy

Carry trade involves profiting from interest rate differentials between two currencies. Traders borrow a currency with a low-interest rate and invest in a currency with a higher rate. The goal is to capture the interest rate spread while benefiting from potential currency appreciation. However, risk management is crucial, as adverse exchange rate movements can erase gains.


5. Geocosmic Forex Trading Strategies by Raymond Merriman

Raymond’s profound insights integrate astrology/astronomy and cycle studies into forex trading. His observations highlight planetary aspects that correlate with major currency price reversals:

  • Venus + Uranus aspects: Correlate with significant reversals in currency prices.
  • Sun + Uranus aspects: Indicate strong correlations to currency reversals.
  • Uranus retrograde/direct motions: Correlate to major currency reversals.


5 Forex Trading Strategies with Examples.

Technical analysis: Identifying a bullish trend using Moving Averages crossover.

Fundamental analysis: Trading USD after a positive Non-Farm Payrolls report.

Price action analysis: Recognizing a “double bottom” pattern for a potential bullish reversal.

Carry trade: Borrowing JPY and investing in AUD to capture interest rate spread.

Geo cosmic strategy: Noticing a Venus + Uranus aspect before a currency reversal.


The Best Strategy For Trading Forex

The best strategy depends on your trading style, risk tolerance, and market conditions. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, as each strategy has its merits.


The Safest Trading Strategy

The safest strategy often involves a balanced combination of fundamental analysis, risk management, cycle status, and a long-term perspective, such as the carry trade.


Conclusion: Unveiling the Cosmic Insights

In a realm where financial markets are driven by intricate cycles and unpredictable shifts, Merriman Market Analyst (MMA) and Ray Merriman’s geocosmic insights shine as guiding stars. Incorporated in 1983, MMA continues to evolve, demonstrating the perpetual correlation between market highs and lows and geocosmic factors. With Venus + Uranus aspects, Sun + Uranus aspects, and Uranus’s directional changes as cosmic guides, MMA’s legacy remains a testament to the power of understanding market cycles. As traders harness the wisdom of both time-tested and innovative strategies, they navigate the forex market with newfound clarity and confidence.


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