NOTE: There not a weekly column this week, as I prepare for the Sunday (February 18th) Forecast 2024 Webinar. The Webinar will be an update on financial markets and the status of the national and world economic outlook as given in the annual book, with more of a shorter-term analysis of the status of these cycles as we approach the powerful Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of April 20, 2024. Instead, I would like to share an interview where I give an overview of the upcoming Forecast 2024 Webinar. You may watch the Video Interview on our YouTube channel and I will share the transcript below. Enjoy!


Forecast 2024 Webinar Interview with Alie and Ray

Hello, this is Alie and Ray from Merriman Market Analyst coming to you today from our offices to talk about the upcoming webinar we have happening this weekend on Sunday at noon Eastern. This is Ray’s annual forecast webinar. So Ray, do you want to take it over and share a little bit with us about what you plan to present this Sunday and what topics will be covered.

Of course. Thank you, Alie. And everybody, welcome. So, this presentation will be on the year 2024 and even beyond. It’s going to be set up in three parts.

Part one is the “New Aira”,  A term coined by Astrologer Kat Powell  which I identify with the period of 2020 to 2032. That is broken down into four stages, which I’ll go into detail. Stage one was the Jupiter conjunct Saturn in zero Aquarius, the first time in 800 years or so. It took place December 21st, 2020.

Then we are followed by Pluto entering Aquarius, and that will be followed by Neptune in Uranus also making ingresses between 2023 and 2025. We’re in that period now.

Next, we’ll come to the Aries Vortex, which actually starts in 2025 and goes through 2026 even into 2027. And these two stages are very, very important because they are the parallel paradigms of the war cycle and the technical Renaissance cycle I’ve been referring to in our free weekly columns for a long time.

Stage four will not be given much attention, at this point, we’ll get to that later. This goes until 2032 in the Saturn Uranus conjunction happens.

Part two of the webinar will involve my premise for the economic outlook in 2024 and this is based upon the Federal Reserve Board, it’s interest rate policies and outlook that I see for the remainder this year, and it’s effect upon the housing market, which in term I think will have a great impact upon the economy and the inflation numbers which I think going to get pretty wild again

Part three we’ll cover the financial markets and how the geocosmics and cyclical studies overlap and hold into your cosmic and cyclical studies with the narrative that fits for the economic outlook I just shared with you and will share with you in this webinar. Specifically, the markets are going to gyrate quite a bit, I think as we go into Jupiter conjunct Uranus April 21st, I think that is a unique geocosmic indicator for us to be a little bit more aggressive in our speculation, I’ll tell you why in this webinar.

We’re going to focus the effect this might have on Bitcoin, probably already started, the US Stock Market, the Gold market, followed by the Silver market, and finally Crude Oil. And intermixed during this will be a Q&A, I’ll be answering questions that many of the 500 participants or so who signed up have asked. If there’s more questions be given, please send them in by tomorrow because Friday’s last time going to work on this, what I think is going to be a very, very exciting, webinar for our annual Forecast 2024.

So, that’s what I intend to cover, think it’ll be very exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing everybody there.

Well, thank you, if you still want to sign up, there’s still time to do so. Again, the webinar is going to take place this Sunday, February 18th at noon Eastern, plans to last about 3 hours long, with two 5-10 minute intermissions in there as well, so there will be time for breaks. So even if you’re unable to attend live or you can only attend part of the presentation, the Monday evening following the webinar, we will have the recording available so those who sign up, even if you’re unable attend live, will still have access to that recording and the cost for to register is $55.

You can register HERE on our website. If you have any questions, you can always send us an email at And hopefully we will see many of you live on the Webinar on Sunday. Thank you, Ray for your time today, and best of luck this weekend.