Scorecard as of October 19, 2018


Several forecasts made in the 2018 book have already unfolded. Keep in mind these forecasts were written in October-November 2017, and published December 1, 2017, well before 2018 got underway.

T-Notes and Interest Rates: “Transits of Saturn in hard aspect to the Federal Reserve Board chart indicates monetary tightening by the Fed, driving interest rates higher if the economy is strong, as it is now (heading into 2018) …The double bottom chart formation (122/25-123/01) is likely only temporary support and will soon break (as)… the 6- and 18-year cycle low is due 2019-2021.” It broke below support by mid-January, and as of this writing the low has been 117/13 on October 8, just one day after Venus turned retrograde and our critical reversal date of October 5.

The Stock Market and DJIA: “The upside price target for the crest is 22,713 +/- 1917 or 27,252 +/- 2453… The 23-month cycle low is due before the end of June 2018. It will overlap the 50-week cycle that is due by the week ending February 23, 2018 or the week ending April 6, 2018 +/- 12 weeks (depending on the starting point used) … Once the 23-month cycle low is completed, another sizable rally is due to start.” The DJIA and S&P topped out on January 26-29. The S&P and NASDAQ made their 23-month low on February 9, whereas the DJIA did not bottom until April 2 (week ending April 6, as given). Each index then began an impressive rally, with the NASDAQ making a new all-time high on August 30, the S&P making new all-time highs on September 21, and the DJIA on October 3, an exact three-star critical reversal date. The high for the DJIA as of this writing has been 26,951, which is in one of the price target zones give.

Gold: “Once the 11-month cycle low is completed (due December 1, 2017 +/- 12 weeks) … with a downside price target of 1243.40 +/- 28.10) … A key period for Gold to demonstrate that it is bullish arises December 9, 2017 through January 23, 2018… A move above 1310 (will be) followed by 1350-1380…” The 11-month cycle low formed December 12 at 1238.40, right in the price range given for that low. It then soared to 1365.40 on January 25, into the price target and time band for a huge rally as given. It did not, however, get above 1380, which would then have put into motion a more bullish projection for the year, per last year’s book. Instead, Gold declined to a low of 1167 on August 16, before beginning another rally underway as this is being written.

Dollar/Yen: “The next 22.5-month cycle trough is due December 2017-September 2018. Since it is the first 22.5-month cycle in the newer 5.5-year cycle, it is likely to exhibit bullish characteristics. My bias is that the Dollar/Yen could test the 118 level, +/- 1.50, without the U.S. Dollar breaking below 103.” The low of the year was 104.55 on March 26, which was a three-star geocosmic critical reversal date (CRD) time band given in the book, and the 22.5-month cycle low, right on time. The high has been 114.54, right on our three-star critical reversal date of October 3 given in the book.

British Pound (by Ulric Aspegrén, MMTA Graduate): “The crest (of the 24-month cycle) would take place May 2018 +/- 7 months. The crest would be followed by a the 24-month cycle low (due) May 2018-February 2019… The 24-month cycle crest is estimated to be 1.3905 +/- .1275.” The high of the year was 1.4376 on April 17, which is only one day before a critical reversal date given in the book, and right near the midpoint of the time projected for the high. It was also within the range projected for the price.

Corn: “There are no geocosmic signatures indicating a drought in 2018, so our bias is that Corn could fall lower below 315, sometime in 2018, unless they can first close above 415. Until it can close above 415, however, Corn is vulnerable to falling as low as 255-310 in 2018-2019 as the 18-year cycle finally ends… However, a close above A-B-C negates this. That line offers resistance this year at 400-415.” The high of the year was 412 on May 24 (a CRD was given in last year’s book for May 23). The low, so far, has been 329-3/4 on July 12.

Soybeans (by Kat Powell, MMTA Graduate):“My bias is that the market may need to re-test support in the range of 800-900 before a substantial rally can begin. The current range for the descending pattern is 842 +/- 43… Venus in Virgo will form a grand trine involving Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus at the time of the solar eclipse of July 13.” The low of the year, as of this writing in late July, was right on July 13 (another CRD zone given in the book) at 810. It tested this low again on September 12, another CRD zone given in the book, at 811-1/2, basis the nearby contract.

Crude Oil (by Nitin Bhandari, MMTA Graduate): “The year 2018 is very special with respect to geocosmic signatures pertaining to crude oil. Both the rulers of crude oil, Jupiter and Neptune, will be in a harmonious trine between December 2017 and August 2018. There is a possibility that crude oil’s 3-year cycle crest may unfold during this period… the inverse head and shoulders pattern was activated, which projects an upward price target of 75.17 +/- 2.89.” The high of the year as of this writing was right there, at 76.90, on October 3, after the first leg of a double top chart formation occurred on July 3.


Many of the 2018 Critical Reversal Dates given for various markets have been impressive, and several have coincided with yearly highs and lows so far, such as in the USA Stock Indices, T-Notes, Gold, Currencies, and Grains – in fact, in every market the low and/or high of the year, or a double top to that yearly high or low, coincided with a CRD given in the Forecast 2018 Book!