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Indices November 24, 2014 | DJIA: 84.4 | Silver: 123.13 * |

NOTE: Anything over 120 has a higher than usual correspondence to a reversal in this market. For more information on trading Stock Indices or Silver (futures or options) based on this data, check out the MMA DAILY UPDATE REPORT.

For complete explanation of these studies, please refer to:

Welcome to Merriman Market Analyst

Raymond MerrimanYou've linked to one of the most insightful and empowering sites available for the serious student of cycles in human activity. Working from the premise that all human activity works in conjunction with certain immutable laws of time and space, The Merriman Market Analyst (MMA) utilizes advanced research techniques to uncover patterns and trends that you can use to understand the present; and, from this method of understanding, gain valuable insight into the future. Successful investing is predicated on having access to the most reliable information available.

The Merriman Market Analyst (MMA) provides advanced tools for acquiring such information. These tools integrate a combination of cycles, geocosmic signatures and trend analysis patterns in assisting the serious investor in their interpretation of the various financial markets and the general economy. In today's fast paced and seemingly chaotic marketplace, you need the edge that only a broader analysis of human activity can provide.

MMA Comments for the Week Beginning November 24, 2014

There are other serious long-term planetary signatures. This week finds Saturn starting the balsamic phase (the last 1/8 time band) of its 32-37 year cycle with Pluto. That is, on November 27 it forms the first of three waning semi-squares to Pluto. The last will take place August 13, 2015. This is important, because the last 1/8 of a cycle is when everything represented by that cycle is torn down. The Saturn-Pluto cycle will end on January 12, 2020. It is an extremely important economic cycle, as written in several Forecast Books, and noted by other well-known Mundane Astrologers like Claude Weiss of Zurich, Switzerland. Consider the last balsamic phase of these two planets, which unfolded July 18, 1978 through November 8, 1982. Think about what the world economy was going through then, and what happened to interest rates, inflation, and precious metals prices. Or consider the time before that, which lasted July 22, 1943 through August 11, 1947. These are periods when economies and societies of the world are threatened and even torn down, and then rebuilt.





    It's that time of the year again! MMA’s 2015 Forecast Book is due out December 15. It will be available in both paper and electronic editions. The cost is $55.00 plus postage. There is no postage for the electronic book format.



“America at the Crossroads: Will It Survive, Perish, or Transform?” This presentation examines the charts of the United States, its transits and progressions, the USA president, his transits and progressions, and Congress. It explains the transformation taking place in the USA under the 2008-2015 Cardinal Climax, and where the nation is headed, pending choices taking place right now.


“America is in trouble. It is in danger of losing its identity, perhaps many of its treasured liberties, based on over 200 years of being the most exceptional experiment in democracy and capitalism the world has ever known…”  The start of this presentation by Raymond Merriman.

A Cyclical and Geocosmic Analysis of Gold and the USA Stock Market

One of the talks presented at the ISAR 2014 conference on September 27was titled “A Cyclical and Geocosmic Analysis of Gold and the USA Stock Market.” This presentation is now available on CD or MP3, with power pin nt slides in PDF format. This is a very timely talk, as stocks are  making new all-timenhighs and Silver is flling to a 4-year low. It contains information that should be useful for several months. The cost for this recording is $35.00, plus postage, if ordering via the CD format.

 If you trade or invest in Gold or stocks, this is a presentation you will not want to miss! Order now while it is still very relevant!


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